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Dorot Back Issues

Features: Jewish Gen's Yizkor Book Project; Ethical Dilemmas for Enthusiastic Genealogists; Panning For Gold; Questioning the Experts: Steve Stein. Program Reports: Searching Historical Directories and More at GenealogyIndexer.org.

Features: Connecting Clues to a Moroccan Family History; Questioning the Experts: Brook Schreier Ganz. Program Reports: What You Can Learn From Bubbe’s Photos; Or, Jewish Clothing as Cultural History; More Stories From Ellis Island; An Archive in Contexts: The USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive.

 Features: A Nobel Monument to the Tenzer Family; DNA Testing for Newbies; Using Google Earth to Entice a Younger Generation of Historians; Questioning the Experts: Interview with Avrum Geller. Program Reports: By A Thread - a Daughter's Search for her Mother's Hidden Identity; Warsaw Genealogy Research.
 Features: Journalistic Genealogy; Rabbinic DNA Project; Polish Declarations of Admiration and Friendship; JGS Celebrates 40th Anniversary; Questioning the Experts: Interview with Nolan Altman Part2. Program Reports: Beyond the Manifest: Applying the Genealogical Proof Standard to Confirm One's Ancestral Origins; Sleuthing in Yiddish: The Yiddish Forward as a Source for Family History Information.
Features: My Grandmother's Photos; The Untold Story of the Rescue of Syrian Jews; Remembering Harvey M. Krueger; Jewish Genealogy Portal with JewishGen.org; Questioning the Experts: Interview with Nolan Altman Part 1. Program Reports: Jews and the Rise of U.S. Immigration Restrictions in the 1920s; Galician Portraits: The Story of Jews, Gentiles,and Emperors; The Jews of Harlem: The Rise, Decline, and Revival of a Jewish Community.
Features: JDC Archives Adds Warsaw Emigration Cards, Cyprus Births to Names Index; Am I A Great-Uncle? ... Or A Grand-Uncle? What A Controversy!; Sephardic Jews Apply for Portuguese Citizenship; Questioning the Experts: Interview with Howard Teich. Program Reports: Jewish Families Yesterday, Today - And Tomorrow?; Basics and Beyond Workshop; The History, Adoption and Regulation of Jewish Surnames in the Russian Empire.
Features: A Childhood That Never Was: The Story of a Boy in the Holocaust; Questioning the Experts: Rabbi Gerald Sussman. Program Reports: Family Secrets, Jewish-Christian Relations and the Holocaust; DNA Leads an Adopted Daughter to her Birth Mother: Kelly's Story.
Features: Reports from the 36th Annual IAJGS Conference in Seattle & a 25th Anniversary Reflection; Don't Forget the Resource Room; Special Interests at the IAJGS 2016 Seattle; Remembering 1992 - A Very Good Genealogical Year; Questioning the Experts: Jordan Auslander. Program Reports: DNA.Land and Genetic Genealogy: A Path for 'Tikkun Olan' by Citizen Scientists; Long Island's Jewish History.
Features: My Search for my Katzenstein Family from Hessen, 1978 - 2014; Hunting Elusive Jewish Genealogical and Historical Materials on the Internet; Were My Great-Grandparents Married by a Fake Rabbi?; Questioning the Experts: Lauren Shulsky Orenstein. Program Reports: Leo Baeck Institute Family History Success Stories; You’ve Found The Town Name - Now What?.

Features: Serpa Pinto Passenger Lists Now Online; Case Studies: Immigrants on the Serpa Pinto, 1942-1943; The Passenger Lists of Operation Magic Carpet:  A Treasure for Genealogists and Historians; Questioning the Experts: Lauren Shulsky Orenstein. Program Reports: "Yikhes": Researching Your Roots in the Dorot Jewish Division, New York Public Library.