JGSNY is pleased to present the 1907-1924 index to the Kings County (Brooklyn) naturalization records. This database includes 253,403 names of individuals (including 162 military records) who were either naturalized or filed Declarations of Intention to become naturalized citizens in State Supreme Court, Kings County, from 1907 to 1924.

The information for this database was taken from handwritten indexes located in the Kings County Clerk's Office and supplemented by review of each and every record by JGS volunteers. Names lost because index pages were torn or missing are now included. Alternate names, including new names adopted by immigrants (or names used on passenger records) were added if not included in the handwritten index. Researchers are advised not make assumptions about family names based upon notes in the newly opened “comments” column. Read the revised Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages!

The JGS would like to thank the IBM Corporation and Mr. Eric Ellman for their donation of computers used to implement this project. In addition, we are grateful to the Italian Genealogical Group and the German Genealogy Group for joining us in partnership in this effort. In particular we want to thank John Martino and Don Eckerle who assisted in the distribution of assignments during Phase 1. Members of these organizations and of the JGS (NY) worked very hard to make this data available to you.

This project could not have been undertaken without the support and cooperation of the staff of the Kings County Clerk's Office. We want to thank Mr. Wilbur A. Levin, County Clerk, County of Kings and Clerk of the Supreme Court, Mr. Louis D. Fiorillo, Deputy County Clerk, Mr. James Blaine, Administrator, Mr. Kenneth Barrow, former Record Room Supervisor, Michael Smith, Bindery, and Mr. Pat Cody, Clerk (naturalization records).

Good luck in your search!

Estelle M. Guzik
Brooklyn Naturalization Project Coordinator and past President
Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc

We would like to thank the individual volunteers who gave their time so that we all might benefit. They are in alphabetical order:

Wendy Almeleh, Nolan Altman, Jeanne Anderson, Paul Baranik, Bruce (Baruch) Blum, Robert (Bob) Boeckle, Rose Boxer, Robert Brander, Rita Braunstein, Sharon Brearey, Adam Bronstein, Phyllis Brugnolotti, Judy Caputo, Syd Chazanow, Ruth Becker Cipko, Claire Cohen, Jacob Cohen, Corinne Coleman, Alfred Cortese, Diane De Marchena, June DeLalio, Joseph J. Desmond, Linda Desmond, Tom Dikeman, Stuart Driller, Mary Duet, Goldie Durlester, Andrea Ewerling, Don Eckerle, Bill Farran, Carole Glick Feinberg, Michael Fener, Jacqueline Fierstein, Rachel Fisher, Barbara Florio, Jane Foss, Barbara Frank, Jan Freedman, Bobby Furst, Marge Gaiso, Mary Nahon Galgan, Ava Gorkin, Estelle M. Guzik, Katherine Harris, Steve Harris, Mark Heckman, Eli Hecht, Sheila Heitner, Lawrence Hofrichter, Joanne Holmes, Maureen Shannon-Jefferson, Eden Joanchim, Allan Jordan, Santos Justiniano, Laura Katz, Walter Kehoe, Phyllis Kramer, Ted Kramer, Maria Krane, Bob Kraus, Ken Kravitz, Sol Krongelb, Charlene Lampert, Ethel Larsen, Holly Leech, Jeffrey Levine, Michael Levine, Pamela Levitt, Stephanie Lewis, Sara Lief, Sylvia Liff, Elizabeth (Liz) Lovaglio, Eunice Low, Susan Mann, Irwin B. Margiloff, John Martino, Steve Millman, Olga Montecorboli, Barbara Moskowitz, Barbara Kaufman Murphy, Jonathan Myers, Mark Nearenberg, Don Neuhaas, Robin Newman, Madeleine Okladek, Batya Olsen, Al Opengart, Steven Pilchik, Nancy Profit, Carolyn Putterman, Ann Rabinowitz, Carol Raspler, Ellen Renke, Renee Resky, Tom Risinger, Aaron Rosenberg, Marv Rosenberg, Edward Rosenbaum, Joseph Rosenbaum, Elias Savada, Ron Schechter, Eric Schwartzman, Doug Seidman, Allyson Shames, Maureen Shannon-Jefferson, Rebecca Simmons, Michael Slotnick, Jeff Smith, John Stehn, Kathy Stice, Bob Tallman, Judy Tarail, Kathy Then, Edith Tuber, Pat Wallace, Bob Weingarten, Lori Wenig, Lucille Wright, Mary Zatorski, Bruce Zatz, Lori Zedeck, Steven Zedeck and Paula Zeiselman.


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