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August, 2018
  Speaker: Daniel Horowitz   Learn how to access genealogical resources and other useful online databases available in Israel to find your relatives. Every day more genealogical, historical and other types of useful databases are released on the Web. Israel has a number of websites and digital resources that can be searched via the Internet in English and Hebrew. A fast introduction to the Hebrew language, the keywords needed and the translation tools available will help you find information on people who were born, lived or died in Israel.   Daniel Horowitz was the teacher and study guide editor for 15 years of ...
October, 2018
Speaker: Sarina Roffé  Co-Sponsored with the American Sephardi Federation and the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society   Sarina Roffé, author of Branching Out From Sepharad, outlines the history of Jews in Spain, the 1492 Expulsion, their history in Syria, and their immigration to the Americas. She will discuss the ancestry and significance of the Kassin rabbinic dynasty, which dates to the 12th Century, and the 50-year leadership of Chief Rabbi Jacob S. Kassin, who led the Syrian Jewish community in Brooklyn. At the same time, she solves a Converso mystery. Rabbi Kassin's ancestor arrive in Aleppo in 1540. Sarina solves the mystery ...
November, 2018
 Speaker: Lara DiamondCo-Sponsored by JewishGen.org at the Museum of Jewish Heritage Genetic genealogy is much more complicated when dealing with endogamous populations than the general population, and many people get frustrated when trying to identify actual relatives from the mass of genetic cousins who are actually related in many ways quite far back. Learn how you can have success when dealing with endogamy by examining stories from the speaker's own family's DNA, which include reuniting with branches thought killed in the Holocaust.   Lara Diamond has been researching her family for 25 years, starting as a middle school student. She has traced all ...
December, 2018
Speaker: Jonathan Brent   Jonathan Brent, Executive Director and CEO of The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, will speak to us about the Edward Blank YIVO Vilna Collections Project, an international initiative, begun in 2015, to conserve and digitize YIVO’s entire prewar library and archival collections located in New York City and Vilnius, Lithuania, and reunite them though a dedicated web portal. The project will also digitally reconstruct the historic, private Strashun Library of Vilna, one of the greatest prewar Jewish libraries of Europe In 2017 YIVO discovered more than 170,000 additional documents in Vilnius, which for over 70 years were thought ...