Translations of common Hebrew and Yiddish words
in landsmanshaftn and burial society names

From M.N. #21322, Roll #323 at New York City Municipal Archives
WPA Federal Writers Project - Survey of Local Historical Records - Church Record Series

Hebrew or Yiddish word English translation
Achei brothers, brethren of
Anshei people of (men of)
Achim brothers, brethren of
Ahuvim beloved
Adath community, congregation
Agudath congregation, union
Ahavath love
Atereth glory, crown
Adam man
Am people, follk
Adereth glory, strength, cloak
Agudath Achim fraternal association
Bnai sons of, children of
Beth house
Bikur Cholim sick benefit
Brith alliance
Bakesh seeker
Bachurim young men
Bina understanding
Beth Haknesseth synagogue
Chevra brotherhood, association, society
Chachanim wise men, sages
Chaverim comrades, friends
Chesed grace
Chayim life
Chasidim pious men
Chachmath wisdom of
Chadash new
Chasidei pious men of
Chovevei lovers of
Chevra Kadisha burial society
Chafetz desire, love
Degel flag, banner
Dorshei Tov seekers of goodness
Derech Emuna path of faith
Darchei paths of
El G-d
Emeth truth
Etz tree
Ezrath help of, aid of
Emunath faith of, religion of
Eretz land
Gan garden
Gadol big, large
Gemilath Chasadim loan society
Ha the
K.U.V. Sick Benevolent Society
K'hal community of
Kneseth congregation, gathering, assembly
Kadesh holy
Kadosha holy (female)
Kehilath community, congregation
Kochav star
Kolel community
Kehuna priesthood
Kolel alliance
Kesser crown
L' to
Lecheth path
Linath Hatzedek visiting the sick
Lavan white
M' from, of
Machne camp
Magen shield
Mishnayoth commentaries (biblical)
Midrash learning, study
Moshav home
Mesilath path
Minhag manner, custom, ritual
Mishkan dwelling, tabernacle
Machzikei Hadath supporters of the faith
Mesifta high school
Nusach ritual
Ner light
Nachlath inheritance
Netzach preserve
Ohel tent
Or Hashamayin light of the heavens
Ohavei Shalom lovers of peace
Orach path
Omdei those who stand in
Ohev lover
Pitchei doors of, gates of
Poalei Tzedek workers of righteousness
Reb, Rav rabbi
Rabenu our rabbi
Rodfei Shalom pursuers of peace
Reim friends
Shalom peace
Sfard Sephardic
Shel of, from
Shearith remnant
Shomrei observers of, keepers of
Shabath Sabbath
Shaarei Torah gates of the law
Shevet tribe
Sheveth congregation
Tomchei supporters
Tamid eternal
Torah law, Bible
Tefila prayer
Teshuva repentance
Tzedek righteousness
Tifereth glory, splendor
Tehilim psalms
Toldoth generation, descendants
Tikvath hope
Tzeirei young people of
Tzemach plant
V' and
Vaad a group, society
Yeshurun Israel
Yehuda Judah
Yeshivath university of, college of
Yosher righteousness
Yeshuvath salvation, aid
Yelidei (Yaludim) children of
Zekenim aged
Zichron memorial


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