You may search this table by any society name, cemetery name, keyword, or town name, using 3 characters or more. The results can then be downloaded or emailed for you to examine in more depth. The database will be searched if any word or portion of word matches your search string: for example, entering "reg" will return everything that has those three letters, like the word "congregation", so make your searches more specific for better results. Searches are not case sensitive (Acacia = acacia = ACACIA).

Town Name:

The town names are as listed in the JewishGen Town Finder/Communities Database, or in a few cases, the JewishGen Gazetteer, minus any diacritical marks pertinent to the foreign language (e.g. use Lodz instead of Łódź). Towns are shown in the current country, and for the most part, in the language of the current country.

If your search is unsuccessful, consider that the town name you are using may be obsolete. You may enter just a portion of the town name and should give you most variations of the name. The searches on JewishGen match on multiple versions of the town name and will give you the current name.

Cemetery Name:

The name of the cemetery. For example, to see all the society sections in the Acacia cemetery, enter "Acacia" in the Search field.

Society Name:

The name of the Burial Society. This may be a landsmanshaft, synagogue, family circle, social organization, or other group that maintained a burial plot. You need to enter at least 4 letters of the name -- the search will return all Societies that have those four letters in any part of the name. The name of the society often contains a pre-World War I spelling of the town name (e.g "Anshei Rozinoy" for Ruzhany, Belarus), and/or the town name with an adjectival suffix (e.g. "First Brodier Bnai Brith Congregation" for Brody, Ukraine).

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