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Public Podcasts

Death Records for Genealogical Research

Speaker: Phyllis Kramer
Lecture Date: 06-23-2019

Researching Israeli Genealogical Resouces in Your Jammies

Speaker: Daniel Horowitz
Lecture Date: 08-25-2018

Bad Rabbi and Other Strange But True Stories From the Yiddish Press

Speaker: Eddy Portnoy
Lecture Date: 01-27-2019

What's in a Name - A Case Study of (Re)discovering Jewish Identity on (& off) an Unlikely African Archipelago

Speaker: Alma Gottlieb
Lecture Date: 05-19-2019

Using FamilySearch.org for Jewish Research

Speaker: Todd Knowles
Lecture Date: 04-28-2019

Life Under the Tsars

Speaker: Alan Suchat
Lecture Date: 03-24-2019

Lublin's "Grodzka Gate-NN Theatre"

Speaker: Olivier Szlos
Lecture Date: 02-24-2019

The Edward Blank YIVO Vilna Collection

Speaker: Jonathan Brent
Lecture Date: 12-15-2018

DNA Success in Spite of Endogomy

Speaker: Lara Diamond
Lecture Date: 11-24-2018

Branching Out from Sepharad - Solving a Converso Mystery

Speaker: Sarina Roffe
Lecture Date: 10-20-2018

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