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Dear Members and friends of JGS,

The Jewish Genealogical Society is pleased to present our new website at www.jgsny.org . The new site, which first appeared on November 11, 2015, represents a major technology upgrade and an overhaul of the site’s appearance.  All existing content has been maintained and some new and exciting features have been added.

Your login to the new site will be the email address we currently have on file for you, and you have received a new password.  You must login to the site to access members' only content.

We have repaired some important features, including:

The Burial Society Database
This database was constructed many years ago and documents burial societies in nearly one hundred cemeteries in the New York / New Jersey metropolitan area. The database contains more than 10,000 entries, and includes landsmanschaften, synagogue plots, family circles, and other organizations. The search capability has been improved, and dozens of entries formerly identified with question marks, indicating that the volunteers were not sure what town the society pertained to, have been resolved. Some incorrect ones have been corrected. Names of places in Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova have been standardized to the names used by JewishGen’s Communities Database and Gazetteer.
Access to JewishData.com
Members of JGS are entitled to access this fee-for-service website as a benefit of membership. For some time, we have been unable to provide automatic login to the site, a problem that will shortly be eliminated.
Automated sign-up, renewal of membership.
Signing up and renewing membership have been streamlined and the password  recovery feature has been fully automated.

New features include the following:

Since 2009, JGS has been recording the audio of most of our monthly programs and periodic workshops, but had no way to share them. We will now offer the ability to stream more than 40 programs on our website, with more to be added shortly. Programs within the last two years will be accessible to members only.
Dorot PDFs
We have been posting all issues of Dorot, our quarterly newsletter, that are older than two years; we will now add the most recent issues for members only.
PayPal or Credit Card processing
Members can pay dues or make donations to JGS using either method. Your payments will be processed securely on Paypal's website.
Rolling membership
All memberships will be 12 month memberships beginning on the day of enrollment, rather than calendar-year memberships. Renewals will extend membership from the current end date.
Automated management of membership access
The software will automatically manage access to member-only functions; a newly-established one-month grace period will give you access if your membership expires; and member access will be automatically restored upon payment of dues
Better management of addresses for "snowbirds" and other mobile people.
You can manage your own postal address and other profile information depending on where you may be.

Our new website has been implemented as a joint effort of JGS and Sheridan Street Hosting under the leadership of Kate Kleiman. Many of you are familiar with the work of Kate and her late husband David z”l, long-time member of the JGS Executive Council. 

We recognize that there will still be content as well as functional glitches in the early stages. Please bring to our attention any issues you may have as soon as possible using our Contact Us link.  We are also eager to hear from you regarding new features and database you would like to see.  

Steve Stein and Hadassah Lipsius, Co-chairs, Technology Task Force