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Are you new to the Jewish Genealogical Society? Or perhaps you have been a member in the past?

 If you try to join but find out that your email address is already registered, just contact us at support@jgsny.org and we will get you set up to re-join.

 NOTE: Whether you are a new or renewing member, please note that WE MUST BE ABLE TO REACH YOU VIA EMAIL IN ORDER TO COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION OR RENEWAL. If you do not receive an email from us immediately upon confirming your registration or payment, it means that either:

 (1) you have a block or filter that is keeping you from receiving our emails, or

 (2) you have entered an incorrect email.

If you experience any such difficulties, please contact us with an alternate contact (email address or phone number) where we may reach you.

 If you prefer not to pay online, just renew and check the "pay later" option.

 If you have trouble joining or renewing online, please download the printable form and mail it as instructed. DO NOT PRINT THE JOIN / RENEW PAGE.