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Public Podcasts

DNA.Land and Genetic Genealogy

Speaker: Dr. Yaniv Erlich
Lecture Date: 2016-09-18

You've Found The Town Name - Now What?

Speaker: Phyllis Kramer
Lecture Date: 2016-06-26

Leo Baeck Institute Family History Success Stories

Speaker: Karen Franklin, Michael Simonson, Moriah Amit
Lecture Date: 2016-05-15

Forgetting Fathers: Untold Stories from an Orphaned Past

Speaker: David Marshall, PhD
Lecture Date: 2016-04-17

"Yikhes": Researching Your Roots in the Dorot Jewish Division, New York Public Library

Speaker: Amanda Seigel
Lecture Date: 2016-03-13

From the Spanish Inquisition to the Present

Speaker: Genie Milgrom
Lecture Date: 2016-02-21

Knish: In Search Of Jewish Soul Food

Speaker: Laura Silver
Lecture Date: 2015-12-20

Three Minutes in Poland

Speaker: Glenn Kurtz
Lecture Date: 2015-11-15

From the Steppes to the Pampas

Speaker: Victor Armony
Lecture Date: 2015-10-11

Stanton Street Shul Tour

Speaker: Elissa Sampson
Lecture Date: 2015-09-20

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