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Getting Your ACGT Together: Organizational Strategies for DNA Analysis

Speaker: Paul Woodbury
Lecture Date: 10-06-2021

Scandals, Shandehs, and Lies: The Stories Families Don't Tell

Speaker: Renee Steinig
Lecture Date: 06-13-2021

Researching US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Records

Speaker: Marian Smith
Lecture Date: 05-23-2021

Fragments That Remain: The Search for My Mother's Lost Family

Speaker: Jennie Milne
Lecture Date: 03-21-2021

Out of the Whirlwind: Finding the Family You Lost in the Holocaust

Speaker: Deborah H. Long
Lecture Date: 01-24-2021

The Sugihara Refugee Story: Survivors and Those without Whom This Story Would Not Be Told

Speaker: Mark Halpern
Lecture Date: 01-26-2020

Mismatched Mishpocha: Strategies to Analyze Endogamous DNA

Speaker: Alec Ferretti
Lecture Date: 12-15-2019

The Wedding Photo: Genealogy Comes Alive!

Speaker: Dan Oren
Lecture Date: 10-27-2019

Searching for Paterson Roots Remembered and Forgotten in Heritage Tourism Abroad

Speaker: Daniel J. Walkowitz
Lecture Date: 09-15-2019


Speaker Bio: Daniel J. Walkowitz, Emeritus Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis and Professor of History at New York University, has specialized in labor history, urban history and public history. In nearly a dozen books, many articles and four films for public television he has worked to bring America’s past to both academic and broad public audiences. Among his books are Worker City, Company Town: Iron and Cotton Worker Protest in Troy and Cohoes, New York, 1855-1884 (Illinois, 1978), with Lewis Siegelbaum, Workers of the Donbass Speak: Survival and Identity in the New Ukraine, 1989-1994 (SUNY, Albany, 1994); Working With Class: Social Workers and the Politics of Middle-Class Identity (North Carolina, 1999), and, co-edited with Lisa Maya Knauer, Memory and the Impact of Political Transformation in Public Spaces (Duke, 2004) and Contested Histories in Public Space: Memory, Race, and Nation (Duke, 2009). In 2010 he published Rethinking U.S. Labor History, a co-edited (with Donna Haverty-Stacke), a collection of new work on work and labor published to mark the 25th anniversary of his 1984 collection (edited with Michael Frisch), Working-Class America. In 2010, he also published, City Folk: English Country Dance and the Politics of the Folk in Modern America (NYU Press). His most recent work includes a monograph, The Remembered and Forgotten Jewish World: Jewish Heritage in Europe and the United States (Rutgers, 2018).

Death Records for Genealogical Research

Speaker: Phyllis Kramer
Lecture Date: 06-23-2019

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