Burial Society Plot Maps in YIVO's Landsmanshaftn Collections

The record groups for the following landsmanshaftn, synagogues, and benevolent associations contain one or more plot maps for that burial society. There are other societies in the YIVO landsmanshaftn collection that may have pre-existing maps but we have not mined for them. Should you come across them please let us know.

Note that these plot maps would be current only up to the time that the society became defunct. They would not contain any burials that occurred on the society's grounds after that time even though burials often continue to occur in a society's plot after the society was liquidated. For instance, society members whose graves were indicated as "reserved" on the map may have outlived the society and were buried in their reserved lot after the society ceased to exist. Many of these maps may contain the burial date and not the actual date of death. Plus the name of the deceased on the map may differ in spelling than what is on the gravestone. A deceased widow might be listed by her first husband's surname on the plot map, but by her second husband's surname on her gravestone. Thus in order to get a true and accurate accounting of all burials in the plot up to the present, including date of death, you will still need to go to the burial society in person and compare each entry on the map with the gravestone.

The advantage of these maps is that if you plan on indexing a burial society for the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR), it will give you a heads-up as to the size of the plot and the names of most of the deceased before you step foot in the cemetery. Plus the maps may contain the names of stillborns, infants, children, and sometimes even adults who are buried in unmarked graves, or whose gravestones are too faded to be legible, or are sinking into the ground, or have fallen face down where they cannot be read. If you plan on indexing one of these societies for the JOWBR, please check the JOWBR Cemetery Inventory beforehand to make sure that the society hasn't already been done. At least nine burial societies that have plot maps at YIVO have already been indexed directly from the gravestone inscriptions in the cemetery: Chaim Hersch Weiss Courland Benevolent & Relief Society, First Janower Sick and Benevolent Association, Erster Knihinin Stanislauer Kranken Unt. Verein, First Bialekamen Aid Association, First Stanislauer Young Men's Benevolent Association, First Toporower Sick & Benevolent Society, Independent Lemberger Ladies Aid Society, Kovner Unt. Verein, and Rostover Handwerker Unt. Verein. Also note that a burial society may have a plot in more than one cemetery (or multiple plots within the same cemetery) and that the society's plot map in YIVO's landsmanshaftn collection may be for only one of its cemetery locations. For instance, the map for the Courland Benevolent & Relief Society is only for the society also known as the Old Courland Lodge and not for the New Courland Lodge in the same cemetery


Landmanshaftn & Other SocietiesRecord GroupFile Number
Abraham Cohen Benevolent Society Inc.RG 1008
Agudath Achim Aid Society aka Agudas Achim Aid SocietyRG 123 Oversized Box 84
Akiba Eger Good Fellowship FraternityRG 123380
Anikster Benevolent Pischei Tshuvo Association Inc.RG 937
Associated Benevolent Young Men Inc. [Wloclawek Poland]RG 930
Association of EkaterinaszawRG 1714
Balta Benevolent Congregation of the City of New YorkRG 1683
Baron Wilhelm Rothschild Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 123381
Benevolent Association of the Elites Inc.RG 123469
Bethlehem Benevolent SocietyRG 123383
Bichover Society Inc.RG 123448
Bielsker Bruderlicher Unt. VereinRG 1046
Bnai Rezitza Association Inc.RG 918
Bolshowcer Sick & Benevelent Association; Erste Bolshower Sick & Ben. AssociationRG 123452
Boro Friendship League (formerly King Saul Lodge)RG 1726
Bronx Bakers Mutual Aid AssociationRG 1627
Brotherly Aid Association of BrooklynRG 123385
Brotherly Love Association of Stolin; Ind. Brotherly Love Assoc. of Stolin; Ind. Agudath Achim Anshe StolinRG 123559
Brothers of True FriendshipRG 1648
Bucovina Workingmans Aid SocietyRG 123458
Bukowinaer Center Benevolent SocietyRG 1747
Butka Benevolent SocietyRG 123 Oversized Box 62
Chaim Hersch Weiss First Janower Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 868
Charles Polimer Lodge 416 IOBARG 123386
Chasnick-Bieshenkowitzer SocietyRG 886
Chechanover Young Mens Benevolent AssociationRG 123461
Chevra Anshey Szczucyn VAnshey GrayeveRG 1240
Chevra Ateres ZkeinimRG 123388
Chevra Ayin Yakub Kenesis Israel Inc aka Chevra Ayin Jacob Knessis of East New YorkRG 123 Oversized Box 84
Chevra Beth Israel Anshei HluskRG 123 Oversized Box 84
Chevra Bnei Jacob Anshei Sherishow/SherishowerRG 123552
Chevra Bnei Serheier Unt. VereinRG 123548
Chevra Kadisha Beth IsraelRG 865
Chevra Kol Yisroel of BrownsvilleRG 1027
Chevra Linas Azedek Anshei YelineveRG 1770
Chevra Mikra Kodesh Anshe Kladower/Congregation Mikroh Kodish Anshe KlodowerRG 123488
Chevra Sheares Israel Bahusher Stefanester KlausRG 1659
Chevra Tillum & MishnayesRG 1794
Chief Rabbi Leib Knepper Benevolent AssociationRG 1643
Chmielniker Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 1081
Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Kurland & Lida ; Chevra Ahavath Achim Anshe Leda; Agudash Achim Anshei KurlandRG 123501
Congregation Agudath Achim Anshe BorisoffRG 1637
Congregation Ahavath Zedek Anshei TimkowitzRG 840
Congregation Ahawath ShlomoRG 123391
Congregation Ahawei Sholom Anshei SokoleRG 123298
Congregation Beth Aaron Beth Sholom (formerly First Austrian Hungarian Congregation Beth Sholom)RG 123442
Congregation Bethlehem Jehuda Bnai Rezitzain RG 918
Congregation Bikur Cholim of BrooklynRG 123 Oversized Box 84
Congregation Bikur Cholim of East New York (Anshe Shepetovka)RG 862
Congregation Bnai PeiserRG 1690
Congregation Bnei Isaac NarajowRG 1713
Congregation Chevra Molodetchno and Ladies AuxilliaryRG 1619
Congregation Ezras Achim Bnei PinskRG 780
Congregation Mogen David Anshei ChoroszczRG 1706
Congregation Sons of Abraham Anshei BrooklynRG 1758
Congregation Tifereth Achim Anshe DinaburgRG 123466
Congregation Volin Peoples of MatzivRG 1654
Courland Benevolent & Relief SocietyRG 12370
Czernowitz-Bukowinaer LodgeRG 1782
Czortkower Rabbi J.M. Shapiro SocietyRG 1815
Daniel Webster Benevolent AssociationRG 123394
Dora Lipkowitz Voluntary Aid and Sick Benefit SocietyRG 953
Drogichiner Progressive Aid SocietyRG 1759
Dubner Vollener SocietyRG 1797
East New York Progressive SocietyRG 1805
Emanuel Morrell Foundation Inc.RG 123396
Endeavor Circle of BrooklynRG 123398
Erste Biliner and Lonker Young Mens Benevolent AssociationRG 1556
Erste Chmelniker Unt. VereinRG 1655
Erste Uscie Biskipiler Unt. VereinRG 1682
Erster Atiker Bessarabian Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1631
Erster Knihinin Stanislauer Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1090
Eternal Benevolent SocietyRG 1680
Eternal Young FriendsRG 123399
Evenitzer Benevolent AssociationRG 1695
Family Mutual Aid SocietyRG 1812
Fannie Abrams Independent Benevolent Society Inc.RG 1535
Fellows of OdessaRG 1774
First Awritchever SocietyRG 1647
First Bacauer Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 938
First Bialekamen Aid AssociationRG 1729
First Chorostkower Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1662
First Frampoler Podoler Benevolent SocietyRG 123470
First Haliczer Benevolent AssociationRG 123 Oversized Box 84
First Hrubieshower Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 1783
First Independent Husiatyner Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 1793
First Independent Odesser Ladies Sick Benevolent AssociationRG 859
First Independent Securaner Relief Benevolent Association; First Ind. Securaner Sick & Ben. Assoc.RG 123314
First Independent Zinkower SocietyRG 962
First Jefferson Benevolent SocietyRG 1789
First Korolowker Young Mens Benevolent Association; First Korolowker Ladies Ben. AssociationRG 123494
First Koropiecer Benevolent AssociationRG 946
First Mihowa Berhometh Bucowiner KUVRG 1801
First Monastrishter Benevolent SocietyRG 123523
First Pogrebisht Benevolent Society Inc.RG 1093
First Radymnoer Congregation Bnai Mordchai MenachemRG 1773
First Sokoroner Dr. Braunstein Progressive SocietyRG 961
First Stanislauer Young Mens Benevolent AssociationRG 1791
First Tluster Brothers Benevolent AssociationRG 1623
First Toporower Sick & Benevolent Society/AssociationRG 123563
First Uhnower & Tartakower Sick Benevolent Association; First Uhnower & Tartakower SocietyRG 123568
First Ushitzer Podoler Benevolent Association Inc.RG 1084
First Wielkie Oczer Sick Benevolent SocietyRG 1806
First Yezierna Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 950
First Zborower Sick and Benevolent AssociationRG 798
Frei Budzanower Kranken Unt. VereinRG 123 Oversized Box 84
Friendship Group of IsraelRG 123471
Garsony Krakauer Sick Benevolent Society; Ida Garsony Sick Benevolent Society; Fannie Krakow Sick & Ben. SocietyRG 123473
Glogower SocietyRG 1778
Goodwill Benevolent AssociationRG 1684
Gottzolowai Benevolent Association; & Gotzilower Benevolent SocietyRG 123474
Greater New York Lodge #173 IOBARG 1739
Gruner Zweig Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1119
Harlem Kurlander Young Mens Aid SocietyRG 123503
Horodishter Korsoner Lodge Inc.RG 855
Hunts Point Chevra Bikur CholimRG 123403
Husiatyner-Podolier Friendship CircleRG 1055
Ideal Sick & Benevolent Ladies AuxiliaryRG 123404
Independent Berlader Benevolent AssociationRG 949
Independent Brodsky Benevolent Association Inc.RG 979
Independent Brotherhood of YonkersRG 123405
Independent Burdujener Sick and Benevolent SocietyRG 853
Independent Drohobyczer Young Mens Benevolent SocietyRG 1357
Independent Elizabethgrad Ladies Benevolent AssociationRG 861
Independent First Oddesser Society of BrownsvilleRG 123 Oversized Box 84
Independent Horodoker Benevolent Aid AssociationRG 1651
Independent Israelites of YonkersRG 1746
Independent Kishinever Ladies Benevolent Society/Independent Kishinever Frauen K.U.V.RG 123486
Independent Lemberger Ladies Aid SocietyRG 905
Independent Orler Benevolent Society Inc.RG 1023
Independent Podolier Society of BrownsvilleRG 1663
Independent Skierniewicer Benevolent AssociationRG 811
Independent Society Sons of Abraham Inc.RG 123406
Independent Wlotzlawker Young Mens Benevolent SocietyRG 930
Isidore Goldenberg Benevolent AssociationRG 123409
James A. Garfield Society Inc.RG 123411
Joseph Eckert Aid & Benevolent Society Inc.RG 123413
Joseph Family SocietyRG 1642
Jupiter Benevolent SocietyRG 123414
Kadec AssociationRG 1741
Kalinkowitzer Progressive Aid SocietyRG 1784
Kaluszer Ladies Society Inc.RG 959
Kaniev Stepenetz Benevolent Association IncRG 123484
Kartuz-Berezer Benevolent Association Inc.RG 1118
Kehilath Temple MasonRG 123415
Kishinever Benevolent Societyin RG 1921
Kolboshower Teitelbaum Lodge #98 IOBARG 123493
Koniner Young Mens Benevolent AssociationRG 1722
Kopaigorod Podolier Aid AssociationRG 123496
Korelitzer SocietyRG 1628
Kovner Unt. VerienRG 1745
Kreitzburger Jacobstadter Benevolent AssociationRG 944
Kremenitzer Wolyner Benevolent AssociationRG 788
Kutno Society Bnai JacobRG 857
Ladies Aid Society of East New YorkRG 1679
Ladies Krementshuger Benevolent AssociationRG 1087
Lady McKinley Benevolent SocietyRG 952
Lapitzer Independent Benevolent SocietyRG 1618
Latichever Progressive Society Inc.RG 897
Leah Benevolent SocietyRG 929
Leopold Einhorn Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 123417
Letitcherver Family Ben. AssociationRG 1614
Lezansker Young Mens Benevolent SocietyRG 1649
Liberty Brotherhood of 1917RG 1811
Liberty Lodge #27- Independent Order of Brith AbrahamRG 123418
Lieder Brothers Benevolent Association; Lieder Briider Unt. VereinRG 1748
Lomzer Young Mens Ben. AssociationRG 1541
Loyal Benevolent Society Inc.RG 900
Manhattan Fraternal AssociationRG 123419
Max S. Levine SocietyRG 1650
Menorah Benevolent Society Inc.RG 902
Mestislaver Vicinity Benevolent Association; Mistislaver Bayone Unt. VereinRG 123522
Middle Village Benevolent Association Inc.RG 988
Mikulincer Independent Lodge Inc.RG 948
Minsker Ladies Benevolent SocietyRG 907
Modern Ladies & Mens SocietyRG 123420
Moses Falkenheim Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 123421
New Bessarabian Aid AssociationRG 1664
Newmark Young Mens Benevolent AssociationRG 123210
Noah SocietyRG 1615
Odessa Sisterhood AssociationRG 123526
Odessar Young Mens Benevolent AssociationRG 858
Ostrolenker Friendship Society Inc.RG 860
Poloner Independent Aid SocietyRG 1329
Polotzker Workingmens Benevolent SocietyRG 867
Ponevezer Progressive Young Mens Benevolent AssociationRG 1603
Progressive Bobriker Young Mens Benevolent SocietyRG 123450
Radautz Roumanian Benevolent Society & Relief Committee; Raduwitzer Romanian AssociationRG 123259
Radiant Monitor AssociationRG 1620
Radomysler Benevolent Society Inc.RG 814
Rostover Handwerker Unt. Verein; Rostover Help & Unt. VereinRG 123538
Roumanian Gomle Chesed VereinRG 1653
Sanhedrin Lodge #606 IOBARG 123427
Schwartz Leventhal Memorial Association Inc.RG 123428
Shoemakers Sabbath Observers of BronxRG 123430
Skalar Benevolent SocietyRG 1039
Sobolivker ChevraRG 1765
Social W. Society of BrooklynRG 123429
Society Sons of Adam; Bnai AdamRG 123 & Oversized Box 83422
Society Sons of the Land of IsraelRG 1730
Soler Brothers Benevolent AssociationRG 940
Sons of Jacob Benevolent SocietyRG 1677
Stocker Brothers Aid Society (Stoczek)RG 123558
Stoliner Progressive Society Inc.RG 847
Streshiner Brothers Aid SocietyRG 1809
Strykower Benevolent AssociationRG 1699
Sudilkow Sick Support SocietyRG 1691
Sunshine Benevolent AssociationRG 123433
Szeniczer Ladies Sick & Benevolent SocietyRG 875
Tolchiner Benevolent SocietyRG 838
Tolchiner Friends AssociationRG 1626
Trembowla Brotherhood Benevolent SocietyRG 1645
Tremont Benevolent Society Inc.RG 939
Trisker Voliner Young Mens Benevolent AssociationRG 914
Uller Benevolent AssociationRG 1086 & Oversized Box 48
Unipar Benevolent Association (K of P)RG 1641
United Brethren of PonevieschRG 1605
United Brothers Town of Brooklyn Aid SocietyRG 1711
United Children of Joseph SolomonRG 1795
United Dombrowitzer Benevolent AssociationRG 123467
United Friends Mutual Aid AssociationRG 1689
United Friends of CzernowitzRG 1062
United Hungarian Schifre Stein Kranken Unt. Verein; United Hungarian Shifre Stein LadiesRG 123478
United Lutzker Mens & Womens Benevolent SocietyRG 1744
United Mozirer FriendsRG 1749
United Smolewitzer Association Inc.RG 849
Unity Friendship League Inc; formerly Moses Mendelsohn Lodge No. 91 Independent Order Brith AbrahamRG 931
Utianer Benevolent AssociationRG 935
Vitebsk Benevolent AssociationRG 1640
Weinreb Benevolent SocietyRG 1678
West End SocietyRG 1798
West Side Brotherly Love Congregation & Benevolent SocietyRG 1724
Wiazener Benevolent Association; Wiazener Benevolent Society; Wiazener Young Mens Benevolent AssociationRG 123572
Wisoko-Litovsker Bruderlicker Unt. Vereinin RG 1611
Wolkovisker Young Mens Benevolent AssociationRG 1734
Yeshivath Torath Chaim of HarlemRG 123437
Young KrevitzerRG 954
Young Mens Aid Society of HarlemRG 123 & Oversized Box 53439
Zabludower Kranken Unt. VereinRG 1668
Zamechover Progressive Benevolent AssociationRG 1710
Zenith Society Inc.RG 1608
Zosler Protective AssociationRG 1933

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