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YIVO's Landsmanshaftn Archive


The following list of over 1380 organizations includes all landsmanshaftn listed in A Guide to YIVO's Landsmanshaftn Archive by Rosaline Schwartz and Susan Milamed, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York, 1986, and Guide to the YIVO Archives, compiled and edited by Fruma Mohrer and Marek Web, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, 1998. The list also includes the additional landsmanshaftn collections that YIVO has acquired since then that have been catalogued. Several synagogues and other Jewish organizations are also included if their YIVO file contains records pertaining to burials or if they have a cemetery plot in the New York metropolitan area. We have indicated on this list whether or not an organization contains a cemetery plot map, but you may also see Burial Societies in the New York Metropolitan Area for a separate listing of burial societies in YIVO's landsmanshaftn collection that contain one or more plot maps. (Many thanks to Jerry Seligsohn for alerting us to these).


Some of the files in YIVO's landsmanshaftn collection that do not contain cemetery plot maps may contain other death-related records, such as burial permits and death certificates. Examples:  Bogopoler Unt. Verein contains two books of stubs from the burial permits. The stubs include the name of the deceased and the name of the cemetery in which they were buried. The Bronx Bakers Mutual Aid Association and the Brotherhood of Israel have copies of members' death certificates (sometimes for their wives also). The Mutual Benefit Society of 1865, Inc. (Hungarian Society) has files of family members with family data on the file cover and often death certificates in the file.


List reproduced with YIVO's permission
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Record Groups from the YIVO Landsmanshaftn Archive
Society NameRecord GroupFilenameHas Map
Abraham Cohen Benevolent Society
Abraham Kadish
Abraham Miller Society of WilliamsburgRG 1883N
Abrasha Blum Branch 679
Adath Israel Anshei Ungarn
Adella Schweiger Benvolent Society
Adjutoral Bukarester Handwerker CongregationRG 12363N
Adler Young Men's Independent Association No. 1RG 1882N
Agudas Achim Aid SocietyRG 1639N
Agudath Achim Aid Society aka Agudas Achim Aid SocietyRG 123 Oversized Box 84Y
Agudath Israel Anshe MamodRG 123518N
Ahavath Shulem Society (Spring Valley
AJDC Landsmanshaftn DepartmentRG 335.7N
Akiba Eger Good Fellowship FraternityRG 123380Y
Alexander Harkavy Navaridker Relief CommitteeRG 123208N
Alliance of American Lithuanian Jews of Philadelphia and Vicinity
Amdurer Benevolent AssociationRG 1914N
American Council for Warsaw Jews (American Council of Warsaw Jews)RG 1041N
American Federation for Lithuanian JewsRG 123162N
American Federation for Polish JewsRG 1015N
American Hungarian Jewish FederationRG 123109N
American Jewish Committee of Byelorussian DescentRG 12333N
Amikos Branch 1013
Amschenover Independent Benevolent SocietyRG 1624N
Amstel Benevolent Association
Anikster Benevolent Pischei Tshuvo Association
Anshe Achim Elisavetgrad Benevolent AssociationRG 1772N
Anshei Sode Loven Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 123282N
Antepoler Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 883N
Appel Benevolent Society
Apter Fraternal Society
Arthur Ziegelbaum Branch 486
Arthur Zygelbaum Branch 349
Asociacion de Residentes de Slonim en la ArgentinaRG 1905N
Associated Benevolent Young Men
Associated Lodzer Ladies Aid Society
Association of EkaterinaszawRG 1714Y
Association of Former Residents of ChinaRG 12357N
Association of Latvian and Estonian Jews in IsraelRG 123154N
Association of Yugoslav Jews in the U.S.
Bakers Benevolent Society of BrownsvilleRG 12312N
Balbireshker Brotherhood Benevolent AssociationRG 1788N
Balta Benevolent Congregation of the City of New YorkRG 1683Y
Baltic-Vitebsker Branch 33 I.W.O.RG 1239N
Baran Roumanian Ladies Benevolent SocietyRG 12322N
Baranovker Woliner Ladies Relief (Philadelphia)RG 12311N
Baranowicher Farbrand of America
Baron Wilhelm Rothschild Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 123381Y
Barsher ReliefRG 12313N
Baryszer Young Men's Benevolent Association
Bayonne Hebrew Benevolent AssociationRG 123382N
Belchatower LandslaytRG 12314N
Belzer True FriendsRG 12315N
Benderer Progressive Society
Bendiner-Warshauer Benevolent SocietyRG 1721N
Benevolent Association of the Elites
Benjamin Winter Branch 425
Berdichever Beneficial Association of PhiladelphiaRG 12320N
Berdichever Landslayt and Book CommitteeRG 1232N
Berdichever Progressive Society (Detroit)RG 12319N
Berditchever Branch 84
Berditchever Kletsker Aid SocietyRG 12318N
Berezdiver-Woliner Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 12323N
Bernard Goldstein Branch 350
Bershader Benevolent Society
Bershader Progressive Association (Philadelphia)RG 123443N
Bershader Relief CommitteeRG 123443N
Bes Hamedrash Hagadol Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard of Coney Island
Bessarabian Federation of American Jews
Bessarabian Young Men's Benevolent & Educational ClubRG 123444N
Bessarabier Podolier Benevolent Society
Beth Aaron Beth Sholom Mikroh KodeshRG 1752N
Beth HaMedrash HaGodol (New York)RG 365N
Beth HaMedrash HaGodol ve Tomche Torah (Bronx)RG 1672N
Bethlehem Benevolent SocietyRG 123383Y
Bialer Benevolent Society; Central United Bialer Relief CommitteeRG 123445N
Bialer Landsmanshaft in MontrealRG 12340N
Bialer Progressive Ladies AuxiliaryRG 12325N
Bialestoker Branch 121
Bialistoker Branch 256
Bialystok Jewish Historical Association
Bialystok Relief CommitteeRG 123446N
Bialystoker Book CommitteeRG 12326N
Bialystoker Center and Bikur Cholim Ladies AuxiliaryRG 123 & Oversized Box 8328N
Bialystoker Center and Home for the AgedRG 12327N
Bialystoker Friend Branch 88
Bialystoker Home for the AgedRG 12327N
Bialystoker Rayoner Branch 88
Bialystoker Rayoner Branch 88
Bialystoker SynagogueRG 123459N
"Bialystoker Unt. Verein ""Somach Noflim""; Club of Bialystoker Friends"RG 12329N
Bialystoker VereinRG 123447N
Bichover Society
Bielotzerkover Branch 17 I.W.O.RG 12330N
Bielsker Bruderlicher Unt. VereinRG 1046Y
Birczer Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1003N
Bizoner Chebra B'nai ShaulRG 934N
Blazower Congregation Degel Machnei Ephraim; Bnai Joseph Anshe Rymanov & BlazowaRG 123449N
Bnai Eleazar (Eleazar Friedman) [Wolkowysk
Bnai Isaac Family Circle (family: Bachner)RG 12332N
Bnai Meyer Levit
Bnai Pearl Family Circle (Pearl Gorlin)RG 1214N
Bnai Rezitza Association
Bnos Rachel Ladies Charity Society of BrownsvilleRG 608N
Boboisker Branch 950
Bobroisk Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 12334N
Bobruisker Branch 206
Bobruisker Progressive Branch 471
Bochnia Wisnicz & Brigler Benevolent AssociationRG 123451N
Bogopoler Unt. VereinRG 895N
Bolshowcer Sick & Benevelent Association; Erste Bolshower Sick & Ben. AssociationRG 123452Y
Borisov and Vicinity Relief CommitteeRG 12336N
Borisower Progressive Society Branch 183
Boro Friendship League (formerly King Saul Lodge)RG 1726Y
Borough of Brooklyn LodgeRG 947N
Borough Park Branch 315
Boslover Benevolent AssociationRG 12337N
Boyerker Benevolent SocietyRG 12338N
Brailover Progressive Beneficial Association of PhiladelphiaRG 12339N
Brainsker Brothers Aid AssociationRG 980N
Brainsker Young Men's Benevolent AssociationIn RG 980N
Breslover Aid SocietyRG 1213N
Brestitshker LandslaytRG 12341N
Breziner Sick and Benevolent Society
Brezover Benevolent Brotherhood & Religious Division; First Brezower Bruck Sick Benevolent SocietyRG 12342N
Brisker Branch 286
Brisker Unt. Verein; Brisker Benevolent SocietyRG 123456N
Britchaner Bessarabian Relief Associationin RG 1001N
Britchaner Relief in Israelin RG 1001N
Britchever Progressive SocietyRG 12343N
Brith Achim Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 123384N
Brodyer Young Men's Benevolent & Educational AllianceRG 1725N
Bronx Bakers Mutual Aid AssociationRG 1627Y
Bronx Old Age Home SocietyRG 1754N
Bronx Relief Committee for Minsk and VicinityRG 123194N
Brotherhood of IsraelRG 1886N
Brotherly Aid Association of BrooklynRG 123385Y
Brotherly Love Association of Stolin; Ind. Brotherly Love Assoc. of Stolin; Ind. Agudath Achim AnshRG 123559Y
Brothers in Unity Bruder VereinRG 1634N
Brothers of True FriendshipRG 1648Y
Bucovina Workingman's Aid SocietyRG 123458Y
Buczacz-American Benevolent Sick and Aid SocietyRG 844N
Building Trades Union League Branch 419
Bukowinaer Center Benevolent SocietyRG 1747Y
Bundishen Branch 670
Burstyner Chevra Linas Hazedek Anshei GaliziaRG 12345N
Busker Bnai Brith Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 810N
Butka Benevolent SocietyRG 123 Oversized Box 62Y
Caucasian Benevolent Association
Central Committee of PatronatiRG 123240N
Central Hungarian Sick Benevolent and Literary SocietyRG 989N
Ceres Union [Germany]
Chabner Bazarer Society
Chaim Hersch Weiss First Janower Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 868Y
Charles Polimer Lodge 416
Chasnick-Bieshenkowitzer SocietyRG 886Y
Chebra Anshei Brainsk Sheves Achimin RG 980N
Chebra B'nai Lesle SocietyRG 123507N
Chebra Bnai Tomashow Kranken Unt. VereinRG 123328N
Chechanover Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123461Y
Chechanov-Mlaver Patronat in New YorkRG 12348N
Chechelnicker Benevolent Association of Greater New York
Chechersker Branch 80 JNWARG 123460N
Chelmer Landslayt in S. AfricaRG 12349N
Cherkasser Progressive Ladies AuxiliaryRG 12350N
Cherkasser-Smela Benevolent Association
Chernigover Benevolent AssociationRG 12352N
Chernowitz Podolier Aid AssociationRG 12353N
Chevra Agudas Achim Anshei KuznitzaRG 123504N
Chevra Ahavas Achim Anshei Korson
Chevra Ahavas Achim Anshei Volp U'MostRG 123332N
Chevra Ahavath Achim B'nai Kolo
Chevra Anshei AntepolerRG 1004N
Chevra Anshei Antepoler Society of HarlemRG 123441N
Chevra Anshei Lubavitz Nusach Ari of Newark
Chevra Anshei Prilok Benevolent AssociationRG 1604N
Chevra Anshey Szczucyn V'Anshey GrayeveRG 1240Y
Chevra Ateres ZkeinimRG 123388Y
Chevra Ayin Yakub Kenesis Israel
Chevra Beth Israel Anshei HluskRG 123 Oversized Box 84Y
Chevra Beth Israel Anshei HluskRG 1696Y
Chevra Bikur Cholim Anshei ZurominRG 123376N
Chevra Bikur Cholim Bnai Abraham Anshei Ostreich D'Harlem; Congregation Bnei Abraham (Harlem
Chevra Bnai Abraham Shmuel Anshei EishiskerRG 123468N
Chevra Bnai Arya Anshai KrasnapolieRG 123143N
Chevra Bnai Eliyahu Anshei ZagerRG 123363N
Chevra Bnai Yechiel Anshei FrystikRG 12383N
Chevra Bnei Israel Anshei ZurowRG 1077N
Chevra Bnei Jacob Anshei Sherishow/SherishowerRG 123552Y
Chevra Bnei Rabbi Menachem Mendel Anshei DubrowaRG 1906N
Chevra Bnei Serheier Unt. VereinRG 123548Y
Chevra Bnei Shomrei Israel of BrownsvilleRG 1180N
Chevra Brit Achim Anshei SemiatichRG 1917N
Chevra Gomle Chesed Anshe Drohobych and BoryslawRG 936N
Chevra Kadisha - The Holy Society of the City of New YorkRG 12354N
Chevra Kadisha Beth IsraelRG 865Y
Chevra Kadisha Reim Ahuvim M'Hrubieshow Anshei PoylinRG 123104N
Chevra Kadusha Anshei SochaczowRG 123297N
Chevra Knesset Ysroel Nusach SepharadRG 123389N
Chevra Kol Yisroel of BrownsvilleRG 1027Y
Chevra Linas Azedek Anshei YelineveRG 1770Y
Chevra Linas Hazedek Anshey SokolkaRG 1891N
Chevra Mikra Kodesh Anshe Kladower/Congregation Mikroh Kodish Anshe KlodowerRG 123488Y
Chevra Mishnayos of East New YorkRG 12355N
Chevra Mogan David Anshei Brok [Brock]RG 1831N
Chevra Ohav Shalom Nusach HaAri of BrooklynRG 12356N
Chevra Ohev Shalom Anshei BukaczowceRG 12344N
Chevra Oir Lashumaim Anshei StopnitzRG 916N
Chevra Sheares Israel Bahusher Stefanester KlausRG 1659Y
Chevra Tehilim Anshei Poalim (Passaic
Chevra Tiferas Israel Anshei KrasilovRG 1723N
Chevra Tillim Anshe WyshkowerRG 123575N
Chevra Tillum & MishnayesRG 1794Y
Chevra Tora Anshei RadiskowitzRG 123535N
Chevre Sheveth Achim Anshei Ratchantz/Ratchonz/RatchanzRG 123263N
Chevre Sokal-BelzRG 123299N
Chief Rabbi Leib Knepper Benevolent AssociationRG 1643Y
Chios Brotherhood SocietyRG 1753N
Chmielniker Landsleit (Israel)RG 123462N
Chmielniker Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 1081Y
Cholopenitzer (Belarus) Tchareier Branch 133; Cholopenitzer Progressive Branch 133
Chotiner Bessarabier Branch 200
Chotiner Hospital Moshev Zkenim Reliefin RG 1120N
Chotiner Yugend Branch 271
Chotiner-Bessarabier Emergency ClubRG 1052N
Chudnover Independent Benevolent SocietyRG 1888N
Chvonicker Independent Aid AssociationRG 12362N
Chvonicker Ladies ClubRG 12361N
Chyrower Young Friends Aid SocietyRG 1658N
Cloak Operators Branch 401
Combined Ostrovtzer Committee (Philadelphia)RG 123222N
Committee for the Jewish Industrial Center in KovnoRG 123140N
Committee of Jewish Landsmanshaftn and Societies - United Committee of Jewish Societies and LandsmaRG 12364N
Committee of Roumanian JewsRG 123266N
Committee of Semiatycher Yiskor Book of New YorkRG 123276N
Community Sons of IsraelRG 1760N
Composite Lodge #819
Congregation Achei Grodno Vasapotkin and Chevra MishnayosRG 995N
Congregation Adath IsraelRG 123387N
Congregation Adath Wolkowisk of BrownsvilleRG 981N
Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Kurland & Lida ; Chevra Ahavath Achim Anshe Leda; Agudash Achim AnRG 123501Y
Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Trembowla K.U.V.RG 1070N
Congregation Agudath Achim Anshe BorisoffRG 1637Y
Congregation Ahavath Achim Anshei Mohilev on DnieperRG 1061N
Congregation Ahavath Zedek Anshei TimkowitzRG 840Y
Congregation Ahawath ShlomoRG 123391Y
Congregation Ahawei Sholom Anshei SokoleRG 123298Y
Congregation Anshe Maramarosin RG 1283N
Congregation Anshe Sfard (Queens) [Sighet
Congregation Anshe Shepetovka Volin (Boston)RG 123285N
Congregation Anshe WilkomirRG 123343N
Congregation Anshei GlinianyRG 12388N
Congregation Anshei HorodetzRG 12396N
Congregation Anshei KrashnikRG 815N
Congregation Anshei Smorgon Bnei Chaim AbrahamRG 123300N
Congregation Anshei Stuchin & Grayewo/Chevra Anshei Stuchin & Anshei GrayewoRG 123555N
Congregation Anshei Zembrove; Zembrover Benevolent AssociationRG 123373N
Congregation Beth Aaron Beth Sholom (formerly First Austrian Hungarian Congregation Beth Sholom)RG 123442Y
Congregation Beth David Agudath AchimRG 1636N
Congregation Beth Moses of Brooklyn
Congregation Bethlehem Jehuda Bnai Rezitzain RG 918Y
Congregation Bikur Choilim Bnei JacobRG 123392N
Congregation Bikur Cholim of BrooklynRG 123 Oversized Box 84Y
Congregation Bikur Cholim of East New York (Anshe Shepetovka)RG 862Y
Congregation Bnai PeiserRG 1690Y
Congregation Bnei Isaac NarajowRG 1713Y
Congregation Bnei Jacob Anshei BrzezanRG 885N
Congregation Bnei Rappaport Anshei DombrowaRG 12374N
Congregation Capooler Unt.RG 1825N
Congregation Chevra Molodetchno and Ladies AuxilliaryRG 1619Y
Congregation Dorshei Tov Anshei Pinskin RG 780N
Congregation Ezras Achim Bnei PinskRG 780Y
Congregation Leiser Gans Independent PrzemyslerRG 1732N
Congregation Machzikei Hadas Anshei ZloczowRG 123372N
Congregation Mishkan Israel Anshe SuwalkerRG 123318N
Congregation Mogen David Anshei ChoroszczRG 1706Y
Congregation Ohab Sholem (Bayonne
Congregation Ohav Sholom (Brooklyn
Congregation PuchowitzerRG 123252N
Congregation Rodef Sholem Independent Podhajcer Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1074N
Congregation Shearith IsraelRG 370N
Congregation Sheveth Achim Anchei SlonimRG 123556N
Congregation Sons of Abraham Anshei BrooklynRG 1758Y
Congregation Sons of Jacob Ticktiner Young MenRG 1720N
Congregation Sons of TelshRG 1601N
Congregation Taharas Hakoidesh Aid Society
Congregation Tiferes Beth Jacob - Ezras Israel Anshei BronxRG 1164N
Congregation Tifereth Achim Anshe DinaburgRG 123466Y
Congregation Tifereth Joseph Anshei PrzemyslRG 793N
Congregation Volin Peoples of MatzivRG 1654Y
Congregation Zera JacobRG 1740N
Constantiner Preiaslover Lodge 245 I.O.B.S; also Constantiner Priaslover Benevolent AssociationRG 12367N
Council of Fraternal and Benevolent Organizations for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic SocietiesRG 12360N
Council of Jewish Fraternal FederationsRG 12366N
Courland Benevolent & Relief SocietyRG 12370Y
Crown of Israel Anshei Wiznitz (Atereth Israel Anshe Wiznitz)RG 1763N
Cuban-David Bliss Branch 422 Farband L.Z.O.RG 12369N
Czernowitz-Bukowinaer LodgeRG 1782Y
Czortkower Rabbi J.M. Shapiro SocietyRG 1815Y
Czyzewer Unt. VereinRG 123591N
Daniel Webster Benevolent AssociationRG 123 & Oversized Box 47394Y
Dashever Benevolent SocietyRG 1920N
David Bergelson Branch 44
David Kantrowitz Family Benevolent Association (DKFBA)RG 1059N
Deborah Rebekah Lodge No. 13
Debs Branch 665 E
Delatizer Aid Benevolent SocietyRG 889N
Dembitzer Landsleit
Denburger Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 12371N
Derechiner Benevolent AssociationRG 1780N
Detroit Branch 156
Devenishker Ladies AuxiliaryRG 12372N
Devenishker Verein of Greater New YorkRG 1894N
Dinewitz Podolier Unt. Verein (Philadelphia)RG 12373N
Dobrzyn-Rypiner Benevolent Associationin RG 298N
Dombier Benevolent SocietyRG 781N
Dora Lipkowitz Voluntary Aid and Sick Benefit SocietyRG 953Y
Dr. Herzl Zion ClubRG 123395N
Dress Pressers Branch 760
Drogichiner Progressive Aid SocietyRG 1759Y
Drushkopoler Wohliner Beneficial Aid Society (Philadelphia)RG 12377N
Dubner Vollener SocietyRG 1797Y
Duboier Young Men's Progressive Association
Duklar Relief Society
Dvinsker Bund. Branch 75
Dvinsker Young Men Branch 96
Dzalishitzer Benevolent Association
East New York Progressive SocietyRG 1805Y
Elinitzer Kranken Unt. VereinRG 891N
Ellenville Branch 449
Elon Association
Emanuel Morrell Foundation
Emanuel Neuman Lodge #120
Emanuel Ringelblum Branch 612
Empire State Lodge No. 460
Endeavor Circle of BrooklynRG 123398Y
Erlich - Alter Branch 272
Erlich Alter Branch 313
Erlich Alter Branch 672
Ershte Bolshowcer Sick Benevolent Society; Lodge No. 517 Independent Order of Brith AbrahamRG 872N
Ershte Novo-Ushitser Benevolent SocietyRG 1768N
Ershte Pinchover Unt. VereinRG 123234N
Ershter Melitopol AssociationRG 123186N
Erste Berezewer Benevolent SocietyRG 123 Oversized Box 48N
Erste Bershader Kranken Unt. Verein (Newark
Erste Bershader Ladies Kranken Unt. Verein (Newark)RG 123443N
Erste Biliner and Lonker Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1556Y
Erste Bolshowcer Kranken Unt Verein Lodge 517 IOBARG 872N
Erste Borszczower Kranken Unt. VereinRG 123453N
Erste Budzanower Kranken Unt. VereinRG 997N
Erste Chmelniker Unt. VereinRG 1655Y
Erste Independent Pultusker Unt. VereinRG 123534N
Erste Istryker CongregationRG 1808N
Erste Kishinever Talmud Torah
Erste Krinker Verein (Chicago)RG 123500N
Erste Magierower Kranken Unt. VereinRG 123175N
Erste Pilzer Benevolent AssociationRG 123233N
Erste Romaner Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1761N
Erste Sadagorer Kranken Unt. VereinRG 917N
Erste Sandowa Wishnier Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1151N
Erste Tauster Unt. VereinRG 1089N
Erste Trembowler Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1073N
Erste Ungarishe Kranken Unt. Vereinin RG 1869N
Erste Uscie Biskipiler Unt. VereinRG 1682Y
Erste Wogdislauer Unt. VereinRG 123350N
Erste Zabner Congregation Bnei Sholom DavidRG 1819N
Erste Zabner Ladies Auxiliary; and Chevra Bnai Jacob Yitzchak Anshei ZabneRG 123362N
Erste Zaloshiner Chevra Anshei Bnei AchimRG 123365N
Erster Atiker Bessarabian Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1631Y
Erster Boryslaver Drohobyczer Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123454N
Erster Galizischer Kranken und Unt. VereinRG 583N
Erster Knihinin Stanislauer Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1090Y
Erster Krzywcza On San Benevolent SocietyRG 1013N
Erster Nadwornaer Kranken Unt. Vereinin RG 1622N
Erster Priluker SocietyRG 974N
Erster Romaner Kranken Unt. Verein Young Folks LeagueRG 123264N
Erster Samborer Kranken Unt. VereinRG 960N
Erster Suczawer Kranken Unt. Vereinin RG 1310N
Eternal Benevolent SocietyRG 1680Y
Eternal Young FriendsRG 123399Y
Evenitzer Benevolent AssociationRG 1695Y
Ezra Benevolent AssociationRG 12380N
Ezras Achim Anshe WidzeRG 123341N
Family Benevolent SocietyRG 12381N
Family Lodge No. 189
Family Mutual Aid SocietyRG 1812Y
Fannie Abrams Independent Benevolent Society
Fannie Siegel Berlader Ladies Sick Benevolent AssociationRG 1775N
Farband of Lithuanian JewsRG 123163N
Federated Marmaros Jews of AmericaRG 123182N
Federation of Bessarabian Jews in Israelin RG 1000N
Federation of Bessarabian Societies
Federation of Galician and Bucovinian Jews of AmericaRG 12385N
Federation of Shavler and Vicinity Jews in AmericaRG 123290N
Federation of Ukrainian Jews in America; National Federation of Ukrainian Jews of AmericaRG 123569N
Fellows of OdessaRG 1774Y
Fereinigter Minkowitz Podolier ReliefRG 123521N
Finah Benevolent AssociationRG 1881N
First Alexandria Independent Association
First American Benevolent Assocation of Brooklyn
First Austiler Aid SocietyRG 1005N
First Awritchever SocietyRG 1647Y
First Azapoler Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 1673N
First Bacauer Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 938Y
First Beitcher Sick Benevolent SocietyRG 772N
First Belzer Bessarabier Sick Benevolent AssociationRG 1002N
First Bereg-Munkacser Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 12321N
First Berlader Roumanian Benevolent AssociationRG 1666N
First Bialekamen Aid AssociationRG 1729Y
First Bilizerker Wolyner Benevolent SocietyRG 123440N
First Bolechower Sick Benevolent AssociationRG 1751N
First Botoschan Sick & Benevolent AssociationRG 1707N
First Bratslow Podolier Sick Benefit SocietyRG 836N
First Bratslower Ladies AuxiliaryRG 835N
First Brezower Bruck Sick Benevolent SocietyRG 12342N
First Britchaner Benevolent Association
First Brooklyn Roumanian-American CongregationRG 1216N
First Bucecer Independent Benevolent AssociationRG 909N
First Bukowiner Congregation Tifereth Israel Chove SholomRG 123457N
First Buzeur Benevolent AssociationRG 1769N
First Chernelitzer Sick Benevolent AssociationRG 12351N
First Chodorower Society/Ershte Chodorower VereinRG 12358N
First Chorostkower Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1662Y
First Congregation of Kensington Tiferet IsraelRG 302N
First Dimerer Progressive SocietyRG 1007N
First Djouriner Podolier Alliance
First Elizavetgrader Benevolent AssociationRG 1635N
First Frampoler Podoler Benevolent SocietyRG 123470Y
First Gerer Warshawer Young Men's Association
First Greenpoint Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 1824N
First Gross Moster Ladies SocietyRG 123204N
First Haliczer Benevolent AssociationRG 123 Oversized Box 84Y
First Haliczer Benevolent AssociationRG 1629Y
First Horodenker Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 123477N
First Hrubieshower Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 1783Y
First Independent Gostyniner Benevolent Association War Relief CommitteeRG 12390N
First Independent Husiatyner Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 1793Y
First Independent Kishenever Ladies Benevolent SocietyRG 1644N
First Independent Loposhner Society
First Independent Mikulincer Sick & Benevolent AssociationRG 828N
First Independent Odesser Ladies Sick Benevolent AssociationRG 859Y
First Independent Securaner Relief Benevolent Association; First Ind. Securaner Sick & Ben. Assoc.RG 123314Y
First Independent Storoznetzer Bukowiner Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 901N
First Independent Strelisher LodgeRG 1669N
First Independent Weislitzer Young Men's Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 1781N
First Independent Zinkower SocietyRG 962Y
First Izbitzer Relief CommitteeRG 123111N
First Jefferson Benevolent SocietyRG 1789Y
First Kalnibloder Benevolent Society
First Klevaner Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 881N
First Klimontover Sick Benevolent SocietyRG 969N
First Komarover Benevolent Society/Erste Komorover Unt. VereinRG 123132N
First Kopyczyner Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 970N
First Koretzer S.B.S. of New YorkRG 123136N
First Korolowker Young Men's Benevolent Association; First Korolowker Ladies Ben. AssociationRG 123494Y
First Koropiecer Benevolent AssociationRG 946Y
First Korosmezover Sick & Aid SocietyRG 1652N
First Krasner Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 910N
First Krasnobroder Aid SocietyRG 1012N
First Krasnystauer Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1051N
First Krementchuger Benevolent AssociationRG 1889N
First Krilowiter Young Friends Progressive Benevolent CircleRG 1817N
First Krystonopoler Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 971N
First Kulaczkowitzer Kranken Unt. VereinRG 783N
First Kunever Voliner Aid Society
First Ladziner Aid SocietyRG 123151N
First Lanowitzer Woliner Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123152N
First Lesznower Sick and Benevolent Society Sons of Jacob SolomonRG 926N
First Luberer Benevolent AssociationRG 998N
First Maravcher Podoler Aid SocietyRG 123179N
First Marmaros Young Men's Aid Society
First Mihowa Berhometh Bucowiner KUVRG 1801Y
First Modlibozicer Benevolent SocietyRG 1898N
First Monastrishter Benevolent SocietyRG 123523Y
First Nadworna Sick Benevolent AssociationRG 1622N
First Nearer Benevolent SocietyRG 1832N
First New Sandez SocietyRG 123545N
First Nickolayever Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 123212N
First Nova Ushitzer Benevolent AssociationRG 1768N
First Ostropolier Progressive Aid Association (Philadelphia)RG 123220N
First Ostrower Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 123225N
First Ostrowzer Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 123 Oversized Box 62N
First Ostrowzer Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1818N
First Ottynier Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1036N
First Piaterer Roumanian S.B.S.RG 123231N
First Piusker Benevolent Association
First Plancher Benevolent SocietyRG 1585N
First Pogrebisht Benevolent Society
First Poltaver Brotherhood Aid AssociationRG 1901N
First Poltaver Brotherly Aid SocietyRG 123242N
First Povolotcher Sick Benevolent AssociationRG 1088N
First Prager Independent Association
First Prailer Sick Benevolent AssociationRG 123245N
First Pressburger Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 854N
First Probuzna Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 1017N
First Progressive Ladies of DinewitzRG 870N
First Przemysler Sick Benefit SocietyRG 932N
First Radomer Congregation
First Radymnoer Congregation Bnai Mordchai MenachemRG 1773Y
First Rashkower Benevolent Society
First Roumanian Ladies AssociationRG 123541N
First Rozishtcher Benevolent AssociationRG 1091N
First Roznow Galician Sick Benevolent SocietyRG 1688N
First Sadagurer Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123543N
First Securaner ReliefRG 123315N
First Shepetovker Young Men's AssociationRG 123286N
First Shpoler Benevolent SocietyRG 123288N
First Sokoroner Dr. Braunstein Progressive SocietyRG 961Y
First Solotwiner Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 123304N
First Soroker Bessarabier Mutual Aid SocietyRG 832N
First Stanislauer Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1791Y
First Stepiner Ladies AuxiliaryRG 123309N
First Stryjer Sisters Benevolent SocietyRG 863N
First Suchostower Benevolent Association; First Suchostower Sick & Benevolent AssociationRG 123562N
First Suczawaer Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 1310N
First Tarler CongregationRG 123321N
First Tarnower Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 123322N
First Tepliker Benevolent Congregation SocietyRG 123324N
First Tlumaczer Benevolent SocietyRG 1172N
First Tluster Brothers Benevolent AssociationRG 1623Y
First Toporower Ladies Sick Benevolent SocietyRG 1925N
First Toporower Sick & Benevolent Society/AssociationRG 123563Y
First Turover Aid SocietyRG 1822N
First Uhnower & Tartakower Sick Benevolent Association; First Uhnower & Tartakower SocietyRG 123568Y
First Uscie Zielone Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 845N
First Uscieczker Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 123570N
First Ushitzer Podoler Benevolent Association
First Warkowicher Wolyner Benevolent AssociationRG 1600N
First Waroshilovker Benevolent AssociationRG 123334N
First Warshauer Assessment SocietyRG 1612N
First Warshauer I.M. Baumgold Lodge #338
First Washkoutz Bucowinaer Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 993N
First Wengrower Benevolent SocietyRG 1884N
First Wielkie Oczer Sick Benevolent SocietyRG 1806Y
First Wiznitz Bukawinaer Ladies Society
First Wojnilower Sick Benevolent SocietyRG 834N
First Wolochisker Benevolent AssociationRG 1534N
First Yaltuskower Benevolent SocietyRG 1830N
First Yedinitzer Relief Organization
First Yezierna Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 950Y
First Yompoler Podoler Ben. SocietyRG 123357N
First Zawichoster Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 964N
First Zbarazer Relief SocietyRG 982N
First Zborower Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 798Y
First Zdunska Wola Benevolent SocietyRG 808N
First Zelechover Progressive SocietyRG 1025N
First Zloczower Sick & Benevolent AssociationRG 123372N
First Zlotnicker Sick& Benevolent SocietyRG 123374N
First Zolkiewer Ladies S.B.S.RG 123375N
Fraternal Order of Bendin SosnowiczerRG 1198N
Fraternal Ring Society Center
Free Society Branch 339
Free Sons of IsraelRG 12382N
Frei Budzanower Kranken Unt. VereinRG 123 Oversized Box 84Y
Friends of Alexandrovsk Benevolent Association
Friendship Group of IsraelRG 123471Y
Galatzer Ladies AuxiliaryRG 12384N
Galician Farband of America; United Galician Jews of AmericaRG 123472N
Garsony Krakauer Sick Benevolent Society; Ida Garsony Sick Benevolent Society; Fannie Krakow Sick &RG 123473Y
Gatherers of the Sound of the Love of Life Chevrah Kohl Ahavas ChaimRG 123401N
George Hamilton Lodge #456 K of PRG 1304N
Ghetto Lodz Memorial SynagogueRG 123168N
Glinianer Young Men's Benevolent Association
Glogower SocietyRG 1778Y
Gluboker Benevolent AssociationRG 1111N
Goldberg Family SocietyRG 123402N
Goldfaden Camp No. 9
Gombiner Young Men's Benevolent Association
Goniondzer Relief CommitteeRG 12389N
Goniondzer-Trestiner Young Friends; Goniondzer Relief CommitteeRG 12389N
Goodwill Benevolent AssociationRG 1684Y
Gottzolowai Benevolent Association; & Gotzilower Benevolent SocietyRG 123474Y
Grand Street Boys AssociationRG 123 Oversized Box 47N
Greater City Benevolent Association
Greater East Side Branch 1008
Greater New York Lodge #173 IOBARG 1739Y
Gregori Gershuny Branch 247
Grodner Branch 74
Grodner Club of New YorkRG 123476N
Grodner-Lipkaner Branch 74
Grodzisker Mutual Aid SocietyRG 1010N
Gross Moster Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 123203N
Gruner Zweig Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1119Y
Harlem Independent Warschauer SocietyRG 123340N
Harlem Kurlander Young Men's Aid SocietyRG 123503Y
Hatikvo Beneficial Society
Heart of Roumania Young Men's Benevolent Association
Hebrew Orphan Asylum AssociationRG 12392N
Henry Clay Lodge No. 15
Homler Brothers SocietyRG 12393N
Homler Credit UnionRG 12394N
Homler Ladies Aid Society of HarlemRG 1386N
Homler Young Men's SocietyRG 1764N
Horodischer Brothers Benevolent AssociationRG 12397N
Horodishter Korsoner Lodge
Horodler Relief CommitteeRG 12398N
Horodoker Benevolent SocietyRG 1197N
Hoschter SocietyRG 12399N
Howard Friends League
Hunts Point Chevra Bikur CholimRG 123403Y
Husiatyner-Podolier Friendship CircleRG 1055Y
Hyfin SocietyRG 1766N
Hyman Schiff Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 1676N
Ida Garsony (Krakower) Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 1693N
Ideal Sick & Benevolent Ladies AuxiliaryRG 123404Y
Igumener Independent Benevolent AssociationRG 893N
ILGWU Branch 669
Independent Bechover Benevolent SocietyRG 1902N
Independent Berlader Benevolent AssociationRG 949Y
Independent Bialystoker Brotherly Love Association #1RG 1829N
Independent Bogopolier Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 12335N
Independent Borisover Benevolent AssociationRG 123455N
Independent Brisk DeLitau LodgeRG 1670N
Independent Brodsky Benevolent Association
Independent Brotherhood of YonkersRG 123405Y
Independent Buczaczer Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1609N
Independent Bukarester Sick Aid AssociationRG 826N
Independent Burdujener Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 853Y
Independent Chevra Me MokowRG 1630N
Independent Chodorower Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1625N
Independent Chotiner Bessarabia Benevolent AssociationRG 123463N
Independent Drobniner Benevolent Society of New YorkRG 12375N
Independent Drohobyczer Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1357Y
Independent Elizabethgrad Ladies Benevolent AssociationRG 861Y
Independent First Oddesser Society of BrownsvilleRG 123 Oversized Box 84Y
Independent First Oddesser Society of BrownsvilleRG 1657N
Independent Frymcie Radymnoer Frauen Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1050N
Independent Geisen Benevolent SocietyRG 1826N
Independent Greater New York Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 1060N
Independent Greidinger Podolier Benevolent AssociationRG 123103N
Independent Hebrew Ladies & Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1743N
Independent Horodoker Benevolent Aid AssociationRG 1651Y
Independent Israelites of YonkersRG 1746Y
Independent Jaworower AssociationRG 967N
Independent Jokai Lodge [Hungary]RG 1117N
Independent Kalushiner Benevolent AssociationRG 123115N
Independent Kaluszer Sick Benevolent SocietyRG 123116N
Independent Kamenetz Podolier Society
Independent Keidenover Benevolent Association
Independent Kinsker Aid AssociationRG 911N
Independent Kisheneff B.S.RG 123124N
Independent Kishinever Ladies Benevolent Society/Independent Kishinever Frauen K.U.V.RG 123486Y
Independent Kletzker Brotherly Aid Association; Independent Kletsker Briderlikher Unt. VereinRG 123129N
Independent Korwer Progressive Young Men's Benevolent Association
Independent Korwer Young Men's SocietyRG 1786N
Independent Kutner Burial SocietyRG 1671N
Independent Lemberger Ladies Aid SocietyRG 905Y
Independent Lodzer Young Men (N.J.)RG 123169N
Independent Luzker Aid SocietyRG 904N
Independent Meseritzer Young Men's AssociationRG 823N
Independent Mlaver Kranken Unt. VereinRG 123196N
Independent Mogelnitzer Benevolent SocietyRG 984N
Independent Nemirover Benevolent Society
Independent Nowe-Dworer Benevolent AssociationRG 123214N
Independent Opoler Benevolent SocietyRG 1032N
Independent Order Bnai BrithRG 123105N
Independent Order Brith AbrahamRG 123106N
Independent Order Brith SholomRG 123107N
Independent Order Sons of BenjaminRG 123108N
Independent Orler Benevolent Society
Independent Otik Mohiliv Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 123227N
Independent Petrikower Aid SocietyRG 123230N
Independent Podolier Society of BrownsvilleRG 1663Y
Independent Proskurover SocietyRG 1692N
Independent Prushnitzer Sick and Benevolent Society; Ind. Prushnitzer Kranken Unt. VereinRG 123250N
Independent Rabbi Mayer Przemyslaner SocietyRG 1755N
Independent Radiviler Voliner Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 123255N
Independent Radom Aid AssociationRG 123256N
Independent Rohatyner Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1082N
Independent Rovner Beneficial Association PhiladelphiaRG 123267N
Independent Skierniewicer Benevolent AssociationRG 811Y
Independent Skoler Lodge #220
Independent Slonimer Benevolent SocietyRG 1284N
Independent Society Sons of Abraham
Independent Sokolower Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1796N
Independent Stabzer Benevolent AssociationRG 123303N
Independent Stepnitzer Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 123316N
Independent Stryjer Benevolent SocietyRG 123308N
Independent Suwalk & Vicinity Benevolent Association & Relief CommitteeRG 123561N
Independent Suwalker Benevolent AssociationRG 123318N
Independent Tarnower Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1069N
Independent Voliner Aid SocietyRG 123589N
Independent Webster Ladies Benevolent SocietyRG 1660N
Independent Winnitzer Lodge No. 274 I.O.B.A. (Philadelphia)RG 123344N
Independent Wlotzlawker Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 930Y
Independent Zetler Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 824N
International Labor Protective AssociationRG 1896N
International Order of Brith AbrahamRG 123407N
International Sick & Benefit SocietyRG 1880N
Irgun Olei Lomza of IsraelRG 123515N
Irgun Olei Slonim b'IsraelRG 1904N
Irving Vigdor Lodge #502
Isachar Widows and Orphans Benevolent SocietyRG 1681N
Isidore Goldenberg Benevolent AssociationRG 123409Y
Israel Cantor Family SocietyRG 1257N
Israelite Fraternity of Brooklyn
Israelitischer Bruder Vereinin RG 1886N
Ivaniker Progressive AssociationRG 123479N
Ivier ReliefRG 123110N
Jacob Sheinbach FamilyRG 123410N
Jadow Memorial Book Committee (Israel)RG 123481N
James A. Garfield Society
Janusz Korczak Medical SocietyRG 1200N
Jaroslauer Congregation Kranken Unt. VereinRG 123112N
Jewish American Workers Benevolent SocietyRG 1803N
Jewish Center of WilliamsbridgeRG 123412N
Jewish Lithuanian Organization of America
Jewish Mayden Verein; Jewish Majdaner VereinRG 1529N
"Jewish-Lithuanian Cultural Society ""Lite"
Joseph Baskin Branch 182
Joseph Eckert Aid & Benevolent Society
Joseph Family SocietyRG 1642Y
Jupiter Benevolent SocietyRG 123414Y
Kadec AssociationRG 1741Y
Kalarasher Bessarabier Progressive AssociationRG 123113N
Kalinkowitzer Progressive Aid SocietyRG 1784Y
Kalisher Ladies SocietyRG 123482N
Kalisher Landsmanshaft & Vicinity
Kalisher Non Partisan Relief Committeein RG 1161N
Kalisher Social VereinRG 1049N
Kaluszer Ladies Society
Kamenetzer Litovsker Memorial CommitteeRG 968N
Kamenetz-Podoler Relief OrganizationRG 972N
Kamenetz-Podolier Branch 330
Kaniev Stepenetz Benevolent Association
Kartuz-Berezer Benevolent Association
Kartuz-Berezer Social and Benevolent AssociationRG 123118N
Kehilat Klementov (Israel)RG 123490N
Kehilath Temple MasonRG 123415Y
Keidaner AssociationRG 1048N
Keiltzer AssociationRG 123 Oversized Box 83N
K'hal Adat Jeshurun with Anshei LubitzRG 123172N
Khevre Kol Ahavas KhayimRG 978N
Kiblicher SocietyRG 123120N
Kieltzer & Checiner Relief CommitteeRG 123485N
Kieltzer Branch 322
Kieltzer Sick and Benevolent Society of New YorkRG 1056N
Kiever Branch 2
Kiever Independent Benevolent Association of BrooklynRG 123123N
Kiever Independent Unt. VereinRG 1543N
Kiever-Homler Congregation Society
Kinazher and Miaskifker Aid SocietyRG 1602N
Kings County Progressive Benevolent Society
Kipiler Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1044N
Kishinever Benevolent Societyin RG 1921Y
Kishinever Home for the AgedRG 123126N
Kishinever Relief and Charity Society; also Kishinever Talmud Torah
Kishinever Sick Benevolent SocietyRG 1921N
Kittiver Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 1807N
Kleczawer Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1709N
Kletzker Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1557N
Klub ZyrardowRG 801N
Knightly Friends AssociationRG 1750N
Knishiner Bruderlicher Unt. VereinRG 123492N
Kobriner Branch #250 NJWAin RG 1291N
Kobriner Branch 250 Farband L.Z.O.RG 123130N
Kobriner KUVRG 1785N
Kobriner Ladies Benevolent AuxiliaryRG 123131N
Kodima Benevolent Society
Kolboshower Teitelbaum Lodge #98 IOBARG 123493Y
Kolbuszowa Relief Association
Kolbuszower Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 957N
Kolker Ladies AuxiliaryRG 123491N
Kolomear Friends AssociationRG 792N
Koniner Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1722Y
Konopter Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123134N
Kopaigorod Podolier Aid AssociationRG 123496Y
Kopister Benevolent AssociationRG 943N
Korelitzer SocietyRG 1628Y
Korostishever Aid SocietyRG 791N
Korsoner Verein of Philadelphia
Kosice and Vicinity Chapter 59
Kossuth Association of New York
Kovler Voliner Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1531N
Kovner Branch 83
Kovner Unt. VerienRG 1745Y
Kovner Young Men's AssociationRG 123498N
Kozienietzer Aid SocietyRG 1638N
Krakinover Benevolent AssociationRG 123142N
Krakower Branch 515
Kreitzburger Jacobstadter Benevolent AssociationRG 944Y
Kremenitzer Wolyner Benevolent AssociationRG 788Y
Kremenitz-Ouiezd Relief Committee (Chicago)RG 123144N
Kreminitzer Congregation Beth David Anshe PolinRG 1733N
Krimetruker Association No. 11RG 123499N
Krinker Relief and Memorial Committeesin RG 1248N
Krivozer Fraternal Society of Greater New YorkRG 912N
Kroker Benevolent AssocationRG 789N
Kropotkin Literary Society Branch 413
Krushnievitzer Progressive Branch 611
Krynicaer Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1821N
Kudryncer Benevolent Society
Kultchiner Independent KUVRG 1731N
Kultchiner Relief CommitteeRG 123146N
Kupiner-Podolier Memorial CommitteeRG 1058N
Kurlander Ladies Aid SocietyRG 123502N
Kurlander Young Men's Mutual Aid SocietyRG 1515N
Kutner Rayoner Branch 221
Kutno Society Bnai JacobRG 857Y
Kuzminer Voliner Young Friends SocietyRG 123148N
Labor Lyceum Association & Workmen's Circle Branches 173 & 258 of Greater Omaha
Labor Zionist Alliance (aka Jewish National Workers Alliance)RG 1254N
Ladies Aid Society of East New YorkRG 1679Y
Ladies and Men's Society of Konin
Ladies Auxiliary of the Homler Shul Ahavas ChesedRG 12395N
Ladies Auxiliary
Ladies Krementshuger Benevolent AssociationRG 1087Y
Lady McKinley Benevolent SocietyRG 952Y
La-Fountaine Fraternal AssociationRG 123416N
Lahishiner Ladies AuxiliaryRG 896N
Lakewood NJ Branch 108
Lantzuter Benevolent Association; Lantzuter Unt.VereinRG 123505N
Lapitzer Independent Benevolent SocietyRG 1618Y
Latichever Progressive Society
Latvian JewsRG 123153N
Leah Benevolent SocietyRG 929Y
Lechowitzer Ladies AuxiliaryRG 990N
Lemberger Chevra Anshe AshkenazRG 123506N
Lenas Hatzedek Anshei Polin Benevolent AssociationRG 1312N
Leopold Einhorn Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 123417Y
Lespezier Benevolent SocietyRG 123155N
Letitcherver Family Ben. AssociationRG 1614Y
Lezansker Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1649Y
Liberty Brotherhood of 1917RG 1811Y
Liberty Lodge #27
Lieder Brothers Benevolent Association; Lieder Briider Unt. VereinRG 1748Y
Lipkaner Bessarabier Society
Lipkaner Israel Refuge Fund
Lipner Young Men's Benevolent Society
Lipovitzer Aid SocietyRG 123158N
Lipsonian Kinsmen [Minsk
Lissianker Progressive AssociationRG 123159N
Lithuanian Jewish YouthRG 123161N
Lithuanian LandslaytRG 123160N
Litiner Ladies Aid SocietyRG 123512N
Litiner Podolier Aid SocietyRG 123511N
Lodzer Branch 324
Lodzer Branch 324
Lodzer Ladies Branch 342B
Lodzer Lodge No. 609 Knights of PythiasRG 123167N
Lodzer True Brothers Benevolent SocietyRG 1661N
Lodzer Young Ladies Aid SocietyRG 1095N
Lodzer Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1045N
Lomazer Young Men's and Women's Benevolent Association
Lomzer Aid SocietyRG 851N
Lomzer Branch 216
Lomzer Young Men's Ben. AssociationRG 1541Y
Loshitzer Unt. VereinRG 123516N
Louis D. Brandeis Benevolent SocietyRG 123170N
Louis Levine/Royal Lodge No. 198 Brith SholomRG 123174N
Louis Segal Branch #417 of the Labor Zionist AllianceRG 1507N
Louis Solomon Benevolent SocietyRG 1617N
Lowitcher Yisker Book CommitteeRG 123171N
Loyal American Lodge No. 402
Loyal Benevolent Society
Lubaner and Vicinity Benevolent SocietyRG 945N
Lubener Benevolent SocietyRG 1621N
Lublin Landsmanshaft in Paris (50th Anniversary
Lubliner Ehrlich Branch 392
Lubliner Young Men's Branch 248
Lubliner Young Men's Branch 248
Lubliner Young Men's
Lukashivker Landslayt - Benevolent Association of Faithful Friends
Lukower and Mezricher Society (Los Angeles)RG 1129N
Lukower Branch 153
Lutowisker Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 827N
Lutzker Branch 583
Maimonides Benevolent SocietyRG 123176N
Makover Unt. VereinRG 942N
Makower Young Men's Aid SocietyRG 1043N
Makuv Mozowietsk (Copy of memorial plaque of Jews killed)RG 123519N
Mandolineers Branch 1003
Manhattan Fraternal AssociationRG 123419Y
Mariampoler Aid Society (Chicago)RG 123180N
Markarover Benevolent SocietyRG 1823N
Marmaros Benevolent AssociationRG 1742N
Max Rosh Beneficial Society of Harlem
Max S. Levine SocietyRG 1650Y
Mazirer and Vicinity Relief Committee of Philadelphia and Ladies Auxiliary (with the United BrahineRG 123183N
Medgibosh Progressive Solidarity SocietyRG 1793N
Meicheter Brotherly Aid Assn.RG 123185N
Memorial Committee of Lachowicze and VicinityRG 123150N
Mendelsohn Benevolent SocietyRG 123187N
Menorah Benevolent Society
Meritzer Relief AssociationRG 123188N
Meseritzer Ladies Aid Society of Greater New YorkRG 123189N
Meshbisher Unt. VereinRG 123190N
Mestislaver Vicinity Benevolent Association; Mistislaver Bayone Unt. VereinRG 123522Y
Metro Benevolent Association
Meyer London Branch 151
Mezhirover Brotherly Benevolent SocietyRG 123191N
Miami Beach Branch 692
Miami Beach Branches 1050 & 1059
Michael Kleppish Branch 677
Michalpolier Podolier Benevolent AssociationRG 1009N
Middle Village Benevolent Association
Mikulincer Independent Lodge
Milgrim Fraternal Association (aka Moishe Milgrim Young Men's Fraternal Association)RG 1885N
Minnie M. Fried Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 1814N
Minsk Chronicle Publication CommitteeRG 123192N
Minsker Independent Benevolent AssociationRG 1924N
Minsker Ladies Benevolent SocietyRG 907Y
Minsker Progressive Branch 99
Minsker Progressive Branch 99
Mirer Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1320N
Mlaver Pinkes CommitteeRG 123197N
Mlawer-Bendiner Branch 639
Modern Ladies & Mens SocietyRG 123420Y
Moghilev-Podolsk FellowshipRG 123199N
Molodetzner Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1199N
Montefiore Brotherly Benefit AssociationRG 1790N
Morris Mendelson Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 123202N
Morris Sigman Branch 689
Morris Wanger Branch 152
Moses Falkenheim Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 123421Y
Moses Family Society
Mosholu Branch 520 Y
Mount Sinai Hebrew Mutual Benefit SocietyRG 956N
Mozirer Aid SocietyRG 123205N
Munn Lodge # 90
Musher and Baranowitcher Benevolent AssociationRG 123206N
Mutual Benefit Society of 1865
Narevker Unt. VereinRG 1092N
Narovler Aid SocietyRG 123207N
Nashelsker Chevra Kadisha Benefit SocietyRG 123524N
Nathan Marcus Benevolent Society
Nathan Straus-Naftali Lodge #185
National Council for Bessarabian JewsRG 1029N
National Jewish Ukrainian Committee of the Jewish Council for Russian War ReliefRG 1079N
National Welfare AssociationRG 1813N
Nemenziner Benevolent AssociationRG 941N
Netherlands Israelitish Sick FundRG 1396N
New Baranowicher Branch 446 J.N.W.A.RG 12310N
New Bessarabian Aid AssociationRG 1664Y
New Brunswick NJ Branch 208
New Cracow Friendship Society
New Era Club of Education AllianceRG 1757N
New Konstantiner Beneficial AssociationRG 123495N
New Montefiore Cemetery Listing of Landsmanshaftn (1948-1949)RG 123424N
New York Social Club
Newmark Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123210Y
Neziner Treepoler Beneficial AssociationRG 123525N
Niagara Society
Nickolayever Unt. Verein of ChicagoRG 1063N
Noah SocietyRG 1615Y
Nocoma Club
Novidworer Grodner Brance 637
Novoselitzer Bessarabia Progressive Branch 498
Novoselitzer Progressive Branch 498
Nowo-Radomsker United Relief CommitteeRG 123215N
Nowoselitzer Ladies Sick and Benevolent Society
Odessa Progressive Aid Society; Odessa Mutual Relief Association; Odessa United ReliefRG 123216N
Odessa Sisterhood AssociationRG 123526Y
Odessa Young Men of Harlem Sick Benevolent AssociationRG 975N
Odessar Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 858Y
Odesser Y.M.P.A. (Philadelphia)RG 123217N
Odesser Young Ladies Benevolent AssociationRG 1665N
Old Constantin & Vicinity Joint Relief CommitteeRG 123527N
Old Konstantiner LandslaytRG 123135N
Olshaner Progressive AssociationRG 1656N
Onward SocietyRG 1159N
Orler Branch 410
Oshmaner and Trab AssociationRG 123224N
Ostreicher Galizianer Lodge No. 288
Ostrer Maharsho Lodge 160 Independent Order Brith Sholom (Philadelphia)RG 123218N
Ostrer Marsho Ladies Auxiliary (Philadelphia)RG 123219N
Ostriner SocietyRG 123529N
Ostrolenker Friendship Society
Ostrolenker Progressive Young FriendsRG 1040N
Ostrovtzer Society of TorontoRG 123592N
Otick Mohilever Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123226N
Our Group of BrooklynRG 123425N
Ozarower Young Men's SocietyRG 903N
Ozorer Aid SocietyRG 123530N
Ozorkower Branch 211
Pannonia Lodge No. 185
Pannonia Rebekah Lodge No. 130
Parnes Family AssociationRG 1606N
Paul Revere Lodge No. 464
Penn South Branch 1076
Pereyaslov Progressive Association (N.J.)RG 123228N
Pestchonker Progressive Beneficial Association of PhiladelphiaRG 123229N
Petrikower Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1771N
Philadelphia Boslover Ahavas Achim Belzer AssociationRG 1861N
Philip Bernstein Sick Benefit Association
Piaterer Progressive Benevolent Society
Piateroter YMBSRG 1610N
Pietrykower LandslaytRG 123232N
Piliver Podolier Society
Pilsner Benevolent SocietyRG 1919N
Pinkas Luboml Aid Committee
Pinsker Aid Society (Los Angeles)RG 123235N
Pinsker Branch 210
Pinsker Branch 210
Pinsker Relief Committee for the Pinsker Jewish War Sufferers; and Joint Pinsker Relief CommitteeRG 123235N
Pioneer Progressive SocietyRG 1738N
Pioneer WomenRG 1810N
Pioneer Women NaamatRG 1786N
Piotrkov Trybunalski Relief Association
Piotrkow and Vicinity Society
Pitchaever-Voliner Benevolent AssociationRG 123238N
Plotzker Young Men's Independent AssociationRG 785N
Pokshivnitzer Relief CommitteeRG 908N
Poloner Independent Aid SocietyRG 1329Y
Poloner Progressive Ladies Auxiliaryin RG 1329N
Polotzker Workingmen's Benevolent SocietyRG 867Y
Ponevezer Progressive Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1603Y
Poritzker Voliner SocietyRG 1646N
Prager Warschauer Young Men's Aid SocietyRG 123244N
Prager Warshauer Branch 386
Prager-Warschauer Branch 386
Prener Bruderlicher Unt. VereinRG 123246N
Progress Mutual Aid SocietyRG 1021N
Progressive Bobriker Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 123450Y
Progressive Brethren of NeshwiesRG 123209N
Progressive Horodenker Benevolent Society
Progressive Kitaigoroder Podolier Benevolent SocietyRG 123127N
Progressive Kovler Young Friends Branch 475
Progressive Mishnitzer Young Men's SocietyRG 913N
Progressive Orgayever Aid SocietyRG 123528N
Progressive Samborer Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 796N
Progressive Schmilowitzer Young FriendsRG 123296N
Progressive Slutzker Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1802N
Progressive Welfare Society (formerly Progressive Lodge #38 Brith Abraham)RG 1718N
Propoisker Ladies AssociationRG 123533N
Proskurover Zion CongregationRG 1228N
Provident Sick and Benevolent Society; formerly Young Petrofi S & B SocietyRG 123248N
Prudential Benevolent Association
Prushin-Shershow Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 123249N
Pruzaner Branch 244
Pruziner Max Kronstadt Branch 244
Przemyslaner Relief Societies and Brodyer SocietiesRG 123251N
Pultusker Progressive SocietyRG 123243N
Pultusker R.Y. Branch 494 Workmen's CircleRG 575N
Rabbi Joseph Freedman Lodge #298
"Rabbinical College ""Knesseth Israel"" of Slabodka-Kovno"
Rachover Yugent Branch 581
Rachower Polish Jewish Federation; and United Rachover ReliefRG 123254N
Radautz Roumanian Benevolent Society & Relief Committee; Raduwitzer Romanian AssociationRG 123259Y
Radautz Roumanian Sick Benevolent AssociationRG 1756N
Radiant Monitor AssociationRG 1620Y
Radomysler Benevolent Society
Radomysler Young Men's Benevolent Association No. 1; and United Radomysler ReliefRG 123257N
Radziner Progressive Society
Radziviller-Woliner Benevolent AssociationRG 951N
Rakishker Society (So. Africa)RG 123258N
Rakower Ladies ClubRG 123260N
Rashi AssociationRG 123261N
Rashkover Tiraspolier Association; Rashkover Tiraspolier Social AssociationRG 123536N
Rashkower Progressive Association (Philadelphia)RG 123262N
Ratchever-Volyner Aid Association
Ray Heit Chapter of the Kittever Ladies Relief AuxiliaryRG 985N
Reading Bible of Rabbi Yankev Kopel of Tarnopol & BilkamienRG 1697N
Reuben Guskin Babroisker Branch 206 Workmen's CircleRG 812N
Reziner Independent Progressive SocietyRG 1687N
Riazanifker Benevolent Association
Rifke Katlerow Lodge # 4
Riga ReliefRG 123253N
Rivke Family Verband and Marinker Descendants
Rohatyner Young Men's Society
Rossover-Krilivitzer Beneficial Association (Philadelphia) and Ladies AuxiliaryRG 123265N
Rostover Handwerker Unt. Verein; Rostover Help & Unt. VereinRG 123538Y
Roumanian American Congregation Oir Chudosh Agudas AchimRG 123539N
Roumanian Gomle Chesed VereinRG 1653Y
Roumanian Hebrew Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 123540N
Rovner Voliner M.L. Halpern
Rozwadower Library CircleRG 123268N
Rubzevitzer Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123274N
Rumanian Memorial CommitteeRG 123270N
Rumanian-American Congregation Or Chadash Agudas Achim (Philadelphia)RG 1101N
Russian Polish Hebrew Sick Benefit AssociationRG 123542N
Rutker LandslaytRG 123271N
Rymanower Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123272N
Rypiner Benevolent Societyin RG 298N
Rzeszower Young Men's Social Ben. SocietyRG 123273N
S. Soll Family CircleRG 1893N
Samaritan Society [Galicia]RG 583N
Sanders Association
Sandzer Society
Sanhedrin Lodge #606
Sapotkine Relief CommitteeRG 123546N
Satanover Benevolent SocietyRG 818N
Satanover Sisterhood
Saxonian & Thueringian Sick Benevolent Association of Brooklyn
Schklover Independent Benevolent Association
Schkuder Young Men's Aid SocietyRG 1613N
Schloime Family Society (desc. Schloime Breslavsky)RG 1587N
Schumiacher-Odesser Branch 123 J.N.W.A.RG 123312N
Schwartz Leventhal Memorial Association
Schwerzner Benevolent AssociationRG 123313N
Selective Brothers of Israel
Selzer Benevolent AssociationRG 123275N
Semionovker Ben. Society
Serishower Benevolent AssociationRG 1899N
Shadover Relief Society of Greater New YorkRG 123278N
Shargarad Podolier Kranken Unt. VereinRG 123279N
Sharograder Progressive Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 123280N
Shater Progressive Relief Committee of Shater Progressive Benevolent AssociationRG 123281N
Shatover Podolier Independent SocietyRG 1694N
Shebezer Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123284N
Shedletzer LandslaytRG 123283N
Shedlowtzer Benevolent AssociationRG 894N
Shepetovker Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 123287N
Shlomo Mendelsohn Branch 678
Shoemakers' Sabbath Observers of BronxRG 123430Y
Sholom Aleichem Pereyaslov AssociationRG 123551N
Shonberg (Shoenberg) Family Aid SocietyRG 1078N
Shrentzker Benevolent AssociationRG 123289N
Shtabiner Unt. VereinRG 1037N
Sighet Fraternal Association and landsmanshaftnin RG 1283N
Simferapol Relief and VicinityRG 123291N
Skalar Benevolent SocietyRG 1039Y
Skalater Benevolent SocietyRG 1674N
Skalater Progressive Young Friends Benevolent AssociationRG 123292N
Skarzshisker LandslaytRG 123293N
Skidler Benevolent AssociationRG 1019N
Skurnick Family Circle´┐Ż(rolled picture)RG 123294N
Slominker Landsleit of IsraelRG 123295N
Slonimer Burialsin RG 1284N
Slutzker Branch 500
Smargoner Benevolent Society; Smargoner ladies AssociationRG 123557N
Sobolivker ChevraRG 1765Y
Social W. Society of BrooklynRG 123429Y
Sociedad de Residentes de Lodz en la Argentina (Society of Residents of Lodz in Argentina)RG 123514N
Societe Israelite FrancoiseRG 1708N
Society of 1867 (Sons of Wreschen)
Society of HoshtRG 1135N
Society Sons of the Land of IsraelRG 1730Y
Society Sons of Adam; Bnai AdamRG 123 & Oversized Box 83422Y
Society Sons of Solomon Chevra Bnei Slomoh Anshei Sfard; Sons of Solomon Benevolent Association of RG 123549N
Sokolifker Benevolent Association (Philadelphia); and Sokolifker Ladies AuxiliaryRG 123301N
Sokolov Podlaski SocietyRG 1923N
Sokolover Jubilee Book Committeein RG 1116N
Sokolover Young Friends Progressive Aid SocietyRG 1116N
Soler Brothers Benevolent AssociationRG 940Y
Soloker Benevolent AssociationRG 1715N
Sons of Jacob Benevolent SocietyRG 1677Y
Sons of Meyer; & Katz Family Society
Soroker Teleneshter Bessarabia S.B.A. (Philadelphia)RG 123302N
Soroker Young Friends Benevolent and Educational LeagueRG 831N
South Brooklyn Lodge #174 Independent Order of Brith AbrahamRG 1719N
St. Joseph's Benevolent Society of YonkersRG 123544N
Stabiner Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1037N
Stanislauer Progressive Benevolent AssociationRG 920N
Stanislavchik Podolier Young Men's SocietyRG 1134N
Stashover Benevolent Association (Michigan)RG 123305N
Stavisker Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 850N
Stchedriner Benevolent Society
Steinberg-Gordon-Scher Family Circle Inc.RG 1890N
Stevenson SocietyRG 1916N
Stocker Brothers Aid Society (Stoczek)RG 123558Y
Stoliner Progressive Society
Stopnitzer Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 915N
Strelisker Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1035N
Streshiner Brothers Aid SocietyRG 1809Y
Strikover Progressive Unt. VereinRG 123560N
Strykower Benevolent AssociationRG 1699Y
Stuchiner Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123317N
Sudilkov-Shepetowka Relief Society (Chicago)RG 123550N
Sudilkow Sick Support SocietyRG 1691Y
Sunshine Benevolent AssociationRG 123433Y
Superior Lodge No. 401
Swirer Social & Aid SocietyRG 123319N
Swislotcher Benevolent AssociationRG 921N
Syracuse Branch 19
Szatmar and Vicinity Hungarian Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 123320N
Szeniczer Ladies Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 875Y
Tarascher Progressive Benevolent SocietyRG 1323N
Tarnobrzeg Dzikow Young Men's AssociationRG 123566N
Tarnower Relief; Tarnower & Vicinity Memorial CommitteeRG 123564N
Tchausser SocietyRG 983N
Telchaner-Swentevolier Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 123323N
Teplicker Benevolent AssociationRG 123325N
Ternovker ReliefRG 123326N
Tetiever Relief Fund of Greater NYRG 123565N
Titshiner Relief CommitteeRG 123327N
Tlumaczer Young Friends Branch 616
Tolchiner Benevolent SocietyRG 838Y
Tolchiner Friends AssociationRG 1626Y
Tomashover Relief Committee; Tomashover Yizkor Book Committee; Chebra Bnai Tomashow K.U.V.RG 123328N
Trembowla Brotherhood Benevolent SocietyRG 1645Y
Trembowla True Sisters
Tremont Benevolent Society
Trestiner Ladies AuxiliaryRG 123329N
Trisker Voliner Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 914Y
True Brethren Benevolent AssociationRG 924N
True Fellowship SocietyRG 1804N
Tultshiner LandslaytRG 123330N
Turker Benevolent AssociationRG 123567N
Turover Aid Society (Michigan)RG 123331N
Twentieth Century Lodge #234
Ulanower Congregation and UmgegendRG 123578N
Uller Benevolent AssociationRG 1086 & Oversized Box 48Y
Umaner Young Friends ClubRG 123579N
Union of American Jews of Ukrainian Descent
Union of Russian JewsRG 270N
Unipar Benevolent Association (K of P)RG 1641Y
United Baltic and Lithuanian Relief FederationRG 1238N
United Bielsker ReliefRG 1131N
United Bilgorayer Benevolent and Aid SocietyRG 12331N
United Botoshaner American Brotherly and Benevolent AssociationRG 877N
United Branch of Buffalo Branch 192
United Brethren Mutual Benefit & Medical Aid SocietyRG 123434N
United Brethren of PonevieschRG 1605Y
United Brisker ReliefRG 898N
United Brothers Town of Brooklyn Aid SocietyRG 1711Y
United Children of Joseph SolomonRG 1795Y
United Ciechanover Relief of America
United Czenstochower Relief CommitteeRG 987N
United Disner Benevolent AssociationRG 795N
United Dombrowitzer Benevolent AssociationRG 123467Y
United Dubienker Relief SocietyRG 1712N
United Family of Moses JosephRG 1067N
United Fastoffer No. 1
United Friends Mutual Aid AssociationRG 1689Y
United Friends of CzernowitzRG 1062Y
United Galil Aid Society
United Grodner ReliefRG 996N
United Hebrew CharitiesRG 1251N
United Hebrew Community of the City of NY; Adass Israel of New YorkRG 123584N
United Hrubieshower ReliefRG 123101N
United Hungarian Schifre Stein Kranken Unt. Verein; United Hungarian Shifre Stein LadiesRG 123478Y
United Jewish Organizations (Fareynikte Yidishe Organizatsiyes)RG 259N
United Kletzker ReliefRG 123489N
United Lubliner ReliefRG 123173N
United Lutzker Men's & Women's Benevolent SocietyRG 1744Y
United Meseritzer Relief
United Minkowitz-Podolier ReliefRG 123195N
United Mlaver Relief CommitteeRG 123198N
United Moghilev Podolier and Otiker ReliefRG 123200N
United Mozirer FriendsRG 1749Y
United Nashelsker Relief Society of Los AngelesRG 976N
United Neustadter-Epstein Society of New YorkRG 1011N
United Novoselitzer Relief
United Order of True SistersRG 1573N
United Ostrover Relief CommitteeRG 123221N
United Priluker Relief SocietyRG 123247N
United Proskurover ReliefRG 1083N
United Pruziner and Vicinity Relief CommitteeRG 1508N
United Przemyslaner Matzoh and Talmud Torah FundRG 123in file 251N
United Rachover ReliefRG 123in file 254N
United Radomer Relief for United States and CanadaRG 813N
United Radomysler ReliefRG 123in file 257N
United Relief Committee of Wisoke-MazowietzkRG 123348N
United Rozaner Relief Committee of New YorkRG 1018N
United Schmilevitzer Relief CommitteeRG 123311N
United Sherptser Relief CommitteeRG 345N
United Smolewitzer Association
United Sons of Israel
United Stryjer Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123310N
United Szenstochower Relief CommitteeRG 987N
United Talmidei VisheveRG 123583N
United Wilner Branch 43
United Winnitzer Young Men Benevolent AssociationRG 123346N
Unity Friendship League
Universal Progressive SocietyRG 123435N
Unter Stanestie Bukowinaer CircleRG 123307N
Utianer Benevolent AssociationRG 935Y
Utianer LandslaytRG 123581N
Vaad Yotzei Glembokie (Israel)RG 123475N
Vanguard Club Branch 1002
Veritas Society of New YorkRG 123436N
Vileika Aid Association of Lynn
Vilkija-Kweskin FamilyRG 123585N
Vilner Branch 367
Vitebsk Benevolent AssociationRG 1640Y
Vitebsker Book CommitteeRG 123586N
Vladeck Branch 443
Vladimir Medem Branch 124
Vladimir Medem Branch 655
Vladower Vladowker Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123587N
Vlotzlawker Memorial Book CommitteeRG 123588N
Volkovinitzer-Podolier Benevolent Association (Philadelphia)RG 123590N
Volper Young Men's Society.
Voronover Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123333N
W. Caro Lodge #45 IOBARG 12346N
Warschauer Benevolent Society
Warschauer Brotherhood of New YorkRG 123335N
Warschauer Medem Branch 215
Warschauer ReliefRG 123336N
Warschauer Young Friends Benevolent Society of BrownsvilleRG 123337N
Warschauer Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123338N
Warshauer Help Society of the BronxRG 123571N
Warshawer Progressive Young Men's Branch 50
Warshawer Social FriendsRG 123339N
Warshover Rayoner Branch 519
Weinreb Benevolent SocietyRG 1678Y
Welfare Liberty Fraternal & Benevolent SocietyRG 1767N
West End SocietyRG 1798Y
West Side Brotherly Love Congregation & Benevolent SocietyRG 1724Y
Wiazener Benevolent Association; Wiazener Benevolent Society; Wiazener Young Men's Benevolent AssocRG 123572Y
Wilkemira Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123342N
Winnitzer Ladies Auxiliary (Philadelphia)RG 123345N
Wishkover Benevolent Society; Wishkover Benevolent Association; Wishkover Unt. VereinRG 123573N
Wishnewitzer Brothers Benevolent Society & Ladies AuxiliaryRG 123574N
Wisoko-Litovsker Bruderlicker Unt. Vereinin RG 1611Y
Wisoko-Litovsker United ReliefRG 123349N
"Witebsker (Vitebsk) ""Bund"" Branch 224"
Wolbromer LandslaytRG 123351N
Wolkovisker Rayoner Branch 100
Wolkovisker Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1734N
Wolkowinitzer-Podolier Aid Society and Ladies GroupRG 123352N
Wolkowysker Relief SocietyRG 1042N
Wolochisker Benevolent Association; Wolochisker Relief Committee; Wolochisker Ladies AuxiliaryRG 123353N
Woloziner Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 1685N
Wolyner Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 1545N
Women's Aid Society of Lithuanian Jews
Women's Mutual Aid Society of EkaterinoslavRG 12379N
Workmen's Circle Branch 1001 (Flatbush)RG 1400235N
Workmen's Circle Branch 1048 (Bronx)RG 1400241N
Workmen's Circle Branch 164 (New York)RG 1400113N
Workmen's Circle Branch 42 (Galicia)RG 923N
Workmen's Circle Branch 45 (Pittsburgh)RG 140097N
Workmen's Circle Branch 572
Workmen's Circle Branch 65 (Chicago); Educational Club Branch 65
Workmen's Circle Branch 706 (Dorchester
Workmen's Circle of Chicago
World Federation of Polish JewsRG 123531N
World Gathering of Lodzer Holocaust SurvivorsRG 123513N
Woronowitzer Benevolent AssociationRG 1897N
Wysoko-Litowsker Brotherly Ben. SocietyRG 1611N
Yadower Branch 657
Yampoler Beneficial Association of PhiladelphiaRG 123354N
Yaniv-Lubelsky CongregationRG 123355N
Yarmolinitzer Benevolent Society; and United Yarmolinitzer ReliefRG 123356N
Yasser Branch 649
Yeshivath Torath Chaim of HarlemRG 123437Y
Yiddish American Arbeiter Kranken Unt. VereinRG 123438N
Yosser SocietyRG 123359N
Young American Lodge #2
Young Friends AssociationRG 1717N
Young Friends Fraternal Alliance
Young Friends Pleasure & Benefit Societyin RG 1717N
Young KrevitzerRG 954Y
Young Mens Aid Society of HarlemRG 123 & Oversized Box 53439Y
Young Petofi Sick & Benevolent Society; Petofi Society of NYRG 123532N
Young Seekers of Friendship Benevolent SocietyRG 1820N
Young Tluster SocietyRG 1506N
Yunover Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123361N
Yurburger Emergency Relief SocietyRG 1907N
Zabludower Kranken Unt. VereinRG 123 Oversized Box 83N
Zabludower Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1668Y
Zabludower Yisker Book CommitteeRG 1031N
Zaglembie-Volbrom FarbrandRG 123364N
Zaleszczyker Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1094N
Zamechover Progressive Benevolent AssociationRG 1710Y
Zamoscher Beneficial Association; Zamoscha Progressive Y.M.B.S. (Philadelphia)RG 123367N
Zamoscher Progressive Y.M. Branch 375
Zamoscher Yisker Book Committee (Argentina); Friends of Zamosch (Philadelphia)RG 123367N
Zamoshcher Branch 375
Zamostcher Relief CommitteeRG 123366N
Zaromber Israel Aid SocietyRG 965N
Zaromber Progressive Young Friends Benevolent AssociationRG 123371N
Zashkover Kranken Unt. Verein of New YorkRG 884N
Zaslaver Relief Committee (Boston)RG 123368N
Zawiercer Progressive Benevolent AssociationRG 123370N
Zborower Young Men's Benevolent AssociationRG 123577N
Zelechow Bulletinin RG 1025N
Zenith Society
Zerdover Educational Society Branch 301
Zgierzer Sick Benevolent SocietyRG 1064N
Zguritzer-Bessarabier SocietyRG 1080N
Zinkower Podolier Benevolent AssociationRG 963N
Zinkowitzer and Kamenetz Podolier Society
Zitomirer Benevolent Association (Philadelphia)RG 123369N
Zloczower Relief Verband of AmericaRG 123372N
Zosler Protective AssociationRG 1933Y
Zukunft Branch 1055
Zvhiler Lodge No. 594 I.O.B.A.RG 123377N
Zwanitz Podolier Progressive Branch 277
Zwanitzer Podalier Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 1728N
Zwantchyker Podolier Young Men's Benevolent Association
Zwenigorodker Beneficial Association (Philadelphia)RG 123378N
Zychliner Relief Committee of New York; & Zychliner Young Men's Benevolent SocietyRG 123379N