24:3-4 Spring-Summer 2003

Features: How the JGS Anniversary Luncheon Changed Jewish New York; Washington DC 2003: A Capital Conference. 23rd IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy (reports); “Only in New York” (New York City resources); Genealogical Projects of the Israel Genealogical Society Prepared for the 24th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, Jerusalem, July 4-9, 2004; Next-Gen Genealogy: The Bar Mitzvah Connection. Using Genealogy to Enrich the Bar Mitzvah Experience–and Vice Versa; Genealogy 101: The 12-Step Approach. A Primer for the Novice Genealogist. Book Reviews: The Enemy at His Pleasure; Sephardic Genealogy: Discovering Your Sephardic Ancestors and Their World; From Suwalki to St. Ignace: A History of the Rosenthal, Reinhertz, Blumrosen, Winkelman and Related Families.