Works Progress Administration (WPA) Federal Writers Project Survey of State and Local Historical Records (1939)

Church Records Jewish - Synagogue

In 1939 the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration conducted a survey of all known houses of worship in the United States, both Jewish and non-Jewish. The synagogue listings for New York City are on five rolls of microfilm at the New York City Municipal Archives. They are Microfilm #'s (M.N.) 21318-21322, Roll #'s 319-323. Each synagogue filled out a Synagogue Records Form containing 14 questions. Read the full introduction for more information about how the information was collected and is organized.

Please note that this list contains numerous typographical errors that were in the original manuscript. Do not accept these spellings as the definitive standard, particularly in regard to the name of your ancestral town.

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Manhattan Synagogues

M.N. #21320, Roll #321 (Congregation Achai Grodno through Congregation Ahavath Sholom Anshe Winnitza) and M.N. #21321, Roll #322 (starting with Affike Yehuda)
Form # Card # Year Org. Name of Organization Alternate Names and English Translation
W-48 1B 1893-1914 Congregation Achai Grodno Brethren of Grodno
W-46 1 1914 Congregation Achai Grodno V'Anshei Sapotin Brothers of Grodno and Men of Sapotin
  1A 1905 Abraham Steiner Kranken Unt. Verein Abraham Steiner Congregation
W-3 1 1892 Achai Isruria V'Anshe Sopetkin  
W-10 5 1889 Achim Ahuvim Beloved Brethren
    1901 Adath Israel of New York  
  9 1914 Adath Israel Synagogue Congregation of Israel
W-6 9 1901 United Hebrew Community  
W-28 12 1891 Adath Israel Community of Israel
W-151 19 1888 Eduth Ados L'Israel Anshei Meserick Eduth L'Israel Anshei Meserich (Witness to Israel)
W-7 20 1933 Adath Israel Anshe Ungarn Community of Israel, Men of Hungary
W-78 22 1910 Congregation Adas Jacob Anshe Slobodke of Harlem Congregation of Jacob, Men of Slobodke
W-108 39 1906 Agudas Achim Anshe Piesk (Chevra Agudath Achim Bnai Reb Arye Leib Anshe Piesk) Agudath Achim Anshei Piesk (Congregation of Brothers, Men of Piesk
W-125 42 1921 Agudath Anshei Mamod Society of Supporters
W-67 44 1867 Congregation Agudath Achim M'Krakau  
W-125 50 1901 Agudas Chaverim Anshei Marmarosh Agudath Chaverim Anshei Marmarash (Congregation of Friends, People of Marmarash)
W-10 52 1888 Beth Haknesseth Anshe Alshan V'Anshe Iwie  
  61 1901-1927 Ahavath Achim Anshe Ungarn Brotherly Love, Men of Hungary
W-53 66 1886 Congregation Ahavath Achim Anshei Ungarn Shloma Schapiro Brotherly Love, Men of Hungary, Followers of Shloma Schapiro
W-26 77 1889 Congregation Ahavath Yeshurun Love of Israel
W-140 79 1888 Congregation Ahavath Sholom Anshe Winnitza Love of Peace Men of Winnitza
  81 1927-1939 Affike Yehuda ______ of Judah
W-11 81A 1939 United Sephardim of New York  
W-163 93 1917 Chevra Anshe Antipole Society of the Men of Antipole
W-132 97 1899 Congregation Anshei Bobrisk Congregation of the People of the City of Bobrisk
W-17 99 1905 Anshei Chalusk Men of Chalusk
W-29 102A 1828-1874 Anshe Chesed Men of Grace
W-91 104 1883 Congregation Czenstochauer Chasam Sopher W'Anshei Unterstanestier Czenstochauer, Bible Students and People of Unterstanestier
W-28 107 1916 Anshei Dubinker Society Inc. Anshei Dubinker (Men of Dubinker)
W-83 111 1902 Congregation Anshei Glinianer People of Glinian
W-142 113 1900 Congregation Anshei Kalusz Anshei Kalusz (Men of Kalusz)
W-101 115 1901 Kovler Voleener Young Men Benevolent Association Anshe Kovler Voliner (Men of Kovler, Volhynia)
W-14 119 1894 Anshei Lebedower Congregation and Radilou Anshei Lebedower and Radilou (Men of Lebedower and Radilou)
W-49 121 1900-1908 Anshei Ratzk People of Ratzk
W-76 123 1898 Medgibesh Community Center Inc. Anshei Medgibeth Prog. U.V.
W-34 126 1903 Congregation Anshe Mosir People of Mosir
W-9 127 1927 Anshe Nadworner Anshe Nadwarnaer (Men of Nadworna)
W-49 130 1920 Congregation Anshei Obertyn Men of Obertyn
  131 1892 Anshei Odessa Mutual Relief Assn. Odessan Mutual Relief Assn.
W-4 131 1885 Anschei Odessa Mutual Ass'n Anchei Odessa
W-9 131A 1894 Chevra Anshei Ostrolenko Men of Ostrolenko
W-45 136 1902 Anshei Sandowa Wischna (Sick and Benevolent) People of Sandowa Wischna
  136A 1913-1914 Anshei Sapotin Men of Sapotin
W-28 139 1904 Congregation Unterstitzung Verein Anshe Shelib Anshe Selib (Congregation Benevolent Society, Men of Shelib)
W-38 143 1904 Anshe Shedren Cong. People of Shedren
W-18 146 1884 Anschei Sholom Koidenow Men of Peace of Koidenow
W-145 150 1882 Congregation Anshei Stuchin and Gayewo (Chevra Anshei Shzuzin U.E. Anshei Grayeivo) Men of Stuchin and Hayewo
W-42 151 1926 Congregation Anshei Taktiner Anshe Taktiner (People of Taktin)
W-88 153 1896-1913 Anshei Unterstanestier K.U.V. People of Unterstanestier, Benevolent Society
W-22 156 1904 First Hungarian Congregation Achei Yehuda of Yorkville Brothers of Judah of Yorkville
W-26 157 1893 Anshei Zabludov Congregation K.U.V. Anshei Zabludov (People of Zabludow)
W-6 157A 1931 Hebrew Tabernacle of Washington Heights  
W-54 159 1885 Congregation Aterath Chaim Halberstam Machnei Rubin Bnei Aron Glory of Hyman Halberstam, Camp of Rubin, Sons of Aron
  163 1901 Atereth Jehuda Zebi Anshe Stretin Glory of Judah Tzvi, Men of Stretin
W-125 164 1884 Austrian Hungarian Anshe S'Phard Anshei S'Phard (Austro-Hungarian Congregation, Followers of the Sephardic Ritual)
  165 1912 Baligrader Chevra Agudath Chaverim Society Union of Friends of Belgrade
W-137 168A 1889-1915 Beth Aron Chasidim Di Carlin House of Aaron, Pious Men of Carlin
W-129 169 1893 Congregation Beth Abraham Anshei Dolhinow House of Abraham, Men of Dolhinow
W-32 171 1909 Congregation Beth David Anshe Roman of Roumania, Inc. Anshe Roman, Roumanian (Men of Roumania)
W-27 173 1874-1927 Beth-El House of G-d
W-97 180 1929 Congregation Beth Hachasidim de Guer House of the Pious Men of Guer
W-32 181 1904 Beth Hachasidim D'Polen Beth Chasidim De Poland (House of the Pious Men of Poland)
W-8 182 1892 Beth Hacknesseth Anshei Slutsk Anshei Slutsk (People of Slutsk)
W-48 183 1903 Beth Hacknesseth Ahavath Zion Synagogue, Love of Zion
W-10 184 1888 Beth Hachnesseth Ansey Alshan We Anshey Ivye Beth Haknesseth Anshei Alshan V'Anshei Iwie (Synagogue of the Men of Alshan and Iwie)
W-69 185 1878 Beth Haknesses Anshei Bialystock Synagogue Men of Bialystok
  185A 1893-1905 Adath Yeshurun Congregation of Israel
  185B 1878-1905 Anshei Chesed Men of Grace
W-25 186 1919 Beth Haknesses Anshei Jassy Roumania Behusher Jasse Roumania Behusher Congregation
W-9 190 1883 Congregation Beth Hachneses Anshei Mielec Synagogue of the People of Mielec
W-36 190 1888 Beth Haknesseth Anshei Mieletz  
W-55 192 1895 Massas Benjamin Anshe Podhajce (Sick Benefit Society) Gift of Rabbi Benjamin People of Podhajce
W-96 193 1903 First United Podhayzer Congregation Sick and Benevolent Verein, Inc. First United Podhayzer
W-5 195 1892 Beth Hachknesseth Anshei Tchechenovtze Anshei Tchechenovtze (People of Ciechanowce)
W-25 198 1908 Beth Hakneseth Independent - Chevra Chochmath Adam M.-Plinsk Independent Congregation Wisdom of Men of Plinsk
W-15 199 1886 Independent Stryjer Benevolent Association (Independent Stryjer Congregation) Stryjer Congregation of the City of New York
W-92 202 1886 First Galician Duckler Mogen Abraham Inc. Beth Hakneseth Mogen Abraham
W-85 208 1936 Beth Hakneseth Shel Hoam, Inc. People's Synagogue
W-14 212 1892 Beth Hamedrash Anschei Sokol Belz House of Learning People from Sokal Belz
W-6 213A 1894 Congregation Beth Isaac House of Isaac
W-23 213B 1905 Hamidrasch Benai Israel Bnai Israel (Sons of Israel)
W-29 215 1876 Beth Hamedrash D'Sfardim House of Learning of Sephardic Ritual
W-32 216 1852 Beth Hamedrash Hagodel  
W-42 217 1916 Congregation Beth Hamidrash Hagodol of Washington Heights, Inc. Beth Hamidrash Hagodol (The Great House of Learning)
W-33 218 1883 Beth Hamedrash Hagodol Anshei Ungarn Hungarian Congregation Beth Hamedrash Hagodol (Synagogue Men of Hungary)
W-16 219 1889 Beth Hamidrash Hagadal Anshe Resha Great House of Learning, Men of Resha
W-50 221 1874 Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel Desfardim (D'Sfardim) Great House of Learning of Sephardic Ritual
W-113 221A 1938 Beth Hamidrash, Hagodol V Yeshivath Tshakover Al Shem Devrei Chaim  
W-33 225 1901 Congregation Beth Hamedrash Hechodosh (Hachadash) Talmud Torah Beth Hamidrash Hachadash Talmud Torah (Talmud Torah, New House of Learning)
W-114 229 1901 Beth Hamidrash Hagodol Shearith Israel Anshe Sfard Shearith Israel Anshei Sfard (Remnants of Israel, Men of Sfardic Ritual)
W-2 231 1920 Beth Hatfilo Shel Horov (Harav) M'Stretin House of Prayer of the Rabbi from Stretin
W-164 234 1890 Congregation Beth Israel West Side Jewish Center Beth Israel West Side Jewish Center
W-30 238 1912 Congregation Beth Israel of Harlem House of Israel of Harlem
W-21 248 1928 Bialostoker Moshev Zkenim Synagogue of the Bialostoker Home for the Aged
  252 1893 Blazower Chevra Degel Machne Ephraim Society of Blazow, Flag of the Camp of Ephraim
  254 1914-1927 Bnai Abraham Alter Sons of Abraham Alter
W-115 255 1899 Congregation Abraham Anshai Uretzie Congregation Bnei Abraham Anshei Uretshe (Sons of Abraham, Men of Uretshe)
W-118 263 1889 Congregation Bnei Isaac Anshei Lechowitz Sons of Isaac, People of Lechowitz
W-7 264 1912 Bnai Israel Sons of Israel
W-30 267 1889 Chevra Bnai Israel Anshei Kaidon Congregation Sons of Israel, People of Keidan
  274A 1914-1920 Shearith Judah Remnant of Judah
W-14 274 1903 Bnai Israel and Sheerith Judah Sons of Israel and Remnants of Judah
W-59 276 1896 Bnai Jacob Anshei Bryezan Sons of Jacob, Men of Bryezan
W-119 277 1925 Congregation Bnei Jacob-Anshe Chasidim Turke & Stretin of Rabbi Yechiel Michael Brandwine Sons of Jacob, Pious Men of Turke and Stretin
W-23 278 1909 Bnei Jacob Anshei Shereshov Sons of Jacob, People of Shereshov
W-8 281 1922 Chevra Bnai Yehuda Anshe Zosmer Bnei Judah Anshe Zosmer (Sons of Judah, Men of Zosmer)
  285 1900-1926 Congregation Bnai Joseph Anshe Rymanow Sons of Joseph, People of Rymanow
W-143 286 1885 Congregation Bnei Joseph Degel Machne Ephraim Sons of Joseph, Flag of the Camp of Ephraim
W-19 289 1906 Congregation Bnei Levy Followers of Levy
W-135 294 1889 Congregation Bnai Pischeus Tshwooh Anshey Anikst Bnai Pitchei Teshuva Anshei Anikst (Sons of Gates of Repentance, Men of Anikst)
W-23 297 1884 Bnei Rappaport Anshei Dombrowa Sons of Rappaport, Men of Dombrowa
W-24 302 1896 Bohemian American Israelite Congregation Israelite Congregation
W-20 311 1889 Congregation Brith Sholom, Bnei Itzchok Covenant of Peace, Sons of Isaac
W-10 313 1912 Society Agudath Achim Di Rhodes Congregation Rhodes League of Bro. Aid Society (Brotherhood League of Rhodes)
W-11 317 1905 Ajutarul Bukarester Handwerker Congregation Brothers of Bucarester, Workers Congregation
W-1 322 1846 Ahawath Chesed Shaar Hashomayim (Central Synagogue) Love of Kindness - Gate of Heaven
W-2 323 1912 Centro Judio Sefaradi Sephardic Jewish Center, Inc.
W-6 325 1884 Chai Adam Anshe Minsk Life of Man, People of Minsk
W-15 328 1909 Congregation Bnai Yitzchok Chaside Bojany Chasidei Boyan, Chevra Bnei Isaac (Pious Men of Boyan, Society Sons of Israel)
W-8 331 1930 Congregation Chasidim D'Kaidinof Ve'Chasidim D'Kobrin Pious Men of Kaidinof and Kobrin
  331A 1903-1930 Chebra Bnei Mordechai Baith Aaron Chasidem De Koidenow Chevra Bnai Mordecai Beth Aaron Chasidim De Koidenow (Society Sons of Mordechai, House of Aaron, Pious Men of Koidenow)
  331B 1902-1930 Independent Bnai Moshe Chasidim De Kobrin Independent Sons of Moses, Pious Men of Kobrin
W-93 331C 1883-1889 Chasam Sopher Congregation Bible Students
  331D 1889-1913 Czenstochauer Chasam Sopher Bible Students of Czenstochauer
  331E 1884-1889 Anshe Czenstochauer People of Czenstochauer
W-157 345 1918 Chevra Adath Israel Shomrei Shabboth Community of Israel, Observers of the Sabbath
W-12 351 1899 Agudath Achim Anshe Drohitsin Congregation of Brothers, Men of Drohitsin
W-53 359A 1933 Chevrah Ahavath Achim Mesilath Israel Anshei Byelsk Society Brotherly Love, Path of Israel, People of Byelsk
W-56 359B 1920 M'silath Israel, Anshei Suvalki Path of Israel, Men of Suvalki
W-57 359C 1890-1933 Chevrah Ahavath Achim Anshei Byelsk Brotherly Love, People of Byelsk
W-107 360 1894 Chevra Ahavas Achim Anshe Wolp and Most Society, People of Wolp and Most
W-2 363 1878 Chebra Ahawas Abraham Bnai Kolo Ahavath Abraham Bnai Kolo (Love of Abraham, Sons of Kolo)
W-38 370 1900 Chevrah Altstater Society of Alstat
W-35 380 1920 Chevrah Anshei Gradiger Society of the People of Gradiger
W-37 381 1893 Chevra Anshei Horadish Chevra Anshe Horoditsch (Men of Horoditsch)
W-148 382 1887 Chevra Anshei Ivenitz Anshe Ivenitz (Men of Iwieniec)
W-1 390 1888 Chevra Pultosher Anshei Poland Anshei Pultosk Anshei Polen (Men of Pultosk, Men of Poland)
W-40 397 1905 Chevra Anshei Tchan Independent First Unterstitzungs Verein Chevra Anshei Tshon Erste Independent Untershitzung Verein (Chevra Anshei Tchan) (Society of the Men of Tchan)
W-11 401 1889 Chevrath Anshei Zedek Anshei Yashinovke Society Men of Righteousness, Men of Jasionowka
W-15 405 1889 Chevra Bacesh Sholom Anshei Ostrower Congregation Seekers of Peace, Men of Ostrow
W-139 409 1915 Chevra Beth Aron W'Israel Chasidi Stolin House of Aaron and Israel, Pious Men of Stolin
    1897-1915 Chevra Beth Israel Chasidi Stolin House of Israel, Pious Men of Stolin
W-109 411A 1899 Chevra Bes (Beth) Abraham Anshe Trestine Brotherhood, House of Abraham, People of Trestine
  411B 1885 Chebra Bikur Cholum Bnai Israel Anshei Baranoff (Baronow) Sick Benefit Society, Sons of Israel, Men of Baranoff
W-123 413A 1887 Chevra Bnei Aaron Anshei Wilkomir Congregation Bnai Aharon Anshe Wilkomir (Congregation Sons of Aaron Men of Wilkomir)
W-41 414 1906 Beth Hamedrosh Chevra Bnei Abraham Anshei Sfard House of Learning, Society of Sons of Abraham, Sephardic Ritual
W-12 416 1895 Chevrah B'nai Isaac Anshei Narajow Society Sons of Isaac, Men of Narajow
W-7 419A 1889 Chevra Bnai Abraham Anshei Chechanover (Ciechanower) Society of the Sons of Abraham, Men of Ciechanow
W-144 419B 1905 Chevra Beth Joseph Anshi Rachwolofke Society of the House of Joseph of the Men of Rachwolofke
W-81 419C 1910 Congregation Bnei Israel Anshei Lomzitze Anshe Lomzitze (Sons of Israel, Men of Lomzitze)
W-16 432 1894 Chevra B'nai Mordecai Moshe Zwie Society, Sons of Mordecai Moshe Zwie
W-17 434 1901 Chevra Bnai Moses Anshe Jendzivo Society, Children of Moses, Men of Jendzivo
W-3 435 1908 Chevra Bnai Moshe Joseph Anshei Zavichost V'Tzosmir Association Sons of Moshe Joseph Men of Zavichost and Tzosmir
W-49 440 1893 Chebra Bnai Schlomo Anshei Semeil Society, Sons of Schlomo, Men of Semeil
W-7 444 1897 Chevrath Brith Achim Anshei Simiatcer Brotherly Alliance, People of Simiatcer
W-146 446 1923 Chevra Chesed L'Abraham Chaside Knihynisz Congregation Chevra Chesed L'Abraham (Society of Grace to Abraham)
W-122 451 1902 Chevra Degal Izchok Anshai Zarams Society, Flag of Isaac, Men of Zarams
W-36 454 1901 Chevrah Etz Chaim Anshei Roozshan Brotherhood, Tree of Life, Men of Roozshan
W-131 455 1902 Chevra Ezras Achim Anshei Widze Society of Brotherly Help, People of Widze
W-116 457 1904 Chevra Gamilis Chasidim Anshei Motele Chevra Anshei Motele (Men of Motele Society)
W-2 460 1900 Adas Israel Anschei Galicia Minhag Sfard Community of Israel, People of Galicia, Sephardic Ritual
W-27 462 1892 Chevra Hebrew Bakers Association  
W-21 465 1893 Chevra Hochmas Odom Anshei Lomza V'Gatch Chochmas Adam Anshey Lomze Vegatsch (Chevra Chachmath Adam Anshei Lomza V'Gatch) (Brotherhood, Wisdom of Men, People of Lomza and Gatch
W-43 466 1910 Chevrah Independent Bialokamener  
W-44 467 1901 Chevrah Independent Yarshower  
W-141 469 1902 Chevra Joshuas (Yeshuath) Jacob Benevolent Association Anshe Horodetz Help of Jacob, Men of Horoditz
W-3 470 1915 Chevrah Judah and Israel Congregation of Judah and Israel
  473 1913 Congregation Smotritzer Chevre Kedushe Anshei Podolier Smotrecher Chevre Kadishe (Burial Society of Smotrech)
W-3 474 1893 Chevra Kadisha Anshe Sochaczeu Burial Society, Men of Sochaczew
W-18 478 1867 Chevra Kadisha Talmud Torah Burial Society, Elementary Religious School
W-158 482 1889 Chevra Lechis Yoshe Bnai Horowitz Chevra Lecheth Yosher Bnai Horowitz (Society of the Path of Righteousness of the Sons of Horowitz)
W-130 483 1905 Linas Hazedek Anshei Jelinewe Visitors of the Sick, Men of Jelinewe
W-112 492 1889 Chevra Mishkan Israel Anshe Zetil Tabernacle of Israel, People of Zetil
W-81 493 1923 Chevra Majer Rokeach Manseh Rokeach (Story of Rokeach)
W-3 494 1880 Chevra Midrash Anshei Makawer of Polen of the City of New York Study Society, People of Makow, Poland
W-124 495 1913 Chevra Mogon (Magan) David Anshe Brok Society of the Shield of David, Men of Brok
W-117 499 1903 Chevra Moses Joseph Anshei Krasnoshiltz Society of Moses Joseph, Men of Krasnoshiltz
W-15 503 1890 Congregation Chevra Nachal Itzchok Dorshei Tov (Kovner Shul) Nachal Isaac Dorshei Tov (Inheritance of Isaac, Seekers of Goodness)
W-133 504 1892 Chevra Navaredker Bruder Verein Navaredker Brothers Association
W-1 513 1917 Chevra Ohev Sholom Anshei Dokshitz Nusach Ari Society Lovers of Peace, People of Dokszyce, Ari Ritual
W-75 514 1925 Chevra Oir Hashomain Anshe Stopnitz Chevra Or Hashamayim Anshe Stopnitz (Society of the Light of the Heavens, Men of Stopnitz)
W-10 517 1890 Chevrath Oyavei Sholom Anshei Krenky Society, Lovers of Peace, People of Krenky
W-54 518 1884 Chebrah Poel Zedek Anschei Illia Men of Righteousness, People of Illia
W-3 522 1891 Chevra Rabenu Nachum Anshei Grodno Brotherhood of Rabbi Nachem, People of Grodno
W-80 523A 1891 Chevra Reb Abraham Anshe Aishishok and Ahavath Zedek Anshei Bimkowitz Brotherhood Rabbi Abraham Samuel, People of Aishishok, and Love of Righteousness, People of Bimkowitz
W-78 526 1888 Chevrah Rodfe (Rodphei) Sholom Anshei Rubezewitz Brotherhood, Pursuers of Peace, Men of Rubezewitz
  533 1897-1929 Chevra Sha'Arei Torah Anshi Hungary Brotherhood, Gates of the Law, People of Hungary
W-15 530 1919 Chevra Shaari Tefila Nusach Sfard Gates of Prayer Brotherhood, Sephardic Ritual
W-117 538 1912 Chevra Shomre Shabas Anshe Libovner Volin (Chevra Shoimer Sabbath Anshei Libovne Volin) Shomrei Shabath Anshei Libovner Volin (Observers of the Sabbath, People of Libow, Volhynia)
W-127 542 1891 Congregation Sfard Anschei Poland Men of Poland, Followers of Sephardic Ritual
W-43 545 1911 Chevra Talmud Torah Anshei Merovi (Morovi) Talmud Torah, Men of Merovi
W-23 546 1902 Chevra Tarnogroder U.V. Tarnogrod Sick Benevolent Society
W-24 547 1911 Congregation Tifereth Achim Sfard Anshei Poland (Tifereth Achim Anshei Sfard) Glory of Brethren, Men of Sephardic Ritual
W-54 549 1902 Congregation (Chevrah) Tifereth Israel Anshei Krasilover (Krasilow) Glory of Israel, Men of Krasilov
W-22 553 1865 Chevra Tilhom (Thilom) Anshei Vishkover (Wishkowo) Psalm Singing Society, People of Vishkov
W-30 554 1895 Chevrah Tillim (Tehilim) Anshei Ostralenker Psalm Singing Society People of Ostrolenka
W-111 559 1900 Chevra Toldas Isaac Anshe Libasheyew and Yanewe Descendants of Isaac, People of Libasheyew and Yanewe
W-64 560 1898 Chevrah Torah Anshei Visoko Mazowiezk Torah Society of the People of Wisoki Mazowiecki
W-22 565 1894 Chevrah Zaleszczyker Zaleshitzer Chebra Bnai Joseph Congregation (Zaleszczyki Society)
W-19 568A 1897 Chodorower Association of City of New York  
W-33 570 1921-1926 Chovavei Sholom Congregation Lovers of Peace
W-30 571 1938 Civic Center Synagogue, Inc.  
W-39 574A 1885 Beth Hakeneseth Congregation Anshe Jedevabno Synagogue of the People of Jedevabno
W-31 575 1838 Congregation Darech Amuno Derech Emuna (Path of Faith)
W-150 580 1909 Czernowitz Bukowiner Congregation and Rabbi Jacob Sirovich Talmud Torah Congregation of the People of Czernowitz in Bukovina
W-54 594 1899 Downtown Talmud Torah  
W-95 599 1915 Dynower K.U.V. (Dynower Kranken Unterstutzungs Verein) Dynow Benevolent Society
W-120 601 1899 Erste Dzikover Chevra Anshei Rabbi Isaac Mzidachow First Dzikow Society Men of Rabbi Isaac Mzidachow
W-169 607 1865 Congregation Emunath Israel Faith of Israel
W-58 609 1906 Erste Anshei Dubesk Bnai Rabbi R. Mendel Moralis First Congregation for People of Dubesk, Followers of Rabbi R. Mendel Moralis
W-19 613 1899 Erste Linsker Chevra Bikur Cholim First Lysko Sick Benefit Society
W-64 620 1893 Erste Janalubelska First Janalubelska Synagogue
W-7 620A 1922 Erste Zabner Congregation First Zabner Congregation
W-69 621 1897 Erste Shendiszower Galizianer Chevra First Galician Society of Shendiszow
W-122 622 1918 Erste Sniatyner Congregation Ahavath Shalom Erste Sniatyner Cong. Ahawat Schulem (First Sniatyner Congregation Love of Peace)
W-58 622A 1892 First Zalositzer Cong. Ahawath Achim Erste Zalositzer K.U.V. (First Zalozitzer Sick Benevolent Society)
W-43 627 1903 Congregation Fane Seghel Ind. Berlader Rumanian Congregation Fannie Siegel Independent Berlader Roumanian (Fannie Siegel Congregation)
W-18 628 1912 Fellowship House, Inc.  
W-159 635 1902 First Brezower Bruck Sick Benevolent Society Anshei Bregow of City of New York (People of Brezow)
W-160 636 1888 First Brodier (Brodyer) Bnai Brith Congregation First Brodier People's Alliance
W-31 637 1917 First Bukoviner Congregation Tiphereth Israel V'Chovavei Sholom First Bukovina Congregation Tifereth Israel V'Chovevei Shalom (First Bukovina Congregation, Glory of Israel Lovers of Peace)
W-10 639 1896 Congregation Linath Hazedek Visitors of the Sick
W-147 648 1898 First Knihyniczer Reverend Yehuda Arye K.U.V.  
W-29 648A 1894 First Krystonopoler Sick and Benefit Society, Brith Isaac  
W-11 650 1892 First Lutowisker Congregation Machzikei Hadath (Hadas) First Lutowiska Congregation, Supporters of the Faith
W-154 652 1914 First Nepolokowitz Bukovina Unturstutzung Verein  
W-155 653 1904 Ershte Neustadter Kranken Unterstuchung Verein (Erste Neustadter K.U.V.) First Neustadt Benevolent Society (First Neustadter Congregation and Benevolent Association)
W-161 654 1902 First Novoselitzer Bessarabia Congregation First Novoselitzer Bessarabia K.U.V.
W-123 656 1907 First Przedborzer Benevolent Association Tifereth Shloime Glory of Solomon
W-45 657 1885 First Roumanian American Congregation Shaarei Shomayim Gates of Heaven
W-13 658 1906 First Tomashpoler Congregation  
W-156 659 1904 First Taparov Sick Benevolent Society Congregation Anshei Taparov (People of Taparov)
W-124 662 1896 First Zborower Sick Benevolent Association  
W-68 665 1918 Fort Washington Synagogue  
W-3 668 1907 Free Synagogue  
W-166 669 1934 Fur Center Synagogue  
W-27 673 1931 Garment Center Synagogue  
  675 1891-1933 Stropkower Joseph Chaim  
W-46 676 1931 Congregation Gates of Israel  
W-47 676A 1921-1931 Temple Israel of Washington Heights  
W-15 681 1891 Ershte Gorlitzer Rudniker Chevrah Machzikei Emeth First Gorlicer Rudniker, Society of Supporters of the Truth
W-2 690A 1917 Hebrew Home for the Aged  
W-12 691A 1917 Adath Bnai Israel Congregation Sons of Israel (Adath Bnai Israel Hebrew League)
W-13 692 1822 The Hebrew Orphan Asylum of the City of New York The New York Association for Jewish Children
W-30 694A 1922 Chapel of Home of Old Israel  
W-3 695 1915 Congregation Horodenker Inc. Horodenker Congregation
W-12 701 1889 Congregation Hungarian Chevra Bachurim Congregation Hungarian Society of Young Men
W-54 704 1909 Independent Gwodziecer Sick & Death Benevolent Society Congregation Independent Gwodziecer Congregation
W-60 703A 1922 Independent Glogover Chevra Bnei M'nachem Rubin Independent Glogover Chevra (Independent Society of Glogov)
W-7 710 1917 Institutional Synagogue  
W-188 711 1917 Inwood Hebrew Congregation  
W-202 712 1929 Inwood Jewish Center and Talmud Torah  
W-26 716 1913 Jacob David Association  
W-121 725 1917 Yeshuvath Jacob Anshei Krakow Salvation of Jacob, People of Krakow
W-165 726 1917 The Jewish Center  
W-34 728 1919 Jewish Settlement House of East Side  
W-34 730 1922 Society of Jewish Science  
W-202 732 1886 Jewish Theological Seminary of America  
W-26 734 1889 Chevra Kadisha M'Berdichew Burial Society for the Men of Berdichew
W-8 735 1884 Khal Adath Yeshurum Anshei Lubz Community Congregation of Israel, Men of Lubz
W-8 742 1896 Karlubaszowser Teitelbaum Congregation Bnai Chaim Machne Rubin Congregation of Teitelbaum of the People of Karlubaszows, Sons of Hyman, Camp of Rubin
W-57 746 1871 Kehilath Yeshurun Community of Israel
W-61 747 1937 Ramaz Academy (part of Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun)  
W-41 748 1906 Kehilath Kedsha of Janina Kehila Kadusha of Janina (Holy Congregation of Janina, Greece)
W-7 754 1914 Kehal (K'hal) Chasidim Community of Pious Men
W-110 755 1886 Congregation Kehal Chasidim Anshei Kurenitz Community of Pious Men, People of Kurenitz
  757 1924-1937 Kingsbridge Jewish Center  
W-3 762 1905 Independent Kneseth Israel Independent Congregation of Israel
W-25 764 1892 Kochob Jacob Anshey Kaminetz Lite Kochav Jacob Anshei Kaminetz Lite (Star of Jacob, People of Kaminetz, Lite)
W-162 768 1931 Kolel Anshei Chevra Mishnayoth Congregation of the Students of the Mishnayoth
W-12 773 1886 Komenetz Podolia and Zitomer Wohlin  
W-152 783 1893 Lemberger Congregation Anshei Ashkenaz People of Ashkenaz
W-16 784 1887 Libowitz V'Homel Congregation Libowitz Wi Homle
W-8 789 1937 West Side Institutional Synagogue  
W-31 793 1906 Libovner-Woliner Benevolent Society  
W-188 796 1904 Machzikei Hadath, Anshei Zlotchow Supporters of the Faith, Men of Zlotchow
W-37 802 1873 Beth Hakeneseth Machzikei Torah Anshei Sineer Ve Anshei Vilna Congregation of the Cities of Sineer and Wilna (Synagogue of the Torah, Men of Sineer and Wilna)
  811 1902-1909 Mate Levi Congregation  
W-4 811 1886 Matte Levi  
W-23 819 1905 Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem High School, Glory of Jerusalem
W-35 823 1934 Millinery Center Synagogue  
W-136 825 1912 Minsker Independent Old Men's Benevolent Association  
W-17 826 1913 Mishkan Israel, Anshei Pruzhiner, Seltz, Maltch Tabernacle of Israel, Men of Pruzany, Selta, Maltch
W-4 834A 1907 Mount Neboh Congregation  
W-12 835 1908 Congregation Mount Sinai Anshei Emeth of Washington Heights Congregation Mount Sinai Anshei Emeth (Men of Truth)
W-57 837 1897 Mount Zion Congregation  
W-32 841 1909 Nachlath Zvi Nachles Zvi (Inheritance of Zvi)
W-34 842 1895 Chevra Nachlath Zwi Linath Hazedek Bnai Menashe Chevra Nachles Zwi Linath Hazedek Bnai Menasheh (Congregation Nachlas Zwie Anshe Ungarn) (Society, Inheritance of Zwi, Visitors of the Sick, Sons of Menashe
  842A 1897-1913 Chevra Linath Hazedek Bnai Menashe Society, Visitors of the Sick, Sons of Menashe
W-1 848 1909 New People's Synagogue  
W-44 851 1889-1917 Yeshuvah Jacob Anshei Nisko Niskoer Jushuath Jacob (Salvation of Jacob, People of Nisko)
  851A 1898-1917 Ahavath Achim Anshei Krakow Brother Love, People of Krakow
W-167 861 1873 First Congregation Ohev Zedek First Hungarian Congregation Ohab Zedek (Love of Righteousness)
  863 1913-1929 Congregation Ohavei Emes Anshai Ungarn Ohavei Emeth (Lovers of Truth)
  865 1917-1927 Ohavei Torah First Hungarian Congregation of Yorkville Lovers of the Bible
W-126 867 1896 Ohavei Shalom Anshei Tcharne Ohev Sholom Anshei Tcharne (Lovers of Peace, People of Tcharne)
W-19 870 1905 Congregation Ohel Itzchok Anshei Zuravna Tent of Isaac, Men of Zurowna
W-14 872 1870 Orach Chayim Congregation Path of Life
W-16 878 1882 Park Avenue Synagogue, Agudath Yesharim Park Avenue Synagogue Aguduth Jeshorim (Congregation of the Righteous)
  878A 1882-1929 Congregation Atereth Israel Glory of Israel
W-34 879 1931 Park West Synagogue  
W-8 883 1893-1934 People's Synagogue of the Educational Alliance  
  885 1905-1923 Pincus Elijah Congregation  
W-66 891 1906 First Pruchniker K.U.V. First Pruchniker Sick Benefit Society
W-30 896 1889 Rabbi Hillel Lichtenstein Kolomyja Congregation Rabbi Hillel Lichtenstein Colomeyer Congregation
W-34 898 1920 Congregation Rabbi Joseph Meyer Ohev Zedek Congregation Rabbi Joseph Meyer Ohab Zedec (Rabbi Joseph Meyer Lover of Righteousness)
  899 1892 First Rabbi Mayer Przemyslaner Congregation First Rabbi Mayer Przemyslaner Sick & Benevolent Association
W-77 907 1903 First Radymnoer Congregation, Bnai Mordechai Menashe First Radymnoer Congregation, Followers of Mordechai Menashe
W-110 911 1922 Riverside Synagogue  
W-79 913 1913 Rozwodower Chevra Benei Moicha Horwitze Rozodover Chevra Bnai Moses Horowitz (Rozodover Society, Followers of Moses Horowitz)
W-41 914 1901 Rudniker Erste K.U.V. First Rudniker Sick Benefit Society
W-47 915 1900 Congregation Rodeph Sholom Independent Podhajcer S.B.S. Pursuers of Peace
W-120 915A 1888 Congregation Anshei Rzeszow-Korczyn Rzeszower-Korczyner Congregation
W-16 927 1869 Shaarei Bina Anshei Sherebiner Shaarei Bino (Anshei Sherebiner) (Gates of Understanding, Men of Sherebiner)
  927A 1863-1908 Shaarei Torah Congregation Gates of the Law
W-12 931 1887 Chebra Shaare Tefilla Anschei Kobrin Congregation Sharei Tefila, Anshei Kobrin (Gates of Prayer, People of Kobrin)
W-32 935 1929 Congregation Shaarei Torah Ohavei Emeth Anshei Ungarn Shara Torah Ohavi Emeth Anshe Ungarin (Gates of the Law, Lovers of Truth, People of Hungary)
W-51 935A 1909 Shaarei Torah Congregation, Anshei Ratzk U'mate Levi Shaarei Torah, Anshei Ratzk U'Mate Levi (Gates of the Law, People of Ratzk and Mate Levi)
  935B 1908-09 Beth Hamidrash Shaarei Torah and Anshei Ratzk Shaarei Torah in Anshei Ratysk (Gates of the Law, People of Ratzk)
W-51 936 1836 Congregation Shaare Zedek  
  942 1870-1918 Shearith Bnai Israel Remnants, Sons of Israel
W-30 943 1655 Congregation Shearith Israel in New York  
W-7 947 1888 Congregation Sheveth Achim Anshei Slonim Community of Brethren, Men of Slonim
W-56 947A 1918 Congregation Benei Jehoshua Anshei Sokolow Sokolow Lizensker Bnai Joshua Chariff (Sokolow Lizensk Followers of Joshua Chariff)
W-73 949 1917 Chevrah Sheveth Achim, B'nei Levi, Anshei Chomsk V'Goniontz Sheveth Achim Bnai Levi Anshei Chomsk V'Goniontz (Brotherly Congregation, Sons of Levi, People of Chomsk and Goniontz)
W-74 949A 1890-1917 Chevrah Sheveth Achim Anshei Chomsk Brotherly Congregation, People of Chomsk
  949B 1887-1917 Congregation Bnai Levi Anshei Goniontz Sons of Levi, People of Goniontz
W-39 952 1911 Independent Sharbashiner Congregation Sharbashiner Congregation
  954 1877-1886 Shomrei Hadath Keepers of the Faith
W-82 958 1900 Congregation Shvergner Benevolent Society  
W-115 960 1901 Sniatyner Congregation Agudath (Agudas) Achim Sniatyn Fraternal Association
W-94 962 1879 Colel Hibath Jerusalem Society of the Devotees of Jerusalem
W-29 963 1922 Society for Advancement of Judaism  
W-62 963A 1890 Sieniawer Congregation Anshei Sfard Sephardi Ritual
W-48 968 1927-1931 Sons and Daughters of Meyer Kovner Wolozin  
W-46 969 1917 Congregation Sons of Israel Kalwarier  
W-11 971 1861 Hebra Bnai Israel Kalwarier Congregation Sons of Israel Kalwarier
W-26 974 1898 Chevra Bnai Yesharim Anshei Kolna Congregation of the Sons of Justice People of Kolna
W-10 980 1885 Congregation Gemilath Chesed Stropkower Joseph Chaim Loan Society of Stropkower, Joseph Chaim
W-32 988 1863 Atereth El Adereth El (Glory of G-d)
W-35 993 1938 Beth Hillel Hebrew Institute House of Hillel
W-42 999 1919 Congregation and Talmud Torah Tifereth Israel Talmud Torah Tifereth Israel (Talmud Torah, Glory of Israel)
W-58 1011 1931 Congregation Beth Sholom of Washington Heights Temple Beth Sholom (House of Peace)
W-36 1013 1845 Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York G-d is With Us
W-136 1014 1913 Temple of the Covenant  
W-52 1016 1870 Temple Israel of the City of New York  
W-2 1019 1842 Congregation Rodeph Sholom of New York In Pursuit of Peace
W-63 1019A 1906 Tifereth Israel Anshei Vishnitzer Glory of Israel, Men of Vishnitz
W-37 1029 1926 Tifereth Israel of Riverside Glory of Israel
W-12 1031 1913 Congregation Thikvath Israel of Harlem Tikvath Israel (Hope of Israel)
W-18 1033 1885 Congregation Teferes Achim Anshe Dineburg Tiferes Achim Anshe Dineberg (Tifereth Achim Anshei Dineberg) (Glory of the Brothers, Men of Dineberg)
W-4 1038 1909 Tifereth Jacob Anshei Opola Glory of Jacob, Peole of Opola
W-71 1039 1891 Tifereth Joseph Anshei Przemysl Glory of Joseph, Men of Przemysl
W-38 1040 1933 Times Square Temple  
W-168 1044 1937 Congregation Torath Chayim The Law of Life
W-26 1045 1930 Congregation Torah Kahone Torah Kehuna (Law of the Rabbinate)
W-39 1046 1898 Congregation Tree of Life  
W-14 1048A 1906 Ulanover Congregation and Umgegend  
W-134 1051 1898 United Zembraver Society  
W-13 1052 1892 Uptown Talmud Torah Association  
W-31 1055 1929 Wall Street Synagogue  
W-5 1056 1886 Warshauer First Congregation  
W-5 1064 1845 West End Synagogue Shaarey Tefela (Gates of Prayer)
W-9 1065 1917 West Side Hebrew Relief Association Congregation Ezrath Israel (Help of Israel) and Talmud Torah
W-7 1066 1937 West Side Institutional Synagogue Little Synagogue
W-104 1076 1896 Yeshuath Israel Anshei Ranizow Help of Israel of the People of the City of Ranizow (Congregation Help of Israel)
W-103 1077 1917 Yeshivath Rabbi Mordechai Rosenblatt Rabbi Mordechai Rosenblatt Congregation
W-119 1078 1901 Rabbi Jacob Joseph School  
W-3 1079 1908 Yeshiva Torath Chaim of Harlem College, Law of Life of Harlem
W-153 1080 1897 Yeshivas Ohel Torah Yeshivath Ohel Torah (Tent of the Law, Religious School)
W-8 1082 1902 Rabbi Solomon Kluger School  
W-6 1089 1874 Young Men's Hebrew Association  
W-7 1091 1935 Young People's Congregation  
W-81 1093 1924 Zeirei Agudath Israel Congregation of Young Israel
W-28 1905 1899 Zemech Zedek Nusach Ari Plant of Righteousness, Ari Ritual
W-45 1098A 1917 Congregation Zichron Moishe Memorial of Moses
W-105 1099 1911 Zichron Rabbi Jacob Joseph Memorial of Rabbi Jacob Joseph
  1100 1903-1927 Zichron Yehuda Memorial of Judah
W-77 175 1914 Sephardic Brotherhood of America Kal Kadosh Beth El
W-32 216 1852 Beth Hamedrash Hagodel  
W-30 1097 1890 Zichron Ephraim Congregation Congregation Zichron Ephraim
W-16 578 1917 YM & YWHA of Washington Heights  
W-4 1038 c. 1909 Congregation Tiferes Beth Jacob Anshei Opola Glory of Jacob, People of Opole
W-51 134 1900 Proskurower Zion Congregation and Sick Benevolent Association Centre of Proskurow Zion Congregation
W-116 109 1891 Tarnobrzeg Dzikow Young Men's Association Anshe Dzikower Young Men's Association
W-25 352 1887 Congregation Agudath Achim Anshe Kurland and Lida Kurland and Lida Congregation
W-12 351 1899 Agudath Achim Anshe Drohitsin  
  119 1894 Anshei Lebedower and Radzilow Men of Lebedow and Radzilow
  735A 1889-1909 Chevra Aaron David and Harris Nathan of the People of Lubitz  
W-40 80 1907 Congregation of Peace and Brotherhood of Monastir Inc. Ahavath Sholom Monastir
W-1 322 1846 Central Synagogue (Ahawath Chesed Shaar Hashomayim) Love of Kindness - Gate of Heaven
W-36 102 1827 Temple Ansche Chesed  

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Manhattan Synagogues (Defunct)

M.N. #21320, Roll #321
Form # Card # Year Org. Name of Organization
  1 D Achim Grodno Wisopotkin
  2 1889 D Aaron David Anshei Lubetz
W-96 3 1909 D Congregation K'hal Adath Jeshurun of Harlem
W-2 3 D Achei Jacob Anshei Senier
  6 D Achim Rakcamonum
W-96 7 1898 D Achim V'reim Anshei Bresdowitz
  8 1891 D Achim Zetomer V'Wolin
  13 D Adath Israel
  14 D Adath Israel
  15 1892 D Adath Israel Anshe Birz
W-51 18 D Adas Israel Anhe K.
  23 1887 D Adath Jeshurun Anshei Jasse
W-28 24 1866 D Ados Jeshurun
  25 D Adath Jeshurun of Harlem
W-47 27 1902 D Adath Morom
W-16 28 1913 D Adath Wolkowisk
  32 1913 D Agudath Achim
  33 D Agudath Achim Anshei Brisk Delita
W-2 34 1899 D Agudath Achim Anshe Kusnitza
  35 D Agudath Achim Anshe Pohast
  36 D Agudath Achim Anshe Navale (?)
  36A 1892 D Agudath Achim Anshei Schwinzione
  40 1902 D Agudath Achim Y'Sidei (or Lidei) Roumania
  41 D Beth Hakneseth Shaarei Tefilah (Bronx, not Manhattan)
  42 D Agudath Achim of Yorkvile
  53 D Agudath Achim Mesuda Lovon
  44 D Agudath Bnai Eretz Israel
  48 D Agudath Bachurei Chemed
W-105 49 1894 D Agudath Chaweirim
  54 D Agudath Israel of N.Y.
  55 D Agudath Jeshorim
  56 D Agudath Naarei Israel
  57 1890 (?) D Ahavas Achim
  59 D Ahavath Achim
  60 1916 D Ahavath Achim
W-25 62 1892 D Ahavas Achim Anshei Minske
  63 1888 D Ahavath Achim Anshe Oshmine
W-13 64 1893 D Ahavath Achim Anshei Rodomyz
  64 D Ahavath Achim Anshe Boluslow and Korson
  65 D Ahavath Achim Anshei Tomashover & Pietrokov
  68 D Ahavath Achim D'Mohilev
  73 D Ahawath Israel
W-46 75 1888 D Ahavath Israel Anshe Sfard
  76 D Ahavath Israel of Harlem
  78 1890 D Ahaveth Schlomo
W-4 81 D Ahavath V'Achvath Janina
W-19 82 1892 D Anshe Temkowitz
W-20 84 1885 D Ahawas Gerim
  85 D Anshei Thillim
W-26 89 D American Minsker Gemilath Chesed
W-103 90 1895 D Am Kedoshim Anshei Bobrika
  92 D Anshei Achim Elizabethgrader
  96 D Anshei Burstyn
  98 1887 D Anshe Bradzilown
  100 D Anshei Chasidei Vishnitze Austria
  103 1876 D Anshe Chesed
  105 D Anshe Dubiner
  106 D Anshe Defernisk
  108 D Anshe Dushikower Galicia
  111 D Anshei Gliniany
  112 D Anshe Harodnik Cong.
W-10 117 D Anshke Krasnick Cong.
  118   Anshe Kruka
W-14 120 1902 D Anshei Lefler
  128 1914 D Anshe Naroler (?) Lipska
  135 1898 D Anshei Ragoler
  137 1888 D Anshe Schmargon Bnai Abraham
W-11 138 D Anshei Sedid
W-12 141 1900 D Anshe Sereth K.U.V.
W-5 144 D Anshe Shein, O.C.B.
W-18 147 1902 D Anshei Shzedriner
  148 D Anshei Smorgin B'nai Chaim Abraham
  149 D Anshei Spharad of Harlem
  152 1904 D Anshe Torath Chesed
W-88 153 1896 D Anshe Unterstanestier K.U.V.
  155 D Anshe Yanover & Koblier
W-11 157A 1902 D Anshe Zilone
  158 1918 D Anshei Zwi Bnei Israel
W-3 161 1910 D Atereth Z'Kenim
  162 1889 D Ateret Zvi
W-45 166 1901 D Baranower Erste K.U.V.
W-12 167 1914 D Bayberach Cong.
  168 D Beth Abraham Chasidim D'Slonim
W-137 168A 1879 D Beth Aron Chasidim Di Carlin
  169A 1903 D Beth Bnai Israel
  170 D Beth David
  172 D Beth David Anshe Wilna
  176 1890 D Beth El Sisterhood Cong.
  177 D Beth Elohim
  179 D Beth Eolhim of Washington Heights
K-18 188 1907 D Beth Ha-K'Nesseth Anshe Kolker Untershtitzung Verein
  191 D Beth Ha-K'nesseth Anshei Minsk
  201 1904 D Beth Ha-Knesseth Mishkan Israel
W-1 203 1924 D Chevra Mishnayes Nehr Tomid
  204 D Beth Haknesses Nusach Sfard
W-17 206 1893 D Beth Hackneseth Polen
W-27 209 D Beth Haknesseth Sokolower
  210 D Beth Hakneseth Yehuda Zvee Anshe Stentein (?) Nusach Sfard
  211 1906 D Beth Hamidrash Adath Jeshurun
  213 D Beth Haknesseth Anshe Balta Benevolent Soc.
  215A 1904 D Beth Hamidrash D'Sphardim D'Harlem Chevrah
  218 D Beth Shlomah
W-45 220 1904 D Beth Hamidrosh Hagodol of Harlem
  222 1895 D Bethlehem Judah Bnai Resitze
W-55 223 1897 D Beth Hamidrash Hagodol D'Sphardim
  230 1913 D Beth Hamedrosh Zemach Zedek of Harlem
  233 D Beth Israel
W-138 235A 1898 D Congregation Beth Israel Chasidim De Stolin
  236 D Beth Israel Bikur Chalim
  237 D Beth Israel Emanuel
  239 D Beth Israel Temple of Washington Heights
  240 1892 D Beth Jacob Congregation
  241 1895 D Beth Jacob of Harlem
  242 D Beth Jacob Society
  243 D Beth Joseph
  245 D Beth Or
  247 1889 D Beth Tefila
  251 1917 D Bikur Cholim Anshe sfard
W-1 252 1894 D Blaziver Chevra Degel Machnei Ephraim
W-21 253 1898 D Bnai Aaron Salomon Anshei Thilim Mi-Grovne
W-58 253A 1920 D Bnei Aaron Cong.
W-9 258 D Bnai David Anshe Charshel and Yanove
  259 D Bnai David Society
  261 D B'nai Elijah Anshei Zagar Society
W-5 262 D Bnai Emes Mariampoler
  265 1847 D Bnai Israel
  266 D Bnai Israel
  268 1893 D B'nai Israel Anshe Piontnitza
W-1 269 1891 D Bnai Israel Anshe Szarov
W-107 270 1896 D Bnai Israel Anshe Zurow Galicia
W-40 271 1926 D Chevra Bnai Israel
  271 D Bnai Israel Bikur Cholem Anshei Sfard
  273 D B'nai Israel Sheerith Judah
W-12 277 D Bnai Jacob Anshe Chaside Torko and Strepin
  280 1890 D Bnai Jacob Joseph Cong.
  281 1913 D Bnai Judah Anshe Zeiswer
  282 D Bnai Jerusalem
  288 D B'nai Levi
W-9 291 D Bnai Moses
  293 D B'nai Peyser
  293A 1900 D B'nai Moses Joseph Anshe Zosmer & Zavubush (?)
W-13 295 1903 D B'nai Rabbi Zindel Anshei Pultinsk
  298 1913 D Bnai Samuel Levenson Cong.
  299 D Bnai Sholem
  300 1885 D Bnai Sholem
  301A D Bnai V'bnoth Jehuda
  303 D Bolchover Chevra Shabbat Sholom
  304 D Borochauer Chevra
W-57 305 1902 D Botachaner First Congregation Or Chodosh
  306 1901 D Breziver Brock Erste K.U.V.
  314 1899 D Buczacker Cong. K.U.V.
  315 D Buczaczer First Chevra
  316 1896 D Burshtiner Chevra Lenath Hazedek Anshei Galicia
  316A D Cong. Budischiner
W-111 318 1911 D Busker Bnai Brith K.U.V.
  321 D Central Jewish Institute
  324 1877 D Chai'ei Odom Anshe Lomza
  326 1899 D Chaim Anshe Hungary
  331 D Chasidim D'Kaidonoff and Chasidim D'Kobrin
W-93 331A 1883 D Chasam Sopher Cong.
W-87 331A 1884 D Anshe Czenstochauer
W-21 332 D Chasidei Sadigray
  333 1892 D Chasider Sadigara Tifereth Israel Marisin
  335 D Chatiner Bessarabier Cong.
  336 1916 D Chelmer Erste Congregation
  338 1891 D Chesed L'Avraham Anshei Trisk
  341 D Chevrah Abraham Steiner K.U.V.
W-89 344A 1893 D Chevra Achai Benjamin
  346 1912 D Chevrah Adath Jeshurun
  348 D Chevra Adath K'doshim Anshe Rozinol (?)
  349 D Chevrah Adath Zvi
  353 D Chevra Agudath Achim Anshe Rozove
W-7 354 D Chevra Agudas Bnai Israel
W-43 355 1898 D Chevrah Ahavath Achim Anshei Bohoslow & Korson
W-16 356 D Chevra Agudath Achim Anshei Fishers
W-20 357 D Chevrah Agudath Achim Anshei Mishwitz
W-42 358 D Agudath Beth Achim Anshei Stupnitz
  361 D Agudath Achim Anshe Trembovle
  361 D Chevrah Ahabath Aheve Trembovel Minhag Sfard
  364 1887 D Ahavath Achim Anshe Krasna
W-6 366 1890 D Chevra Ahavath Chaim Anshei Bilsk
  367A 1926 D Chevrah Ahavath Zedeic Anshei Binkowitz
  367 D Chevra Ahavath Sholom of Harlem
  368 D Chevra Ahavath Sedek Anshe Jaskinover
  369 D Chevra Anshei Joseph
  369 1897 D Chevra Achei Joseph
  371 1905 D Chevra Anshei Achim Krementshug Ashkenaz
  372 D Chevra Anshe Alt
  373 D Chevra Anshe Balaver
  374 D Chevra Anshe Beth Joseph David Hebecheva (?)
  375 1903 D Chevra Anshe Devin
  376 1913 D Chevra Anshe Dlagosadler (?)
  377 D Chevra Anshe Duvno
  378 1910 D Chevrah Anshei Galicia of Harlem
  379 D Chevra Anshe Gluboker
  380A D Chevra Anshe Gross Moster Center
  383 1890 D Chevra Anshe Kiev
  383B D Chevra Anshe Konstantimka Kolburtz
  384 D Chevra Anshe Kozow
  385 D Chevra Anshe Luboshier
  386 D Chevra Anshe Mir U.V.
  387 D Chevra Anshe Norowla
  388 1891 D Chevra Anshei Nevarodok
  391 D Chevra Anshe Rassien
  393 D Chevra Anshei Shiclover (Anshei Shklover)
W-3 395 D Chevra Anshe Straphov Joseph Chaim
W-18 396 1901 D Tarnopoler Yad Charutzim
  396 D Chevra Anshe Tarnopol
  398 D Chevra Anshe Tliustah (Tlumach)
W-9 399 D Chevra Anshe Usy and Beskupe
  400 1904 D Chevra Anshe Wolin Anshe Matzeivew
  403 D Chevra Ara Roschra
W-4 404 1914 D Chevra Ateress Zekenim
  410 D Chevrah Bikur Chalim Anshe Zaramin
  412 1912 D Chevrah B'nai Aryei Judah
W-52 412A 1899 D Chevrah Beth Chasidim D'Poland
W-19 412B D Chevra Bikur Cholim Bnei Abraham People of Austria
W-21 413 1888 D Chevrah B'nai Aaron Anshei Vilkomir
  413A 1892 D Chevra Beth David Anshe Rakov
  413B D Chevra Bnai Benjamin Moses Anshe Balachov
  414 1904 D Chevra Bnai Eliezer
W-19 415A 1906 D Chevra Beth Haknesseth D'Sfardim M'Polen
  415B 1892 D Anshei Novogrod
W-5 415B 1906 D Chevra B'nai Hashvotim Anshei Novgorod
  416 1913 D Chevra Beth Hillel
  417 1914 D Chevra Bnai Israel
  417A 1912 D Chevra Beth Hillel Anshe Kreve
  418 D Chevra Beth Israel Anshe Hlusk
W-17 420 D Chevrah B'nai Jacob Anshei Czernovey
  418 1883 D Chevra Bnai Israel Salanter, Anshei Zamet
W-5 421 1905 D Chevrah B'nai Jacob Anshei Shatzk
W-13 422 1890 D Chevrah B'nai Jacob Joseph Anshei Stashif
  423 1897 D Chevra Bnai Joshua Anshei Telz
W-8 424 1895 D Chevrah Bnai Kodesh Anshei Kroz
  425 D Chevra B'nai Menachem
  426 D Chevra B'nai Menachem Anshe Hovretz
  427 D Chevra Bnai Moshe Anshe Niesta Chichonavitz
  429 1892 D Chevra Bnai Solomon Anshei Zeimel
  430 1905 D Chevra Bnai Joseph Anshe Kukol
  431 1902 D Chevra Bnai Levi Yitzchok Anshe Rava Ruska
  433 D Chevra Bnai Moshe Anshe Klein Radomysler
  436 1905 D Chevra Bnai Moses Chasidei Kobrin
  440 1860 D Chevra B'nai Adam
  441 D Chevra Bnai V'benoth Judah
  442 D Chevra Bnei Jacob of Harlem
  448 1906 D Chevrah Chofetz Chaim
W-5 449 1900 D Harlem Sinai Congregation
  449 1900 D Friends of Zion of Harlem
  450 D Chevra Degel Isaac
W-2 452 D Chevra Dorshe Tov Anshei Checknover
  452A D Chevra Dorshe Tov Anshe Pinsk
  453 1915 D Chevra Ez Chaim
  456 C Chevra First Horubshower of N.Y.
  458 D Chevra Gear Arith
  460 D Chevrah Hadath Israel Minhag Sfard
  461 D Chevrah Hayyi Adam
  468 D Chevre Israel
  472 1916 D Chevra Kadisha
W-28 475 D Chevra Kadisha Benefit Soc. Anshe Noiselsk
  476 1897 D Chevra Kadisha Etz Chaim
  480 D Chevra Knesseth Israel
  481 D Chevra Khal Hasidim Dragno Anshe Rozan
  484 D Chevra Medrash Anshe Minsk of Harlem
  485 1898 D Chevra Midrash Anshe Shnedevra
W-6 486 D Chevrah Mishkan Israel
  489 D Chevra Mishnayoth De Harlem
W-21 490 1898 D Mishnaioth Chasidei Trisk & Mekarov
W-6 490 1898 D Chevrah Mishnaioth Chasidei of Turusk and Mekarov
W-19 490 D Cong. Chevra Mishnayoth of Turisk & Mekarow
  496 1891 D Chevra Mogen David Anshe Charusch
  497 D Chevra Mogen Dovid Anshe Horasz
W-101 500 1902 D Chevrah M'Zudath Zion Bnai Rabbi Joshua Chariff
  505 D Chevra Nusach Sfard of Harlem
W-33 506 1908 D Chevra Ohavei Sholom Anshei Sokoley
W-1 507 1911 D Oheb Israel Anshei Mezhibesh
  508 1912 D Chevrah Oheb Sholom Anshei Glubok
  510 1893 D Chevra Ohel Jacob Anshe Dubna
  511 D Chevrah Ohel Moses Isaac Dov
  512 1892 D Chevra Ohev Sholom Anshe Buketezkover (?)
  515 D Chevre Gmilath Chesed
  516 D Chevrah Orach Chaim Anshe Radoshkowitz
  520 1925 D Chevra Rabbi Zev Goldberger Anshe Siebinburger
W-29 521 1892 D Cong. Rabbi Elozor Landa of Wolkowishka
  523 1891 D Chevrah Reb Abraham Samuel Anshei Aishishok
  523 D Chevra Reim Ahuvim Mi Rybeshow Anshe Poland
  524 1892 D Chevra Rodef Zedek Anshe Bolgovza (?)
  527 1884 D Chevra Rodphie Zedek Anshe Ritova
  528 D Chevra Rodefei Zedek First Dukenker
  529 1912 D Chevra Sfardim of Harlem
  531 1909 D Chevrah Sha'arei T'Phillah
  534 1902 D Chevra Shearith Israel Bohusher Shtefanister Kruz
  537 1899 D Chevrah Shomrei Emunah Anshei Lubon
  539 1888 D Chevra Shomre Hadath Anshe Savok
  540 1898 D Chevra Skalater
  541 1890 D Chevra Spharad Anshe Peceyaslow
W-22 543 D Chevra Strelsky
  544 D Chevra Talmud Torah Anshe Augustov
  545 D Chevra Talmud Torah Anshe Ma'Avovi (?)
  551 D Chevra Tifereth Bachurim Anshe Sziget
  555 1911 D Chevrah Thilim and Bikur Cholim
W-56 557 1913 D Chevra Tifereth Achim Anshei Sirotsk
W-32 558 1913 D Chevrah Tiphereth Achim Anshei Sphard
W-109 561 1895 D Anshei Zolkiev T'vuath Shor, Chevrah Tvuath Shor Anshe Zokow
W-3 566 1892 D Chevrath Zichru Torath Moshe
  568 D Chibath Jerusalem Anshei Sompolne B'nai Abraham Mi Plotzk
  569 D Choroshower K.U.V.
W-13 569A D Chochmath Odem Anschei Polen
W-54 572 1892 D Cochav Jacob Anshe Kamenitz D'Leta
  574 D Community Synagogue
  577A D Congregation of Living G-d
  580 D Crown of Israel
  581 1897 D Czortkover Rabbi D.M. Friedman Congregation
  582 D Czortkover Cong.
W-6 583 1894 D Degel Machneth Ephraim Anshei Biuzivier
  584 D Degel Machneh Israel
  586 D Delatiner Erste Congregation
W-39 587 1915 D Dinever K.U.V.
  589 1870 D Dorshe Tov Dobroczynshe
  590 1897 D Dorshei Tof Anshei Ottynia
  591 D Dorshe Zedek Anshe Krivitz
W-29 592 1887 D Dorshe Tov Anshei Pinsk
  593 D Downtown Synagogue
  595 1877 D Drubriner Chevrah
W-4 596 1902 D Dubetzker Erste Congregation
  597 1902 D Dunajaver First Congregation
  598 1914 D Dubesaver Erste Independent Cong.
W-16 600 1899 D Dzikover Erste Chevrah
  601 D Anshe Dzikower
  602 D East Side Synagogue & Center
  605 1911 D Eliezer Damasek Congregation
  606 D Eliezer Gantz and Independent Pzemisler
  608 D Emuno Israel
  612 1907 D Erste Bobrikar K.U.V.
  615 D Erste Chevrah Ahawath Israel Anshei Larea
W-38 616 D Erste Chevrah B'nai David Anshei Radimashe
W-36 617 D Erste Galitzianer Congregation
W-11 618 1911 D Erste Gros Yusepover K.U.V.
  619 1899 D Erste Holeszover U.V.
  621 D Erste Vengrover Cong. Chevrah Pinchos Noah
W-8 622 D Erste Washkowitz B & K.U.V.
W-112 623 D Etz Chaim Pre David
  624 1904 D First Congregation Bnai Rabbi David Meyer Anshe Schurish (?)
  626 1902 D Ez Chaim of Yorkville
  629 D First Anshe Lobin De Vohn Cong.
  631 1911 D First Azarover U.V. Nusach Sfard
W-86 632 D First Serbeker Cong.
W-39 634 D First Galicien Ducklar Mogen Abraham, Inc.
    1898 D First Bohemian Cong.
W-34 637 1917 D First Bukoviner Cong. Tiphereth Israel
W-37 638 D First Chevra Anshe Berzan
W-4 640 D First Chevra Anshe Szulin Anshe Sfard
  633 1887 D First B'nai David Anshei Rodomisselei
  642 D First Galitzer Machzikie Amaz (?)
W-90 642A D First Dzykower Chevra
  643 D First Hungarian Cong. Brith Sholem
W-108 645 D First Izbichow U.V. Anshe Sfard
  647 D Kishinever First Congregation
  651 1913 D First Nadlibozitzer U.V.
  655 D First Ostroves YMBA
  672 D Galician First Society
  661 D First Zabistower Congregation
  663 D First Zlatniker K.U.V.
  664 D First Zolaszer Ahavath Achrin Congregation
  670 D Galician Chevra Freedman
  677 1913 D Gleigeshudler U.V.
  678 1898 D Gloganer Verbruderungs Verein
W-6 680 1911 D Gluboker Congregation
  685 D Halitzer Erste U.V.
  690 1907 D Hebrew Congregation of the Deaf
  693 D Hebrew Tabernacle Association
  703 1902 D Independent Achim Mi-Makower
  704 1909 D Independent Gwodziecer
  707 D I.O. Ahavas Israel
  713 D Isaiah Temple
  717 1902 D Jagolniczer K.U.V.
  718 1889 D Jaroslower K.U.V.
  720 1903 D Jassy Roumanian Bohusher Congregation
  722 D Jeshnofisar Chevra
  739 D Kaluszer Independent K.U.V.
  736 D Hakal Kol Israel
  733 D Kabsher-Binder Verein
  738 D Kalischer Brueder Verein Cong.
  740 D Kamionker Strumilawer Erste K.U.V.
  741 D Karatchiner Rubin Chevra
  743 D Katriner Cong.
  744 1911 D Kehillath Jacob
  745 1891 D Kehillath Jacob Anshe Meserick
  749 D Kesha Chevra Congregation
W-13 750 D Kether Torah Kehal Chasidim Anshe Kurevitz
  753 D Khal Adath Kurland
  758 D Kikihover Agudath Achim
W-22 760 D Kishoner Chevrah
  761 D Kneseth Beth Israel
  763 D Kneseth Israel
  765 1913 D Kol Adath Israel
  767 D Kolhushover B'nai Levi
  769 D Kol Israel Anshei Poland
W-20 770 1832 D Kol Israel Anshei Poland
  772 D Kolomayer Independent K.U.V.
  774 D Kopitshinzer Erste Sick and B.A.
  775 D Chevra Koreth Brith Bachurim
  776 D Kosher Butcher Retailers Independent Ass'n
  777 D Kovular Sons of Jacob, Inc.
  779 1899 D Krakowitzer K.U.V.
W-106 785 1893 D Linath Hazedek Anshei Rosdol
  786 1889 D Linath Hatzedek Anshei Sakolka
  788 D Little Temple
W-2 790 D Lizensker Anshei S'Fard
  791 D Lodzer Chevrah Agudath Achim
W-18 792 1870 D Love of Israel
W-53 793 1906 D Luborner Wohliner U.V.
  794 1897 D Lutamisker First Chevrah Machzikei Hadath
  795 D Machzike Hadath Anshei Zborow
W-15 797 1917 D Machzikei Ha-Rav
  799 D Machzikei Torah Anshei Senier & Vilna
W-31 801 1885 D Machizika Torah Anshe Wilno
  803 1884 D Machzikie Tefila Anshe Schocin
  803 D Machzikei Torah Kodash
  804 1912 D Madliborzger (?) First Cong.
  805 D Maezike Torah De Harlem
  806 D Magrower Erste K.U.V.
  806A D Maimonides Synagogue & Yeshiva
W-23 807 D Malener Chevrah
  808 1898 D Mardiker Chevrah B'nai Zion
W-50 809 1902 Mate Levi
  809 D Mariampoler Bnai Emeth
W-15 816 1904 D Menachem Zion Nusach Ari
W-30 817 1892 D Meshbisher U.V.
W-5 818 1890 D Mesilath Yeshorim
  820 D Midtown Synagogue
  822 1900 D Milkulinzer First Aid Sick Benev. Assoc.
  824 D Minsker Hebrew Benevolent Ass'n
  827 D Mishkan Israel Anshe Suvalk
  829 1895 D M'Leah Sholem
  832 1899 D Moshusker Chevra Gur Ari
W-5 832A D Mosaski Chevra Gur Arye
  833 D Moshe Joseph Chevrah
  834 1924 D Moshe V'Torah Chesed
  838 1885 D M'Vakshei Sholom Anshei Melodedzner
  839 D M'Vasereth Zion
W-29 840 1887 D Nachelska Chevrah Cong. And U.V.
W-4 846 1899 D Ner Tomid Anshei Lubashov
  847 D Neustadter First Congregation
  849 1915 D New Synagogue
  850 D Nihaner Berkovitch First Benevolent K.U.V.
W-44 851 1889 D Niskoer Jeshuath Jacob
  855 D Obertiner Erste Chevrah
W-102 858 1900 D Oestreicher First Chevrah Bnai Rabbi Moses Abre
W-1 860 1879 D Ohavei Sholom
  845 D Nefuzoth Jehuda
  857 D Oestereicher Anshei Sphard
  864 D Ohavei Sholom
  868 1872 D Ohel Jacob Chevra Kadisha
  869 D Oheb Sholom of Washington Heights
  873 D Oberik Chevra
  874 1911 D Ostiler First Aid Society
  876 1917 D Ostrover Cong.
  877 1905 D Ottyner Family Independent K.U.V.
W-7 881 D Peni-El
  882 D People's Synagogue
  888 D Ponizaner Lodge
W-26 889 1909 D Pride of the East (Tiphereth Mizrachi)
  890 D Progressive Brothers of Neshives
  893 1907 D Przworsker Erste Anshe Frishtak
  895 D Rabbi Chaim Berlin Cong. Khal Jeshurin of Harlem
W-2- 900 1902 D Rabbi Meir Przemyzlower Ind. Chevrah
  901A D Rabbi David Moshe Freidman Feraen Shel Adimun
  904 D Rabbi Moses Teitelbaum Talmud Torah
  905 1898 D Rabbi Samuel Nachum Independent Teshminitz K.U.V.
  906 1905 D Rabbi Solomon Shapiro Anshei Munkacs
  909 D Rava Ruska Congregation
  910A D Rikihover Agudath Achim
  910B D Rishoner Chevra
  912 1899 D Rodeph Sholom K.I.
W-41 914 1901 D Rudniker Erste K.U.V.
  914A D Rodef Shalom Anshe Pedartz
W-25 915 1887 D Russianer Association
  916 D Russian Painters Benevolent Association
  916A 1898 D Rodeph Sholom Khilath Jophi
  917 1914 D Rodfei Zedek Anshe Bulioko
  917A 1899 D Rymalover K.U.V. Bnai Jacob
W-27 918 1895 D Rodef Sholom Bnai Mishnitz
  919 1898 D Sanaker Cong. Shomrei Ha-Dath
  919 1892 D Sanaker Cong. Shomre Hadath
  920 D Sanditzer and Dembitzer Cong. Rubin B'nai Aaron
  921 1872 D Scherpscer Chevra
W-10 923 D Sedagarer Lutzker
  924 1925 D Sephardic Jewish Community Ceneter
  926 D Shaarei Avoda Lodge
W-52 927 1863 D Shaarei Torah Cong.
  928 D Shaarei B'rocho
  930 1900 D Shaarei Tfillah Anshei Doliner
  932 D Sharei Zedek Chevra
  937 c. 1837 D Shaarei Chaari
W-24 938 D Shaarei Zedek Aram Zobak
  939 1900 Shaarei Zedek of Harlem
  941 1913 D Shearith Judah
  942 D Shearith Israel Mi-Tushey (?) Kehillah Kedosha
  943 1655 D Congregation Shearith Israel
  944 D Shearith Israel of Janina
  946 D Shearith Judah
W-74 949A 1890 D Chevrah Sheveth Achim Anshei Chomsk
  953 D Shomer Shabbath
  955 D Shomrei Shabbath
W-110 955 1913 D (Chevra) Shomrei Ha-Dath Anshei Chelm
W-28 955A 1913 D Shomrei Hadath Anshei Chelm
W-5 956 1906 D Shrentzker Benevolent Ass'n
  957 D Shulchan Oruch D'Kutno
W-49 960 1903 D Smargoner Chevrah Kadisha
  961 D Sniatricher (?) Chevre
  966 D Sokolover First Cong. Anshei Yosker
  970 D Sons of Israel Kalvarier
W-40 972 D Sons of Jacob Anshe Brzezin
W-23 973 1886 D Sons of Jacob Anshei Tiktin
  976 1902 D Sons of Solomon Anshe Jezierna
  977 1911 D Sons of Solomon Anshei S'phard
  978 1889 D Strerzetzer K.U.V.
  979 D Straus Memorial Temple
  981 D Sushovar Chevra
  984 D Taharath Ha Kodesh
  985 1912 D Talmudical Inst. of Harlem
  986 1893 D Talmud Torah
  989 1899 D Talmud Torah
  989A D Talmud Torah Anshe Poland
  990 D Talmud Torah Augustower
  995 D Talmud Torah of Harlem Congregation
  996 1909 D Talmud Torah Israel Salanter
  997 1912 D Talmud Torah Knesseth Israel
  998 1912 D Talmud Torah Rabbi Chaim Berlin of Harlem
  1001 D Talmud Torah and Yeshibah Rabaenu Samuel Salant and Orfelion Kitchen
  1004 D Tarnopoler K.U.V.
  1004A D Tarnobreziner Dzekower
  1005 1886 D Tarnower Chebra Bikur Cholim Lihnas Ha Zedek
  1007 D Telchan Seventewaler S.B.
  1008 1890 D Temple Atereth Israel
  1010 D Temple Beth Israel
  1017 D Temple Israel of Washington Heights
  1018 1916 D Temple of Peace
  1020 1873 D Temple Sinai
  1021 1914 D Temple Zion
  1022 D Tenth Street Congregation
  1024 D Tiferas Bena.
  1025 1892 Tifereth Israel
  1025A D Tifereth Israel
W-50 1026 1888 D Tifereth Israel
  1028 D Tifereth Israel Morupin
W-24 1032 D Tifereth Achim
  1034 1909 D Tifereth Achim Talmud Torah
  1035 D Tifereth Israel
  1036 D Tiphereth Israel Anshei Sfard Galacia
  1037 D Tifereth Israel Anshe Stefenisht
  1038A 1914 D Tifereth Jurusalem
  1041 1902 D Tlumaczer B.A.
W-42 1042 D Torah Hakodesh
  1047 1897 D Trembovler First K.U.V.
W-22 1049 1907 D Umaner First Congregation
  1050 D United Wilner Chevrah B'nai Abraham Harlem Branch
  1053 D Uscreck_er First K.U.V.
  1054 1914 D Vladover Slovotitcher Gemilath Chasidim Verein
  1061 1902 D Washkovitzer Bukowina First
W-48 1068 1906 D Wohlin Chevrah Anshei Malzer
  10771 1891 D Yad Charutzim Monastir Zisker
W-16 1072 1882 D Yad Savel
  1074 1895 D Yavorower Erste K.U.V.
  1075 D Yedinetzer Chevrah
  1081 1925 D Yeshivath Rabbi Jacob Meyer
  1085 D Young Israel Synagogue
  1088 D Young Men's Educational League
W-3 1091 1901 D Zoliner Erste Chevrah
  1092 1914 D Zalisczicker Rabena Ager Erste U.V.
  1093 D Zboraver First Congregation
  1094 D Zemach Zedek
  1090 D Young Men's Hebrew Association Congregation
  1096 1911 D Zemach Zedek Nusach Ari D'Harlem
  1102 1914 D Zion Cong. Talmud Torah of Manhattan

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Brooklyn Synagogues

M.N. #21318, Roll #319 and M.N. #21319, Roll #320
Form # Card # Year Org. Name of Organization Alternate Names and English Translation
W-58 1 1933 Congregation Ache Josef Talmud Torah Brothers of Joseph Students of the Torah
  2 D Achim Bnai Israel Anshei Radishkowitz  
  3 D Adath Bnei Israel Mushnick  
  10 1917 D Adath Jacob  
W-50 11 1911 Congregation Adas Wolkovisk of Brownsville Adath Volkovisk of Brownsville (Wolkovisk Community of Brownsville)
W-138 12 1904 Congregation Adath Yeshurun Community of Israel
  13 D Adath Jeshurun Anshei New York  
W-173 14 1909 Congregation Adas Yeshorin Anshei Sfard Congregation Adath Yeshurun Anshei Sfard (Community of Israel)
W-26 15 1891 Congregation Agudas Achim Ansche Bobruisk Fraternal Association, People of Bobruisk
  16 D Agudath Achim Brisk Delita  
W-59 17 1899 Anshei Bobruisk Congregation of the People of the City of Bobruisk
W-115 18 1915 Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei David Horodoker Fraternal Association, People of David of Horodoker
  19 D Agudath Achim Anshei Homel Chernigow  
W-115 20 1904 Congregation Agudath Achim Anshei Libovitz Fraternal Association, Men of Libovitz
  21 1922 D Agudath Achim Anshei Mamarash Vishnitz  
W-257 22 1880 Agudath Achim Anshei Mishnitz Fraternal Association, People of Mishnitz
W-56 23 1929 Agudath Achim Anshei Neshwitz Fraternal Association, Men of Neshwitz
W-74 24 1908 Agudath Achim Anshei New Lots Fraternal Association People of New Lots
W-88 25 1917 Agudath Achim Anshei Stolin Brotherly Love Association (Fraternal Association, Men of Stolin)
W-34 26 1898 Agudath Achim Bnai Jacob of East New York Fraternal Association, Followers of Jacob
W-166 27 1925 Congregation Degel Mordechai The Banner of Mordechai
W-58 29 1919 Agudath Achim Sons of Rabbi Halberstam Congregation Fraternal Association
  29A 1930-1937 Agudath Achim Anshei Sfard of East New York Fraternal Association Men of Sephardic Ritual
W-23 30 1908 Congregation Agudath Achim Talmud Torah of Bay Ridge Frateral Association and Elementary Religious School of Bay Ridge
W-36 32 1926 Congregation Agudath Hachsidim Anshei Chabad Inc. Union of the Pious Men, People of Chabad
  35 D Ahavath Achim  
  37 D Ahavath Achim  
W-23 38 1924 Kol Ahavath Chaim Community of Lovers of Life
  39 D Ahavath Achim  
W-83 40A 1869 Congregation Ahavath Achim Brotherly Love
W-79 41 1923 Ahavath Achim Ahavas Achim (Brotherly Love)
W-100 41A 1922 Ahavath Achim of Bedford Section Brotherly Love
W-72 42 1919 Congregation Ahavath Achim Congregation Ahabath Achim (Brotherly Love)
W-261 43 1904 Congregation Ahavath Achim Anshei Brownsville Brotherly Love, People of Brownsville
W-163 44 1908 Congregation Ahavath Achim Anshei Canarsie Brotherly Love People of Canarsie
  45 D Ahavath Achim Anshei Polen  
W-230 46 1939 Ahavath Achim Anshei Sfard Ahawath Achim Anshei Sfard (Brotherly Love, Followers of Sephardic Ritual)
  47 D Ahavath Achim Anshei Sfard  
W-158 47 1914 Congregation Ahavath Achim Anshe Sfard Brotherly Love, Followers of Sephardic Ritual
W-162 48 1925 Congregation Ahavath Achim Anshei Sfard Brotherly Love, Followers of Sephardic Ritual
W-91 49 1904 Congregation Ahavath Achim B'nai Abraham Brotherly Love, Sons of Abraham
W-84 50 1919 Ahawath Achim Bnei Israel Ahavath Achim Bnai Israel (Brotherly Love, Men of Israel)
W-45 51 1924 Congregation and Talmud Torah Ahavath Achim of Ocean Parkway Congregation and Elementary Religious School, Brotherly Love of Ocean Parkway (Ocean Parkway Congregation Talmud Torah)
W-57 52 1923 Ahavath Chesed (Love of Grace)  
  53 1911 D Ahavath Achim of Williamsburg  
  53 1898 D Ahavath Chesed (Love of Grace)  
W-73 55 1917 Congregation Ahavath Chesed Day Nursery of East New York Love of Grace
W-211 56A 1939 Congregation Ahavath Israel Love of Israel
W-101 56 1906 Ahavath Israel Ahawath Israel (Love of Israel)
W-73 57 1906 Ohavas Chesed Ahavath Chesed (Love of Grace)
W-47, W-87 58, 60 1925 Congregation Ahavath Israel and Talmud Torah of East Midwood Love of Israel Congregation and Elementary Religious School of East Midwood
W-231 59 1899 Ahawath Israel of Greenpoint Ahavath Israel of Greenpoint (Love of Israel)
W-66 63 1927 Ahawath Israel Rabbi Elihou Ahavath Israel Rabbi Elihou (Love of Israel)
W-23 64 1894 Ahov Sholom Anshe Sfard Ohev Shalom Anshei Sfard (Lovers of Peace Followers of Sephardic Rites)
W-27 65 1889 Congregation Sons of Abraham  
W-14 67 1912 Temple Ahavath Sholom of Flatbush Temple Ahavoth Shalom of Flatbush (Love of Peace)
W-98 68 1896 Congregation Chevra Ahavath Zedek Congregation Ahavath Zedek (Chevra Ahavath Tzedek) (Association of Righteousness)
  69 D Ahenu Bnai Israel Anshe  
W-74 70 1925 Hebrat Ahi Ezer Damascus Inc. Chevrath Ahi Eger Damascus (Brotherhood Fraternal Assistance)
W-247 73 1908 Zembiner Benevolent Congregation Anshei Achim of Brownsville Nusach Ari Zembiner Benevolent Congregation Brethren of Brownsville
W-32 74 1916 Congregation Anshei Azaritz Men of Azaritz
  75 D Anshei Berditchew Nusach Sfard  
W-131 77 1922 Congregation Anshei Borisover Men of Borisover
  79 D Anshei Chesed of Brooklyn  
W-43 80 1913 Congregatin Anshei Dokszyce Men of Dokszyce
W-105 82 1905 Anshei Emes Anshei Emeth (Men of Truth)
  584B D Ohavei Chesed (merged with Congregation Anschei Emes in 1905)  
  584A D Ohavei Scholem  
W-37 84 1889 Congregation Anshe Emeth Men of Truth
W-63 86 1926 Congregation Anshe Joseph Men of Joseph
W-62 609 1926 Riverdale Talmud Torah  
  87 D Anshe Kamien Kashirsk  
  88 1905 D Anshei Kettier  
W-202 89 1919 Congregation Anshei Krashnik of East New York, Nusach Sfard Men of Krashnik
  90 D Anshei Leibowitz  
W-83 91 1913 Chevra Anshe Lubowitz of Borough Park Men of Lubowity
W-39 94 1924 Congregation Anshei Memerov Men of Memerov
  95 D Anshei Nemirov  
W-190 96 1925 Congregation Anshei Pokotilow Men of Pokotilow
  97 D Anshei Perislow Sfard  
  98 1915 D Anshei Petrikov Mi Brownsville  
  99 D Anshei Polan  
W-78 100 1898 Congregation Puchowitzer  
W-158 101 1917 Chevra Anshei Sfard Society, Men of Sfard
W-151 102 1915 Temple Anschei Sfard of Boro Park Men of Sfard
  103 D Anshei Sfard of Bensonhurst  
W-70 105 1925 Congregation Sfard of Flatbush Inc.  
W-114 105A 1911 Anshei Sfard of Keap Street Men of Sephardic Ritual
  106 D Anshei Shkolow  
W-88 108 1925 Anshei Sholom of Flatbush Men of Peace
W-247 109 1912 Chevra Anshei Sholem of Greenpoint Society Men of Peace
  110 D Anshei Starbin U Kneseth Israel  
W-75 111 1899 Anshei Stepin Sons of Levi Isaac Congregation, Inc.  
W-82 113 1913 Congregation Anshei Tooruff Men of Tooruff
  114 D Anshei Turover  
  115 D Anshei Uman  
  116 D Congregation Anshei Uman of Brownsville  
  117 D Chevra Anshei Umaner  
  120 D Anshei Zedek Nusach Ari  
W-124 120A 1926 Anshei Zedek of Bensonhurst Men of Righteousness
  121 D Anshe Zhitomir of Brownsville  
W-182 122 1885 Congregation Asifas Israel Congregation Asifath Israel (Gathering of Israel)
W-77 123 1928 Congregation Athereth Israel Atereth Israel (Crown of Israel)
  126 D Atereth Zwi  
W-85 127 1917 Chevra Atereth Tzvi of East New York Crown of Hirsch Society
W-234 128 1920 Chevre Aterest Zwi of East New York Chevra Atereth Tzvi of East New York (Crown of Hirsch Society)
W-16 135 1920 Bay Ridge Jewish Center  
  129 D Atereth Zion Mizrach  
  133 D Avenue R Jewish Center  
W-106 136 1906 Congregation Beloved Companions  
  138 1914 D Beth Aaron  
W-167 140 1919 Congregation Beth Aaron Anshei Sfard  
W-62 141 1905 Beth Aaron Beth Scholem House of Aaron, House of Peace
W-87 142 1905 Beth Aaron Chasidei Kaidenow De Brooklyn House of Aaron Pious Men of Kaidenow and Brooklyn
  143 1905 D Beth Aaron of Brooklyn  
W-182 144 1900 Congregation House of Abraham  
W-71 145 1913 House of Abraham  
W-167 146 1914 Congregation Beth Aaron Anshei Sfard House of Aaron Men of Sephardic Ritual
  146 D Temple Beth Abraham  
W-265 147 1914 Congregation Beth Abraham House of Abraham
  148 D Beth Abraham  
W-22 150 1929 Beth Bnai Israel House of Sons of Israel
W-139 151 1907 Congregation Beth Chasidim Anshei Polen House of Pious Men of Poland
  152 D Beth David Anshei Dukochek  
W-116 153 1934 Beth David Gershon Talmud Torah House of David Gershon, Elementary Religious School
W-91 154 1922 Beth El Jewish Center of Flatbush  
W-68 155 1924 Congregation and Talmud Torah Beth El of Flatbush Elementary Religious School, House of G-d of Flatbush
W-228 156 1885 Congregation Beth-El of Greenpoint, L.I. House of God
  157 D Beth Elohim Kahal Kodesh  
W-4 158 1861 Congregation Beth Elohim House of God
W-17 159 1911 Temple Beth Emeth of Flatbush House of Truth
W-97 160 1930 Beth Hachsidim House of the Pious Man
W-2 162 1925 Congregation House of Jacob Inc. House of Jacob
  164 D Beth Haknesseth Anshei Kiever Homler  
  165 D Beth Hakneseth Anshei Olsban W. Anshei Evesen  
  166 1919 D Beth Haknesseth Bikur Cholim  
  167 1926 D Bnai Abraham  
  169 D Beth Haknesses of Chevra Mishnayath  
W-95 170 1908 Chevra Sfard Anshei Wolin Society of Sephardic Ritual, Men of Wolin
W-53 171 1934 Beth Hamidrash Bnai Abraham House of Learning, Followers of Abraham
  173 1918 D Beth Haknesseth Ohel Yetzchok  
  174 D Beth Hakneseth Shei Noach Levy  
  177 D Beth Hamidrash Chevra Anshei Sfard  
W-26 180 1888 Beth Hamedrest Hagodal Beth Hamidrash Hagodol (Higher House of Study)
W-88 181 1899 Beth Hamedrash Hagodel Higher House of Study
W-76 182 1936 Beth Hamedrash Hagodol Great Synagogue (Higher House of Study)
  183 D Beth Hamedrash Hagodal & Talmud Torah  
W-151 183A 1890 D Congregation Beth Hamedrash Hagodel Kesser Thora of Brooklyn (merged with Congregation Chono David to become Congregation Beth Hamedrash Hagodel Kesser Thora Chono David)  
W-154 184 1915 Congregation Beth Hamedrash Hagodel Kesser Torah Chono David Higher House of Study, Crown of Torah, Grace of David
W-39 187 1924 Congregation Beth Hamedrash Hagadal of Coney Island Beth Hamidrash Hagodol of Coney Island (Great House of Prayer of Coney Island)
W-64 188 1923 Beth Hamedrash Hagodol Higher House of Study
  190 1918 D Beth Hamedrash Machzikei Torah  
W-227 192 1913 Congregation Beth Israel House of Israel
  193 D Congregation Beth Israel  
W-143 195 1919 Congregation Beth Israel of Borough Park Congregation Beth Israel (House of Israel)
W-182 197 1856 Congregation Baith Israel Anshei Emes House of Israel, Men of Truth
W-46 198 1911 Congregation Beth Israel of Brownsville  
W-86 199 1924 Beth Israel Talmud Torah House of Israel, Elementary Religious School
W-268 200 1930 Congregation Beth Israel House of Israel
  202 D Beth Jacob  
W-20 203 1868 Congregation Beth Jacob Anshei Sholom House of Jacob Men of Peace
  203A 1902-1904 Anshei Shalom  
W-24 204 1903 Congregation Beth Jacob Joseph House of Jacob Joseph
  205 D Beth Jacob Zeikel Broner  
W-39 207 1896 Beth Jehuda of Brooklyn House of Judah
W-109 208 1926 Congregation Beth Joseph Anshei Makower of Brownsville House of Joseph Men of Makow
  210 D Beth Matesyou Anshei Shtifeueshtein  
W-35 211 1936 Beth Medrash Machziki Talmud Torah House of Study, Supporters of the Torah
W-116 211A 1920 Beth Sefer Ivry Hebrew School
W-178 212 1912 Congregation Beth Sholom House of Peace
W-10 215 1906 Beth Sholom People's Temple House of Peace
W-70 216 1909 Beth Sholom Tomcha Horav, Inc. Beth Shalom Tomchai Harav (House of Peace, Supporters of the Rabbi)
  217 D Beth Sholom  
W-208 221 1912 Congregation Beth Zedeck Anshei New Lots House of Righteousness, Men of New Lots
W-226 221A 1923 Beth Jacob City of Stolin House of Jacob
W-122 222A 1913 Beth Yakov Zvie Zichron Joseph of Brooklyn House of Jacob Hirsch, Memorial of Joseph
W-61 223 1897 Bialystoker Bikur Cholim of Brooklyn  
  224 D Bikur Cholim  
  225 D Bikur Cholim  
  226 D Bikur Cholim Anshe Libashov of Brownsville  
  227 D Bikur Cholim Anshei Sfard  
W-135 228 1909 Congregation Bikur Cholem Bnai Jacob Bikur Cholim Bnai Jacob (Sick Benefit, Followers of Jacob)
W-20 229 1904 Chevra Bicker Cholim Anshei Sfard Chevra Bikur Cholim Anshei Sfard (Sick Benefit Society, Men of Sephardic Ritual)
W-62 230 1923 Center Bikur Cholem Center Bikur Cholim (Visitors of the Sick)
  231 D Bikur Cholim of East New York  
W-193 231A 1934 Congregation Bnai Mordchai Sons of Mordecai
W-37 232 1918 Chevra Bnai Aaron Anshei Trisk Society of the Sons of Aaron, Men of Trisk
  233 1899 D Bnai Abraham Anshei Brooklyn  
W-118 234 1919 Congregation Bnei Abraham Anshe East New York Sons of Abraham Men of East New York
W-157 235 1906 Congregation Bnai Abraham Anshe Ungarn Sons of Abraham Men of Hungary
W-150 236 1890 Chevra Bnai Arye Anshei Krasnopolie  
  237 D Bnai Chesed Anshei Trisk  
W-126 238 1893 Bnai David Sons of David
W-64 240 1926 Congregagion Bnai Isaac of Mapleton Park Inc. Bnai Isaac (Sons of Isaac)
W-66 242 1925 Congregation B'nai Israel Congregation Sons of Israel
  243 D Bnai Israel Benevolent Association  
W-84 244 1921 Congregation and Hebrew School Sons of Judah  
  245 D Bnai Israel Benevolent Association  
W-254 246 1914 B'nai Israel Anshei Oise Tov of Brownsville Sons of Israel, Men of Good Deeds
W-21 248 1898 Bnai Israel Community Center Inc. Sons of Israel
W-171 250 1904 Congregation Bnai Israel Sons of Israel
W-21 251 1896 Congregation Sons of Israel Bnai Israel
W-153 252 1924 Bnai Israel of Linden Heights Sons of Israel
W-61 253 1923 Congregation Bnai Israel Sons of Israel
W-98 254 1931 Bnai Israel of Midwood Sons of Israel
  255 D Bnai Israel Osei Torah  
  257 D Bnai Israel U.V. of Brownsville  
  260 D B'nai Jacob  
W-28 261 1873 Congregation Bnai Jacob Sons of Jacob
  262 D Bnai Jacob  
  263 D Bnai Yakov  
W-122 264 1905 Congregation Sons of Jacob Anshei Sfard Sons of Jacob, Men of Sephardic Ritual
W-112 265 1927 Bnai Jacob Bikur Cholim Sons of Jacob Sick Benefit
W-89 266 1920 Bnai Jacob Hebrew School of Flatbush Sons of Jacob Hebrew School
W-147 267 1936 Congregation Bnai Jacob of Eastern Parkway Sons of Jacob
W-26 268 1914 B'nai Jacob Hebrew School of Flatbush Sons of Jacob
W-75 269 1903 Bnai Jacob Joseph Sons of Jacob Joseph
  271 D Bnai Joseph  
W-193 271A 1934 Congregation Bnai Mordchai Sons of Mordechai
W-49 271B 1927 Congregation Bnai Moshe Halberstam Anshei Sfard Sons of Moses Halberstam, Men of the Sephardic Ritual
  272 1884 Congregation Bnai Shalaum  
  273 D Bnai Shlomah  
W-48 274 1936 Congregation Bnai Solomon Sons of Solomon
W-51 275 1931 Talmud Torah Bnai Yechiel Ashkenazi Hebrew School Sons of Jehiel Ashkenazi
W-40 276 1915 Congregation Bnai Yitzchok Nusach Hoari Sons of Isaac, of "Ari" Ritual
W-36 277 1931 Young Israel of Brighton Beach  
W-97 279 1878 Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum  
W-110 280 1907 Brooklyn Hebrew Home and Hospital for the Aged  
W-11 282 1919 Brooklyn Jewish Center  
  284 D Brooklyn Synagogue  
  285 D Brownsville Hebrew School  
W-160 287A 1934 Canarsie Jewish Center, Inc.  
W-8 288 1925 Degel Machneh Jehudah Chasidei Rabbi of Stretin Degel Machne Yehuda Chasidei Rabbi of Stretin (Flag of the Camp of Judah, Followers of the Rabbi of Stretin)
  289 D Chasidei Skvira  
W-114 291 1916 Congregation Chaye Adam Anshe East New York Chayei Adam Anshei East New York (Life of Man, Men of East New York)
  293 D Chesed Shelm Emeth of South Brooklyn  
W-66 294 1910 Hessed Ve Emeth Society of Castorialis  
W-45 295 1929 Chevra Achim V'Reim of Brownsville Society of Brothers and Friends of Brownsville
W-43 296 1925 Chevra Adath Jacob Society Community of Jacob
W-54 297 1910 Chevra Agudath Achim Anshei Brooklyn Society Brotherly Union, Men of Brooklyn
W-193 298 1922 Chevra Agudas Achim Anshei Sherisheff Society Congregation of Brothers, Men of Sherisheff
  299 1906 D Chevra Agudath Achim Plack Chernigow  
  301 D Chevrah Agudath Am Israel Anshei Sfard  
W-73 302 1927 Ahavath Achim Ansche Sfard Brotherly Love, Men of Sephardic Ritual
  303 D Chevra Ahavath Achim  
  304 D Chevra Ahavath Achim Anshei Karno v Stepnitz  
W-74 305 1925 Chevra Ahavath Achim Ansche Sfard Society, Brotherly Love, Men of Sephardic Ritual
W-27 306 1894 Tefereth Israel Anshe Sfard of Austria Tifereth Israel Anshei Sfard of Austria (Glory of Israel, Men of the Sephardic Ritual, of Austria)
  307 D Chevra Ahavath Achim Unt. Verein  
W-95 308 1906 Chevra Ahavas Israel Anshei Ostrolenker Chevra Ahavath Israel Anshei Ostrolenker (Society, Love of Israel, Men of Ostrolenk)
  312 D Chevra Anshei Borisov of Brownsville  
  313 D Chevra Anshei Chayei Adam  
  314 1922 D Chevra Anshei Chesed Nusach Sfard  
  316 D Chevra Anshe Povolotsk Nusach Sfard  
  317 D Chevra Anshe Preluck Nusach Ari  
W-17 318 1907 Chevra Anshei Sfard Society of Men of the Sephardic Ritual
  321 D Chevrah Anshei Tarli  
W-149 322 1915 Congregation Chevre Ansche Tov, Inc. Chevra Anshei Tov (Society, Men of Good Deeds)
W-148 323 1920 Chevra Beis Aaron Chesed Koidenow of Brownsville Society of Aaron Grace of Koidenow
  324 D Anshei Zedek  
W-243 327 1917 Congregation Chevra Yitzchok Anshei Dunilovitz Society House of Isaac, Men of Dunilovitz
  328 D Chevra Beth Isaac  
W-155 329 1912 Congregation Chevra Beis Israel Chasedi of Karlin Society, House of Israel, Pious Men of Karlin
W-76 331 1938 Chevra Bikur Cholim Chaim Joseph B'nai Israel, Inc. Society, Visitors of the Sick, Chaim Joseph, Sons of Israel
  333 D Chevra Bnai Abraham  
W-115 333A 1938 Chevra Bnei Abraham Society Sons of Abraham
W-203 333B 1913 Chevra Bnai Abraham Society Sons of Abraham
W-58 334 1904 Chevra Bnei Abraham Anschei Polen Society Sons of Abraham, Men of Poland)
W-67 335 1904 Chevra Bnei Abraham of Brooklyn Society Sons of Abraham of Brooklyn
W-86 336 1928 Chevra Bnai Arya Rokeach Inc. Society Sons of Arya Rokeach
  337 D Chevra Bnai Israel Nusach Ari  
W-81 338 1925 Congregation Chevra Bnei Jonah Society Sons of Jonah
W-18 339 1917 Chevra Mishnioth of Chia Chava Sara Krieger Chevra Mishnayoth Chaya Sara Krieger (Society for the Study of Biblical Commentaries, Chaya Sara Krieger)
W-41 341 1892 Chevre Bnei Rabbi Menachem Mendel Anshei Dubrowa Society, Sons of Rabbi Menachem Mendel, Men of Dubrow
W-194 343 1927 Congregation Chevra Benei Jesoschor Chevra Bnai Jesoschor (Society of the Sons of Jesoschor)
W-210 343A 1923 Congregation Chevra Bnai Shomere Israel of Brownsville Chevra Bnai Shomrei Israel of Brownsville (Society, Sons of the Keepers of Israel of Brownsville)
  344 D Chevrah Chasidei Stalin  
W-87 345 1922 Chevrah Chufetz Chaim Bnei Israel Chevra Chafetz Chayim Bnai Israel (Society Lovers of Life, Sons of Israel)
  346 D Chevra Dorshei Tov Anshei Sfard  
W-123 347 1909 Congregation Chevra Ein Jacob Anshei Brownsville Society, Well of Jacob, Men of Brownsville
  348 D Chevra Etz Chayim ve Ein Jacob  
W-69 349 1925 Chevra Gimilas Chasodim Bnai Reb Leib Ber Anshe Piesk Chevra Gemilath Chasidem Bnai Reb Leib Ber Anshei Piesk (Loan Society, Sons of Rabbi Leib Ber, Men of Piesk)
W-30 350 1918 Chevra Independent Krasnoshiltz of Brownsville  
W-103 351 1889 Chevra Kadisha Gmilas Chesed Shel Emeth Chevra Kadisha (Burial Society)
  352 D Chevra Kadicha Benevolent Society of David Abraham Kosirv (?)  
  353 D Chevra Kadisha Anshe Emeth  
  354 D Chevra Kadisha Moses Mendelson of D.B.A.  
  355 D Chevrah Keneseth Israel  
  356 D Chevra Keneseth Israel Anshei Sfard  
W-195 356A 1936 Congregation Chevra Knesses Israel Anshei Zabno Chevra Kneseth Israel Anshei Zabno (Society, Congregation of Israel, Men of Zabno)
W-259 356B 1920 Chevra Kol Israel of Greater New York Society, Voice of Israel
W-51 357 1912 Chevra Khneses Israel Beth Jacob Chevra Kneseth Israel Beth Jacob (Society Congregation of Israel, House of Jacob)
W-260 358 1920 Cheyra Linas Hatzdek of Grafton Street Chevra Linath Hatzedek of Grafton Street (Society for Visiting the Sick)
  359 D Chevra Liady Zindel Park  
W-181 360 1899 Chevre Liady Nusach Hoary Society of Liady, Followers of the "Ari" Ritual
W-116 361 1899 Congregation Chevra Machzikei Hadas Anshei Sfard Society, Supporters of the Faith, Followers of the Separdic Ritual
W-81 361A 1936 Chevra Machzikei Torah Bnei David Supporters of the Law, Sons of David
  362 D Chevra Machzikei Torah Congregation of Brownsville  
  364 D Chevra Mihrah a Mishnayath Bnai Mordecai Leb  
  365 D Chevra Mishkan Israel  
W-196 366 1923 Congregation Chevra Mishnayis Chevra Mishnayoth (Society for Study of Biblical Commentaries)
W-132 367 1913 Congregation Chevra Mishnayies Chevra Mishnayoth (Society for Study of Biblical Commentaries)
W-57 368 1934 Chevra Mishnases Ahavath Achim Bnei Pesach Chevra Mishnayoth Ahavath Achim Bnai Pesach (Society for the Study of Biblical Commentaries, Brotherly Love, Sons of Pesach)
  369 D Chevra Mishnayoth Anshei Volin  
W-8 370 1924 Chevra Mishnayoth Gemilath Chasidim Anshei Zedek Society for the Study of Biblical Commentaries, Loan Society, Men of Righteousness
W-106 371 1912 Chevra Mishnaes Chevra Thillim Chevra Mishnayoth Chevra Tehilim (Congregation of Rabbinical Study of Brooklyn) (Society of the Study of Biblical Commentaries and Psalms)
W-2 372 1909 Chevra Mishnais of East New York Chevra Mishnayoth of East New York (Society for the Study of Biblical Commentaries of East New York)
W-127 373 1895 Congregation Chevra Nachlas Israel Chevra Nachlath Israel (Society, Inheritance of Israel)
  375 D Chevra Ohavei Torah Nusach Sfard  
W-119 376 1932 Congregation Chevra Ohel Moshe Society, Tent of Moses
  377 D Chevra Ohev Sholom  
W-217 378 1922 Congregation Chevra Ohev Schulom Anshe New Lots Congregation of the Lovers of Peace
W-266 379 1928 Chevra Pol T'zedeck Anshe Glubocker Brownsville Chevra Poelei Tzedek Anshei Glubocker of Brownsville (Society, Workers of Righteousness, Men of Glubocker of Brownsville)
W-112 380 1911 Congregation Chevrah Poale Zedek Anshe Lomze Chevra Poalei Tzedek Anshei Lomze (Society of Workers of Righteousness, Men of Lomze)
W-102 381 1907 Chevra Rabenu Chaim Hager Society of Rabbi Chayim Hager
  382 D Chevrah Rodef Shalom  
W-192 382A 1918 Chevra Schmira Laila Bnai Mayer Yoshea Anshi Klemontoff Chevra Shmira Laila Bnai Mayer Yoshea Anshei Klemontoff (Society, Watchers of the Night, Sons of Mayer Yoshea, Men of Klemontoff)
W-69 383 1903 Chevra Sfard Anshei Krashilow Society of Sephardic Ritual, Men of Krashilow
W-213 384 1919 Congregation Chevrah Sfard Anshei Poland of East New York Society of Sephardic Ritual, Men of Poland
W-259 385 1899 Chevra Sfard Anshei Zalatzitzen Society of Sephardic Ritual, Men of Zalatzitzen
W-68 386 1929 Chevra Sfard Anschei Zedeck Society of Sephardic Ritual, Men of Righteousness
W-82 386A 1892 Chevra Sheveth Achim Anshei Ratchoinz Society Brotherly Congregation, Men of Ratchoinz
  387 D Chevra Shaarei Talmud Torah  
  390 D Chevra Shlomo  
W-128 394 1872 Chevra Tehilim Vemishnios Veshare Torah Chevra Tehilim V'Mishnayoth V'Shaarei Torah (Societies of Psalms and Bibilical Commentaries and Gates of the Law)
W-60 395 1891 Congregation Chevra Tillem Kesser Israel Chevra Tehilim Kesser Israel (Congregation of Psalms, Crown of Israel)
W-101 396 1909 Congregation Chevra Thilem Nusach Ashkenaz Chevra Tehilim Nusach Ashkenaz (Society of Psalms of the "Ashkenaz" Ritual
W-36 397 1924 Chevra Tiferes Aran Weh Yisrohel Bes Yankif Chaside Stolin Chevra Tifereth Aran V'Yisroel Beth Yankif Chasidei Stolin (Society Glory of Aaron and Israel, House of Jacob, Pious Men of Stolin)
  398 D Chevrah Tifereth David  
  400 D Chevra Tomchei Zedakah  
  401 D Chevra Thora Anshei Chesed  
W-25 402 1913 Chevra Thora Anshei Chesed Chevra Torah Anshei Chesed (Society of the Law, Men of Grace)
W-136 403 1922 Congregation Chevra Torah Anshei Radishkowitz Society of the Law, Men of Radishkowitz
  404 D Chevra Torah of Eastern Parkway  
W-92 404A 1903 Chevra Zalowitz Nusach Sfard Society of Zalowitz, Sephardic Ritual
W-72 405 1914 Chevra Zivchei Zedek Society Altars of Righteousness
W-14 406 1908 Children of Israel Benevolent Association of Brownsville  
W-150 407 1894-1915 Congregation Chono David Grace of David
W-107 408 1924 Chortkower Synagogue Czortkower Synagogue
W-151 407 1890 D Congregation Beth Hamedrash Hagodel Kesser Thora of Brooklyn Beth Hamidrash Hagodol Kesser Torah of Brooklyn (Higher House of Study Corwn of Torah of Brooklyn)
W-157 409 1925 Chovevei Torah of Eastern Parkway Friends of the Law
W-77 410 1907 Community Sons of Israel  
W-28 411 1892 Community Center Congregation and Talmud Torah  
W-13 412 1930 Community Reform Temple  
W-47 413 1934 Congregation of the Jewish Center of Coney Island  
  413A 1939 D Congregation of the Meserita  
  415B 1890-1930 Chevra Bnai Hashvatim Anshei Novigrod Society of Tribal Sons, Men of Novigrod
  416 1920 D Constructive Synagogue of Brooklyn  
  417 D Cook Street Synagogue  
  418 D Kochav Israel Talmud Torah  
W-99 420 1909 Congregation Crowning Glory of Israel  
W-100 420A 1920 Ashford Street Hebrew School of the Crowning Glory of Israel  
W-85 421 1924 Crown of Israel Talmud Torah  
W-80 422 1929 Congregation Dauchey Zedek Anshei Polen Darchei Tzedek Anshei Polen (Path of Righteousness, Men of Poland)
W-267 423 1926 Degel Bnei Eretz Israel Flag of Sons of the Land of Israel
  423 D Degel Bnai Eretz Israel  
W-69 425 1923 Congregation Divrai Chaim of Brooklyn Inc. Divrai Chayim (Words of Life)
W-71 426 1917 Congregation Dorshe Tov Anshei New Lots Dorshei Tov Anshei New Lots (Seekers of Goodness, Men of New Lots)
W-167 427 1927 Agudas Achim Anschei Sfard of East Flatbush Agudath Achim Anshei Sfard of East Flatbush (Union of Brethren, Men of Sephardic Ritual)
W-77 428 1921 East Flatbush Jewish Community Center  
W-94 430 1934 East New York Benevolent Bikur Cholim Center and Congregation Sick Benefit
W-255 431 1915 Chevra Mishnayes and Shomrei Sabbath Chevra Mishnayoth and Shomrei Shabath (Society for Study of Biblical Commentaries and Observers of Sabbath)
W-124 433 1925 Congregation Ein Yakov Anshei Sakola Well of Jacob, Men of Sakola
W-145 434 1929 Congregation Eitz Chaim Machazikei Hadath Etz Chayim Machzikei Hadath (Tree of Life, Supporters of the Faith)
W-47 435 1906 Congregation Eliezer of East New York  
W-2 436 1904 Temple Emanu-El of Borough Park  
W-24 437 1903 Erste Ostropoler Congregation First Ostropol Congregation
W-113 438 1924 Erste Sfardishe Kloise Tifereth Israel First Sephardic Synagogue, Glory of Israel
W-144 439 1936 Etz Chaim Etz Chayim (Tree of Life)
  439 D Erste Stepiner  
  440 D Erste Zaloshiner Chevra Anshei Bnai Abraham  
W-148 443 1927 Congregation Aits Chayim Temple Congregation Tree of Life Temple
W-27 444 1926 Aitz Chaim Etz Chayim (Tree of Life)
W-78 445 1897 Etz Chaim Anschei Lubin Etz Chayim Anshei Lubin (Tree of Life Men of Lubin)
W-67 446 1893 Congregation Eitz Chaim Machzikei Horav Etz Chayim Machzikei Harav (Tree of Life, Supporters of the Rabbi)
W-71 447 1923 Etz Chayim of Flatbush Congregation Etz Chayim
W-111 448 1905 Congregation Independent Esrath Achim Brotherly Aid
W-129 449 1925 Congregation Vezras Achim, Inc. Congregation V'Ezrath Achim (Congregation and Brotherly Help)
W-43 450 1919 Ezrath Israel Help of Israel
W-41 451 1926 Ezrath Israel Congregation of Bensonhurst Congregation Ezrath Israel (Help of Israel)
W-96 453 1923 First Bessarabian Congregation of Greater New York  
W-152 454 1894 First Brooklyn Roumanian American Congregation Beth Tfilah House of Prayer
W-156 455 1913 Congregation First Bardichever Anshei Sfard Men of Sephardic Ritual of Berdicher
W-108 456 1915 First Congregation Anshe Sfard Men of Sephardic Ritual
W-5 457 1928 First Dashever Benevolent Association First Dashever Congregation of Brownsville
  458 1899 D First Hungarian Austrian Chevra Tefilah of Kings County  
W-123 458A 1905 First Independent Bezoner Congregation  
  459 D First Istricker Congregation  
  460 1913 D First Pumpoler K.U.V.  
W-44 462 1905 First Sobolivka Chevra Anshei Russia First Sobolivka Society, Men of Russia
  464 D First Tolchiner Chevra Congregation of Brownsville  
W-170 464A 1923 First United Lemberger Home for the Aged  
W-36 465 1921 Flatbush Jewish Center, Inc.  
W-135 468 1936 Boro Park Jewish Center  
W-153 468A 1936 Fountain of Life  
W-121 469 1916 Free Food Kitchen of the House of Abraham  
W-10 469A 1893 The Free Talmud School Association of Brownsville Hebrew Free School of Brownsville (Free Talmud School)
W-100 470 1910 Friendship & Truth, Sick & Brotherly Association of Castorialis Hessed Ve Emeth of Castorialis
W-59 472 1892 Gates of Prayer  
  473 D Gemilath Chasadim  
W-38 474 1906 Congregation Austrian Gemilath Chasidim Austria Free Loan Society
W-109 476 1893 Hebrew Mutual Benevolent Society of Coney Island  
W-52 478 1898 Chevra Gemilath Chesed of Greater New York Free Loan Society
W-35 479 1904 Glory of Israel Hebrew Institute of East New York  
  481 D Glory of Judea  
  482 D Hachnosath Orchin Hagadol Tifereth Zion V Jerusalem & Yeshivath Torah Mi Zion  
W-82 483 1925 Hadassah Syrian Congregation  
W-99 483A 1910 Hebrew National School Inc. (main school)  
W-89 483B 1912 Hebrew National School (branch of main school)  
W-90 483B 1914-1919 Hebrew National School (branch of main school)  
  484 1920 D Harav Joseph Meyer Ohev Zedek  
  485 1924 D Harav of Austro Kenub  
  486 D Harav of Jolno  
W-43 486A 1918 Talmud Torah Shomrei Emunah Hebrew Academy of Boro Park, New York (Elementary Religious School, Observers of Religion)
W-44 487 1922 Hebrew Alliance of Brighton by the Sea Hebrew Alliance
W-75 488 1912 Hebrew Community of Borough Park Hebrew Community of Boro Park
W-229 490 1912 Congregation Hebrew Educational Alliance of Greenpoint Hebrew Educational Alliance of Greenpoint
W-256 491 1923 Saratoga Hebrew Center and Talmud Torah  
W-50 492 1909 Hebrew Educational Institute Inc.  
W-56 495 1916 Hebrew Institute of Boro Park Hebrew Institute of Borough Park
W-125 496 1909 Congregation of Hebrew Ladies Day Nursery  
W-174 496A 1913 Hebrew School of Williamsburg, Inc.  
  497 D Hizzuk Latore  
W-54 498 1891 Independent Chevra Sphard of Pereyoslaw Independent Society of Sephardic Ritual
W-92 500 1922 Infants Home of Brooklyn  
W-80 501 1920 Israel Elioe, Brethren of Yale Congregation Israel Elioe Ache Yale Anshe Sfard
  502 D Temple Israel  
  503 D Congregation Jacob Anshe Scholom  
W-46 507 1922-1930 Coney Island Jewish Center  
W-99 509 1929 Jewish Center of Hyde Park  
W-1 510 1918 Jewish Center of Kings Highway  
  512 D Jewish Center of Young Judah Club Congregation  
W-60 513 1917 Jewish Communal Center of Flatbush  
W-109 516 1926 Jewish Sanitarium & Hospital for Chronic Diseases  
W-83 517 1919 Congregation Kachow Israel Kochav Israel (Star of Israel)
W-28A 519 1909 Congregation Sons of Jacob  
W-189 519A 1929 Congregation Kinsker Ostrover Anshei Sfard Men of Sephardic Ritual from Kinsker, Austria
W-273 519B 1935 Kehilath Temple Mason Congregation, Temple Mason
  519C 1935-1937 Knesses Ahavath Knesseth Ahavath (Congregation of Love)
W-176 520 1937 Congregation Knesess Ahavath Israel Kneseth Ahavath Israel (Congregation Love of Israel)
W-85 520A 1909 Sherry Goldberg's Free Aid Association Sherry Goldberg's Gemilath Chesed (Free Loan Society)
W-38 521 1921 Congregation Kneses Israel Kneseth Israel (Congregation of Israel)
  522 D Keneseth Israel Bnai Abraham  
  524 1915 D Keneseth Israel Bnai Abraham  
W-180 526 1927 Congregation Kneses Israel of Bialer Rabbi Congregation of the Bialer Rabbi, Synagogue of Israel)
  526A 1924-1935 Knesses Israel Kneseth Israel (Congregation of Israel)
  527 D Kneseth Israel Talmud Torah  
W-6 529 1912 Keser Achim Anshe Sfard Keser Achino Anshei Sfard (Crown of Brothers, Men of Sephardic Ritual)
  530 1925 D Keser Kohuna  
  533 D Kiever Homler Aid Society  
W-55 535 1919 Kobin Antipole and Horedetzer Chevra Gemilath Chasadim Anshei Free Loan Society, Men of Kobryn, Antipole, and Horodyszoze
W-164 535A 1924 Congregation Kol Ahavath Chaim K'hal Ahavath Chayim (Community Loves of Life) (Congregation Gatherers of the Sound of Love of Life)
W-68 536 1924 Congregation Kol Israel Congregation of Israel
  537 D Kol Israel of Brownsville  
W-197 538 1896 Lecheth Yoisher Anshei Chesed Path of Righteousness, Men of Grace
  538A 1922-1935 Chevra Anshei Chesed of Hopkins Street Society, Men of Grace
  539 D Levi Yitzchak Stepnay  
  540 D Linath Ha-Cholim Anshei Poland  
W-98 541 1912 Louis Hirsch Memorial Talmudical School  
W-65 542 1929 Congregation Linas Hatzek of East New York Linath Hatzedek (Visiting the Sick)
W-65 543 1928 Congregation Machne Israel Camp of Israel
W-263 544 1939 The Little Temple Beth Jacob House of Jacob
W-120 545 1931 Machzikei Eitz Chaim Machzikei Etz Chayim (Disciples of the Tree of Life)
W-35 546 1924 Machzikei Emes Shel Harav Machzikei Emeth Shel Harav (Disciples of Rabbinical Truth)
  547 1890 D Machzikei Ha-Dath  
W-122 548 1908 Machzike Talmud Torah of Boro Park Machzikei Talmud Torah of Borough Park (Supporters of the Students of the Law of Borough Park)
  549 D Machzikei Torah of Brooklyn  
W-164 550 1931 Madison Jewish Center  
  551 D Maged Congregation Bnai Israel  
W-78 552 1913 Mapleton Park Hebrew Association, Inc.  
W-126 554 1909 Congregation Men of Justice  
W-96 554A 1911 Menorah Home for Aged and Infirm  
  555 D Menorah Temple Lilder (?)  
  556 D Merkaz Zeirei Zion  
W-179 557 1926 Mesifta Talmudical Seminary Yeshiva Torah Vodaath
  558 1907 D Meyer Zwi Congregation  
W-206 559 1922 Congregation Beth Horav Sacks Midrash Elijah Beth Harav Sacks Midrash Elizah (Rabbi Sacks, House of Study to Elizah)
W-94 560 1899 Chevra Mikro Kodesh Anshei Klodover Society of Holy Reading, Men of Klodov
W-199 560A 1924 Congregation Minchas Jehuda Congregation Minchas Yehuda) Gifts of Judah
  561 D Mizrachi Hatzair Congregation of Williamsburg  
W-105 562 1913 Congregation Mogen-Abraham Congregation Magen Abraham (Shield of Abraham)
W-73 564 1919 Magen David Congregation Shield of David
W-3 565 1882 Congregation Mount Sinai  
W-273 568 1924 Chevra Nachlas Joshua Monastrishtcher Rabbi Chevra Nachlath Joshua Monastrishtcher Rabbi (Society, Inheritance of Joshua Rabbi of Monastrishtcher)
W-128 569 1928 Beth Hamedrash Hagadol "Nachlath Zion" of South Flatbush Nachlath Zion (Heritage of Zion)
W-152 570 1931 Talmud Torah Hachlath Zion Inheritance of Zion
W-128 571 1921 Congregation Neiswesser Old Friends of Brownsville  
W-71 572 1928 New Brighton Jewish Center  
W-159 573 1909 New Free Hebrew School of Brooklyn New Hebrew School of Brooklyn
W-79 574 1914 New Lots Talmud Torah and Society, Inc. New Lots Talmud Torah and Jewish Center
  575 D North Side of Brooklyn Anshei Emeth Talmud Torah  
  576 1936 D Novo Minsker Rabbi Harow Reb Jehuda Arye Perlow  
W-70 577 1928 Nusach Sford of South Flatbush Inc. Nusach Sfard (Sephardic Ritual)
W-96 578 1924 Nvei Sholom of Mapleton Park Paths of Peace
W-15 579 1907 First Congregation of Kensington (Tifereth Israel) Ocean Parkway Jewish Center
W-31 580 1890 Congregation Ohev Sholom Lovers of Peace
W-118 581 1893 Ohav Scholem Lover of Peace
W-79 582 1924 Ohavei Shalom M'Trisk (Congregation Ohavei Sholim, Inc.) Bnai Sholom Inc. Trisk (Lovers of Peace of Trisk)
W-93 583 1928 Ohav Scholem Nusach Ho-Ari z'l Ohavei Shalom Nusach Hoari Zivchrono Livrocho (Lovers of Peace, "Ari" Ritual, Blessed Memory
  585 D Ohev Sholom Talmud Torah of Canarsie  
  587 D Ohev Zedek  
W-70 589 1895 Ohab Zedek Ohev Tzedek (Lover of Righteousness)
  590 1908 D Ohel Abraham  
W-105 591 1916 Ohel Abraham Mishkan Joseph House of Abraham Dwelling of Joseph
W-56 592 1926 Congregation Ohel Abraham of Zitomer Tent of Abraham, Men of Zitomer
  593 D Ohel Isaac  
W-29 594 1917 Ohel Moshe Chevra Tillim Ohel Moshe Chevra Tehilim (Tent of Moses, Psalm Reading Society)
W-273 595 1908 The Original Hartchwater Aid Society Original Hartchivater
W-57 596 1926 Orthodox Jewish Congregation of Coney Island Kulah Machazeka Haraav (Kehilath Machzikei Harav) (Rabbinical Maintenance Association)
W-143 599 1914 Congregation Petach Tikvah, Inc. Portal of Hope
W-102 600 1916 Congregation Petrikower Anshei Sfard of Brownsville Petrikover Anshei Sfard of Brownsville (Men of Petrikov, Worshippers in Sephardic Ritual)
W-67 601 1924 Congregation Pri Eitz Chaim of New Flatbush Inc. Congregation Pre Etz Chayim) (Fruit of the Tree of Life)
W-198 600A 1936 Pitkin Jewish Community Center, Inc. Pitkin Jewish Centre
W-55 602 1938 Progressive Congregation Anshe Poilin Men of Poland
W-12 603 1919 Progressive Synagogue  
W-125 604A 1932 Congregation Rabaini Chufetz Chaim Anshei Sfard Rabenu Chafetz Chayim Anshei Sfard (Our Rabbi, Chafetz Chayim, Men of Sephardic Ritual)
  605 D Rabbi Baruch Yosef Zack of Kobrin  
W-130 610 1917 Congregation Rabenu Hagre Our Rabbi, Hagre
W-59 615 1935 Sephardic Congregation of Coney Island  
  612 D Rumanian-American Congregation  
W-107 614 1885 School of Biblical Instruction  
W-76 616 1917 Sephardic Congregation of New Lots  
W-70 617 1917 Congregation Sfath Emeth of Borough Park, Inc. Truth of the Sephardic Ritual
W-204 617A 1934 Congregation Sfard of Brok  
W-82 618 1929 Shaari Israel of Brooklyn Gates of Israel
  619 1912 D Shaarei Tefilah  
W-52 620 1910 Shaaeri Tfiloh Shaarei Tefila (Gates of Prayer)
W-142 621 1891 Congregation Shaarei Tfilah (First Hungarian & Austrian) Shaarei Tefila (Gates of Prayer)
W-113 623 1928 Sheri Tfilo of Kings Highway Shaarei Tefila of Kings Highway (Gates of Prayer)
  624 1898 D Shaarei Torah of Brooklyn  
W-2 625 1906 Congregation - "Shaare Torah" - Gates of the Law Shaarei Torah of Flatbush (Gates of the Law)
W-3 628 1902 Congregation Shaari Zedek of Brooklyn Gates of Righteousness
  630 D Sheveth Achim Anshe Retchiones  
  631 D Sheveth Achim Anshei Ratshos, Poland  
W-138 632 1920 Congregation Shevas Achim Anshei Sfard Sheveth Achim Anshei Sfard (Congregation of Brethren, Men of Sephardic Ritual)
  633 D Shevet Jehudah  
W-115 633 1907 Shomrei Emunah Observers of Religion
W-274 634 1935 Congregation Shomrei Emunah Observers of Religion
  635 D Shomrei Bnai Israel of Brownsville  
  636 D Shomrei Hadath Anshei Sfard  
W-119 637 1909 Beth Hamedrash Shomrei Hodath of Boro Park (Congregation of Covenant Observers) Beth Hamidrash Shomrei Hadath of Borough Park (Hose of Study Observers of the Faith)
W-97 638A 1921 Shomrei Shabes Anshei Sfard of Borough Park Shomrei Shabath Anshei Sfard of Borough Park (Observers of the Sabbath, Men of Sephardic Ritual)
W-172 639, 639B, 415B 1930 Congregation Shomrei Shabath Anshei Novigrod Observers of the Sabbath, Men of Novigrod
W-246 640 1935 Congregation Solomon Thilim Congregation Solomon Tehilim (Psalms of Solomon)
  640A 1914-1935 Chevra Beth Abraham Shtipaneshter Klause of Brooklyn House of Abraham, Society Shtipaneshter Synagogue
  641 1914 Chevro Bikur Cholim Beth Abraham Matisyo Sick Benefit Society, House of Abraham Matisyo
W-19 641 1935 Chevra Bikur Cholim Beth Abraham Matisfo Sick Benefit Society, House of Abram Matisfo
W-76 641A 1900 Talmudical Society of Brooklyn  
W-166 641B 1908 Talmudical School of Brooklyn  
  641C 1924-1925 Beth Jacob Seidel Rovner  
W-90 642 1886 Temple Sinai Congregation Bikur Cholim
W-104 643 1889 Sons of Abraham  
W-81 645 1932 Congregation Sons of Isaac-Jacob of Flatbush  
W-117 647 1907 Congregation Sons of Judah  
W-264 650 1938 Congregation Star of Zion  
W-38 651 1920 Ahavath Reyim, Inc. Ahavath Reim (Love of Friends)
W-123 653 1918 Talmud Torah Anshei Geulah Inc. Talmud Torah Anshei Geula (Elementary Religious School, Men of Salvation)
W-92 654 1907 Chevre Anshei Zedeck Talmud Torah Anshei Zedek of East New York (Elementary Religious School, Men of Righteousness)
W-86 655 1923 Talmud Torah Ethereth Eliezer Glovinsky Talmud Torah Atereth Eliezer Glovinsky (Elementary Religious School Crown of Eliezer Glovinsky)
W-89 656 1912 Talmud Torah Atereth Israel Elementary Religious School, Crown of Israel
W-108 657 1929 Congregation Talmud Torah Atereth Tzvi Elementary Religious School, Crown of Hirsch
W-91 658 1922 Talmud Torah Etz Chaim Elementary Religious School, Tree of Life)
W-13 660 1928 Talmud Torah Eitz Chaim Chevra Ein Jacob Elementary Religious School, Tree of Life, Society Well of Jacob
  662 D Talmud Torah Kahunah  
W-140 663 1926 Talmud Torah Kesser Kehuna Im Anshe Titchen Congregation and Hebrew School, Throne of Priesthood, Men of Titchen
  664 1925 D Talmud Torah Morcah  
W-83 665 1926 Talmud Torah Moriah Elementary Religious School
W-188 666 1894 Congregation Talmud Torah Anshe Ameth North Side of Brooklyn Talmud Torah Anshei Emeth North Side of Brooklyn (Elementary School, Men of Truth)
W-185 668 1922 Congregation Talmud Torah of Crown Heights Congregation of Elementary Religious School
W-84 669 1911 Talmud Torah of East New York Elementary Religious School
W-53 670 1919 Talmud Torah of Flatbush Elementary Religious School
  671 1921 D Talmud Torah of Lefferts Park  
W-161 672 1923 Congregation Talmud Torah Ohev Sholom Congregation and Elementary Religious School, Lovers of Peace
W-72 673 1919 Chevra Talmud Torah Ohab Zedeck of East New York Chevra Talmud Torah Ohev Tzedeck of East New York (Society and Elementary Religious School, Lover of Righteousness)
W-29 674 1920 Talmud Torah Oer Chodesh of East New York Talmud Torah Or Chadash of East New York (Elementary Religious School, New Light)
W-212 674A 1931 Talmud Torah Rechovoth Furthering of Elementary Religious School
W-63 675 1912 Sea Gate Sisterhood and Talmud Torah Congregation Sharei Zedek Sea Gate Sisterhood and Talmud Torah (Elementary Religious School)
W-133 678 1907 Talmud Torah Tiphereth Hagro Talmud Torah Tifereth Hagro (Elementary Religious School, Glory of Hagro)
W-84 678A 1925 Talmud Torah Tifereth Israel of West Flatbush Elementary Religious School, Glory of Israel
W-99, W-84 681 1926 Talmud Torah Torath Chaim of Borough Park Inc. Elementary Religious School
W-177 678B 1910 Congregation Talmud Torah Pride of Israel Hebrew Free School Anshei Brisk D'Littau Congregation and Hebrew School Pride of Israel Hebrew Free School Men of Brisk and Lita (Congregation Talmud Torah Tifereth Israel Free Hebrew School)
  679 D Talmud Torah Tifereth Israel  
W-74 682 1925 Talmud Torah Tushio of Brooklyn Elementary Religious School, Gift of G-d
W-270 683 1929 Congregation Talmud Torah Young Jehudah Beth Isaac Congregation and Elementary Religious School, Young Judah, Hose of Isaac)
  685 D Tomashpoler Koidenover  
W-106 687 1900 Congregation Beth El of Boro Park House of G-d
W-60 688 1919 Temple Beth El of Manhattan Beach House of G-d
W-69 689 1904 Congregation Ohel Yitzchok Temple of Isaac
W-269 690 1938 The Temple Sinai of Eastern Parkway, Inc.  
  691 D Temple of Moses Anshe Trob  
W-113 692 1922 Tilhim Benei Ephraim Tehilim Bnai Ephraim (Psalms of the Bible, Sons of Ephraim)
W-53 694 1893 Tifereth Bnei Jacob Rabbi Meyer Przemyzlaner Glory of Sons of Jacob, Rabbi Meyer of Przemysl
W-191 695A 1911 Tifereth Hapoel Hamizrachi of Williamsburgh  
W-134 695 1907 Congregation Tiphereth Hagro of Brooklyn Congregation Tifereth Hagro of Brooklyn (Glory of Hagro)
W-183 696 1873 Congregation Tifereth Israel  
  697 D Tiphereth Israel  
  698 D Tifereth Israel  
  701 D Tifereth Israel  
W-165 702A 1912 Congregation Tifereth Israel Glory of Israel
W-75 703 1920 Congregation Tifereth Israel and Talmud Torah Congregation Glory of Israel and Elementary Religious School
W-50 704 1923 Chevra Tifereth Israel Anshei Bensonhurst Society, Glory of Israel, Men of Bensonhurst
  705 D Tifereth Israel Anshei Brownsville  
W-142 706 1925 Tifereth Israel Anshei Sfard Glory of Israel, Men of Sephardic Ritual
W-146 708 1939 Tifereth Israel Glory of Israel
W-80 710 1926-1931 Bnai Abraham of East Flatbush Congregation Bnai Abraham (Children of Abraham)
W-51 711 1908 Tifereth Israel of South Brooklyn Glory of Israel
W-40 714 1923 Congregation Tifereth Torah of Bensonhurst Glory of the Bible
W-95 716 1929 Tifereth Yehuda Nusah Sfard Glory of Judah, Sephardic Ritual
W-114 717 1924 Tifereth Zion Anshei Sfard Glory of Zion, Men of Sephardic Ritual
W-144 718 1930 Congregation Tifereth Zion of Brooklyn Glory of Zion
  719 D Tifereth Zion Talmud Torah  
  720 D Tikiliner Congregation Congregation Tikiliner
W-103 722 1931 Congregation Toldos Joseph Chevra Toldos Joseph (Generation of Joseph)
W-93 723 1923 Tomchai Torah Supporters of the Torah
  724 D Torah Israel of Sheepshead  
W-51 725 1919 Congregation Torah Vodati of New York Inc. Avenue N Community Jewish Center Congregation Torah Vodati (Avenue N Community Jewish Center)
W-49 726 1934 Congregation Torath Jehiel Talmud Torah Isaac Joseph The Law of Jehiel Elementary Religious School
  727 1924 D Tsanzer Klausz Bnai Chayim Halbershtam  
  728 D Tulchiner Aid Society  
W-75 729 1847 Union Temple of Brooklyn  
W-68 730 1931 United Hebrew Bikur Cholim Welfare Association of East New York United Hebrew Bikur Cholim
  733 D Yavneh Hebrew School  
  734 D Yeshivath Beth Yavneh  
  735 D Yeshivath Ha-Gaon Rabbi Elijah  
W-42 737 1923 Yeshiva of Bensonhurst Hebrew University of Bensonhust
W-107 739 1908 Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin Yeshivath Rabbi Chayim Berlin
  740 D Yeshivath Rabbi Hirsch Leib Berlin  
W-104 741 1927 Yeshivath Rabbi Isaac Jacob Reines  
  742 1921 D Yeshivath Rabbi Isaac Laufer  
W-121 743 1926 Yeshiva Rabbi Meier Simcha Ha-Cohen  
  744 D Yeshivath Rabbi Naftal Zion Jehuda Berlin  
W-186 744A 1934 Yeshivath Rabenu Israel Meyer Hacohen D'America High School of Our Rabbi
W-119 745 1925 Yeshiva Rishon L'Zion University for the Jewish Youth
W-184 746 1924 Yeshiva of Crown Heighs University of Crown Heights
W-61 747 1930 Yeshiva Talmud Torah Torath Mosha University and Elementary Hebrew School of the Law of Moses
W-104 748 1924 Yeshiva Torahs Chaim of Greater New York Yeshivath Torath Chayim of Greater New York (University, Law of Life)
W-48 749 1916 Yeshivath Torah M'Zion of Brownsville University of Jewish Law
W-169 750 1916 Yeshivath Torah Vodaath & Mesifta  
W-149 751 1923 Young Israel of Bensonhurst  
W-64 751 1926 Congregation and Yeshivath Yavne  
W-175 753 1918 Young Israel of Brooklyn  
W-36 754 1932 Young Israel of Bushwick  
W-110 755 1925 Young Israel of Coney Island  
W-272 756 1921 Young Israel of East New York  
  756 D Young Israel of Congregation of Central Brooklyn  
W-141 757 1925 Young Israel of Eastern Parkway  
W-54 759 1922 Young Israel of Flatbush  
W-45 760 1926 Young Israel of Mapleton Park  
W-209 761 1919 Young Israel of Williamsburg, Inc.  
W-137 762 1926 Young Israel Synagogue of Boro Park Young Israel Synagogue of Borough Park
W-258 763 1918 Young Israel Synagogue of Brownsville  
W-235 763A 1928 Young Judah Tiferes Bachurun Young Judah Tifereth Bachurim (Young Pride of Judah)
  764 D Tzeirei Agudath Israel Nusach Sfard  
W-112 764A 1937 Zeirei Agudath Israel of Boro Park Branch #8  
  765 D Zemach Zedek Anshei Lebowitz  
W-117 766 1888 Zemach Zedek Anshei Lebowitz Plant of Righteousness
  768 D Zembiner Congregation  
W-271 768 1939 Congregation Zeyra Kodesh Tzeirei Kadosh (Holy Youth)
W-33 769 1919 Congregation Talmud Torah Zichru Torath Moishe Elementary Hebrew School, Memorial to the Teachings of Moses
W-80 771 1917-1921 Machzike Hadas of Borough Park Machzikei Hadath of Borough Park (Supporters of the Faith)

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Brooklyn Synagogues - Entries Without Corporate Titles

M.N. #21322, Roll #323
Entry # Year Org. Name of Organization
15 1891 Agudath Achim Anshei Bobruisk
22 1880 Agudath Achim Anshei Mishnitz
23 1929 Agudath Achim Anshei Neshwitz
25 1917 Agudath Achim Anshei Stolin
38 1924 Kol Ahavath Chayim
46 1939 Ahavath Achim Anshei Sfard
47 1914 Ahavath Achim Anshei Sfard
49 1904 Ahavath Achim Bnai Abraham
55 1917 Ahavath Chesed Day Nursery of East New York
55A 1939 Ahavath Israel
63 1927 Ahavath Israel Rabbi Elijahu
64 1894 Ohev Sholom Anshei Sfard
68 1896 Chevra Ahavath Tzedek
86 1926 Anshei Joseph
89 1919 Anshe Krashnik of East New York
102 1915 Temple Anshei Sfard of Boro Park
105A 1911 Anshei Sfard of Keap Street
108 1925 Anshei Sholom of Flatbush
123 1928 Atereth Israel
135 1920 Bay Ridge Jewish Center
145 1913 House of Abraham
147 1914 Beth Abraham
171 1934 Beth Hamidrash Bnai Abraham
180 1888 Beth Hamidrash Hagodol
181 1899 Beth Hamidrash Hagodol
200 1930 Beth Israel
204 1903 Beth Jacob Joseph
211A 1920 Beth Sefer Ivri
230 1923 Center Bikur Cholim
244 1921 Congregation and Hebrew School Sons of Judah
246 1914 Bnai Israel Anshei Oise Tov of Brownsville
250 1904 Bnai Israel Anshei Oise Tov of Brownsville
266 1920 Bnai Jacob Hebrew School
268 1914 Bnai Jacob Hebrew School of Flatbush
280 1907 Brooklyn Hebrew Home and Hospital for the Aged
287A 1934 Canarsie Jewish Center
296 1925 Chevra Adath Jacob
297 1910 Chevra Agudath Achim Anshei Brooklyn
302 1927 Ahavath Achim Anshei Sfard
306 1894 Tifereth Israel Anshei Sfard of Austria
318 1907 Chevra Anshei Sfard
329 1912 Chevra Beth Israel Chasidei De Karlin
333B 1913 Chevra Bnai Abraham
334 1904 Chevra Bnai Abraham Anshei Polen
335 1904 Chevra Bnai Abraham of Brooklyn
341 1909 Chevra Bnai Menachem Mendel Anshei Dubrowa
351 1889 Chevra Kadisha
357 1912 Chevra Keneseth Israel Beth Jacob
360 1899 Chevra Liady Nusach Ari
366 1923 Chevra Mishnayoth
367 1913 Chevra Mishnayoth
371 1912 Chevra Mishnayoth Chevra Tehilim
373 1895 Chevra Nachlath Israel
376 1932 Chevra Ohel Moshe
382A 1918 Chevra Shmira Laila Bnai Mayer Yoshea Anshei Klementoff
383 1903-1929 Chevra Sfard Anshei Krashilow
385 1899 Chevra Sfard Anshei Zalatzitzen
386 1929 Chevra Sfard Anshei Tzedek
386A 1892 Chevra Sheveth Achim Anshei Ratchoinz
397 1924 Chevra Tifereth Aran V'Yisrael Beth Yankif Chasidei Stolin
402 1913 Chevra Torah Anshei Chesed
403 1923 Chevra Torah Anshei Radishowitz
404A 1903 Chevra Zalowitz Nusach Sfard
406 1908 Children of Israel Benevolent Association of Brownsville
407 1894-1915 Chono David
409 1925 Chovevei Torah of Eastern Parkway
410 1907 Community Sons of Israel
411 1892 Community Center Congregation and Talmud Torah
420 1909 Crowning Glory of Israel
420A 1920 Ashford Street Hebrew School of the Crowning Glory of Israel
421 1924 Crown of Israel Talmud Torah
439 1936 Etz Chaim
443 1927 Tree of Life Temple
444 1926 Etz Chayim
449 1925 Congregation V'Ezrath Achim
454 1894 First Brooklyn Roumanian American Congregation Beth Tefila
457 1928 First Dashever Congregation of Brownsville
464 1923 First United Lemberger Home for the Aged
469 1916 Free Food Kitchen of the House of Abraham
495 1916 Hebrew Institute of Boro Park
487 1922 Hebrew Alliance
488 1912 Hebrew Community of Boro Park
490 1912 Hebrew Educational Alliance of Greenpoint
492 1909 Hebrew Educational Institution
494 1893 Hebrew Free School of Brownsville
500 1922 Infants Home of Brooklyn
507 1922-1930 Coney Island Jewish Center
509 1929 Jewish Center of Hyde Park
519C 1935-1937 Kneseth Ahavath
520 1937 Kneseth Ahavath Israel
520A 1909 Sherry Goldberg Gemilath Chesed
526A 1924-1925 Kneseth Israel
529 1912 Keser Achim Anshei Sfard
541 1912 Louis Hirsch Memorial Talmudical School
544 1939 The Little Temple Beth Jacob
552 1913 Mapleton Park Hebrew Association
554A 1911 Menorah Home for Aged and Infirm
560A 1924 Minchas Yehuda
562 1913 Magen Abraham
568 1924 Chevra Nachlath Joshua Monastresheker Rabbi
570 1931 Nahlath Zion
571 1921 Neiswesser Old Friends of Brownsville
573 1909 New Hebrew School of Brooklyn
581 1893 Ohev Sholom
583 1928 Chavei Sholom Nusach Hoari Zichron Livrocho
591 1916 Ohel Abraham Mishkan Joseph
600A 1936 Pitkin Jewish Center
602 1938 Progressive Congregation Anshei Poilin
610 1917 Congregation Rabenu Hagre
617A 1934 Sfard of Brok
621 1891 Shaarei Tefila
637 1909 Beth Hamidrash Shomrei Hadath of Boro Park
640 1935 Congregation Solomon Tehilim
641A 1900 Talmudical Society of Brooklyn
641B 1908 Talmudical School of Brooklyn
650 1938 Star of Zion
657 1929 Congregation Talmud Torah Altereth Tzvi
659 1922 Talmud Torah Etz Chaijim
689 1904 Temple Isaac
708 1939 Tifereth Israel
710 1926-1931 Bnai Abraham of East Flatbush
711 1908 Tifereth Israel of South Brooklyn
744A 1934 Yishivath Rabenu Israel Meyer HaCohen D'America
751 1926 Congregation and Yeshivath Yavno
751A 1923 Young Israel of Bensonhurst
754 1932 Young Israel of Bushwick
755 1925 Young Israel of Coney Island
756 1921 Young Israel of East New York
757 1925 Young Israel of Eastern Parkway
763 1918 Young Israel of Brownsville
766 1888 Tzemach Tzedek
768 1939 Tzeirei Kadosh

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Bronx and Upper Manhattan Synagogues

M.N. #21319, Roll #320 and #21320, Roll #321
Form # Card # Year Org. Name of Organization Alternate Names and English Translation
W-229 1A 1932 Congregation Adath Israel Chaim Congregation Life of Israel
  1 D Adath Israel  
W-35 2 1896 Temple Adath Israel Congregation of Israel
W-83 3 1932 Congregation Adath Jeshurun, Inc. Congregation of Israel
W-96 3 1909-1932 Congregation K'hal Adath Jeshurun of Harlem K'hal Adath Jeshurun
W-49 4 1924 D Lodzer Chevra Agudath Achim  
  5 1890 D Agudath Achim Anshe Podal  
  6 D Agudah Israel  
W-114 8 1925 Agudas Tipheres Israel Anshe Bessarabia Bessarabia Congregation
W-91 8A 1928-1932 Congregation Agudath Jeshurun (merged into Congregation Adath Jeshurun) Community of Israel
W-59 8B 1914-1925 Congregation Agudath Tomchay Torah Learning of
W-219 11 1918 Ahavath Achim Chasidei Anshei Bronx Brotherly Love, Pious Men of the Bronx
W-95 12 1925 Ahavath Achim Congregation of Westchester Inc. Brotherly Love
W-113 13 1917 Congregation Ahavas Achim of the Bronx Brotherly Love
W-181 14 1932 Congregation Ahavath Israel Love Of Israel
  15 D Ahavath Israel  
W-93 16 1918 Congregation Ahavas Scholom Anshei Sfard Love of Peace People of (Text of Prayers)
W-2 17 1916 Congregation Ansche Oestreiche - Poilen Anshei Oestereich-Poilen (Men of Austrian Poland)
W-60 18 1916 Anschei Belchatover Zaloshiner People of Belchatov and Zaloshin
W-63 19A 1924 Congregation Anshei Borisov of the Bronx (Anshei Borisov) People of Borisov
  20 D Anshei Emeth  
W-88 22 1910 Congregation Anshe Amas of Williamsbridge Anshe Emeth (Men of Truth)
  22 D Anshei Emeth  
W-19 23 1905 Montefiore Hebrew Congregation  
W-197 26 1930 Congregation Anshei Sfard of the Bronx Men of the Sephardic Ritual
  27 D Anshei Sefard of Harlem  
W-13 28 1919 Chevra B'nai Sholom of the Bronx Society, Sons of Peace
  29 D Atereth Israel  
W-47 30 1920 Congregation Beth David Beth Achim (House of Brothers)
W-171 32 1918 Congregation Beth David and Talmud Torah House of David and Talmud Torah
W-220 35 1915 Minsker Congregation of the Bronx Beth Haknesses Anshe Minsk of the Bronx (Synagogue People of Minsk of the Bronx)
W-64 36 1916 Congregation Beth Hakenesses Ateres Israel Congregation Ateres Israel (Glory of Israel)
  37 1913 D Beth Haknesseth D'Chevrah Tiphereth Israel  
  38 D Beth Hakneseth Erster Rumanische Galitzan  
W-44 40 1908 Congregation Agudath Achim of Harlem Congregation of Brotherly Love
W-101 42 1929 Beth Haknesses Shearith Yisroel Remnants of Israel
W-227 42A 1938 Beth Haknesseth Tifereth Elijah Synagogue Glory of Elijah
  43 D Beth Hamidrash Beth Jacob  
  44 1867 Agudath Achim M'Krakau Fraternal Association of Krakow
  46 D Beth Hamidrash Degel Mahaneh Dan Anshe Skena of the Bronx  
W-9 47 1910 Beth Hamidrash Hachadosh New Synagogue of the Bronx
  47 D Tikvath Yehuda Talmud Torah  
  49 D Beth Hamidrash Hagodel Adath Yisrael  
W-15 50 1905 Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel New Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel (Great Synagogue)
W-171 51A 1932 Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol of University Heights, Inc. Great Synagogue
W-66 52 1926 Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel Ve'Tomchay Torah of the Bronx Great House of Learning and Supporters of the Law
W-60 53 1912-1939 Beth Hamidrash Hagodol Adath Jeshurun of the Bronx, Inc.  
W-78 53A 1939 Beth Hamedrash Hachadash The New House of Learning
  53 D Beth Hamedrash Hagodel Adath Jeshurin  
  54 D Beth Hamidrash Hagodel Bnai Samuel Judah of Bronx  
W-187 55 1930 Beth Medrash Harav Rabbi Ralbag Mosholu Parkway Synagogue
W-173 56 1925 Beth Hamedrash Nusach Sfard Synagogue of Sephardic Ritual
W-208 57 1915 Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol Nusach Sfard Great Synagogue of Sephardic Ritual
  58 D Beth Hamedrash Shaarei Zion  
W-193 59 1922 Beth Hillel Congregation House of Hillel
W-51 60 1937 Beth Israel House of Israel
W-213 61 1907 Congregation Beth Israel House of Israel
  62 D Beth Israel  
  63A 1911 D Beth Israel Anshei Galicia and Buckawein  
W-203 64 1902 Beth Israel Congregation of Kingsbridge  
W-73 65 1924 Congregation Beth Yokob Inc. House of Jacob
W-94 67 1929 Congregation Beth Jacob B'arav Abraham and Talmud Torah of East Bronx, Inc. Congregation Beth Jacob (House of Jacob)
W-65 68 1929 Beth Jehuda House of Judah
W-33 69 1916 Congregation Homel Ahavas Chesed Nose Chaie of Harlem Homle Ahavath Chesed Anshei Homle of Harlem (Homle Love of Grace)
  70 D Beth Sefer Tikvath Zion  
  71 D Beth Shalom  
W-51 72 1908 Congregation Ahavath Israel Love of Israel
W-56 73 1923 Congregation Hoan Hamoan Inc. Forest Avenue Talmud Torah
  73 D Bikur Cholim Anshe Sfard  
W-226 74 1924 Chevra Bikur Cholim Anshe Sfard Sick Benefit Society, Sephardic Ritual)
W-217 75 1925 Bikur Cholim Bnei Judah Congregation Bnei Judah (Sons of Judah)
W-16 76 1919 Bikur Cholim Linath Hazedek Aid to the Sick
W-74 77 1928 Bnai Abraham Congregation of the Bronx, Inc. House of Abraham
W-71 79 1914 Congregation Beth David Agudath Achim Inc. House of David, Fraternal Association
W-50 80A 1917-1926 First Austrian Congregation Hungarian Sons of Eliezer Moshe of the Bronx  
  80 D Bnai David  
W-215 81 1927 Congregation Bnei Emunim Nusach Sfard Faithful Sons of the Sephardic Ritual
  82 D Bnei Israel of the Bronx  
W-65 83 1924 Congregation and Talmud Torah Sons of Israel of the Bronx  
W-75 86 1921 Bnei Moses Anshei Sfard Sons of Moses, Men of Sephardic Ritual
W-63 87 1937 Congregation Bnai Rabbi Moshe Bick Anshe Krashnick Sons of Moses, Men of Krashnick
W-72 88A 1917 Congregation Bnai Zion of the Bronx, Inc. Sons of Zion
  89 D Brith Shalom  
  90 D Bronx Gardens Community Center  
W-110 91 1930 Bronx Garden Young Israel Young Israel of Bronx Gardens
W-77 97 1928 Carmel Synagogue Incorporated Carmel Synagogue
  98 D Chai Adam Anshei Lomze  
W-57 98A 1927 Chevra Achim Ahuvim Anshei Bronx Society, Beloved Brethren, Men of the Bronx
W-59 99 1913 Agudath Achim D'Bronx Fraternal Association of the Bronx
W-211 100 1922 Chevra Anshe Sphard of Poland Society of Sephardic Ritual of Poland
  101 D Chevra Anshe Waskowitz of the Bronx  
W-36 102 1840 Temple Ansche Chesed (Anshe Chesed)  
W-186 102 1925 Chevra Ahavath Sholem of Harlem Lovers of Peace
  103 1917 D Chevrah Bikur Cholim and Bronx Anshei Sephard  
  105 1913 D Chevrah Bnei Israel Anshei Sephard  
  106A D Chevra Bnai Jacob of Harlem  
W-64 106 1919 Chevra Bnei Israel Anshei Sfard D'Bronx  
W-54 107 1927 Bnai Isaac Sons of Isaac
W-61 107A 1925 Chevra Bnai Moishe Zev Nusach Sfard Society, Sons of Moses, Sephardic Ritual
W-53 108 1929 Congregation Bnei Zolman Anshi Bronx Sons of Zolman Men of the Bronx
W-111 109 1888 Chebra Chebas Jerusholaym Anshe Sampolny U'Bnai Abraham L'Plotzk Society Love of Jerusalem, Men of Sampolny and Sons of Abraham from Plock
W-64 111 1904 Congregation Ezras Israel Anshei Bronx Inc. Help of Israel, People of the Bronx
W-221 112 1929 Chevra Joseph Goldberg Bikur-Cholim Society, Joseph Goldberg, Sick Benefit
W-89 114 1919 Chevrath Linath Hazedek Anshei Sefard Visiting the Sick, People of Sephardic Ritual
W-192 116 1938 Chevra Mishnayoth Anshei Emeth Society of Biblical Commentaries, People of Truth
W-223 117 1932 Chevra Mishnayoth Beit Schmiel Anshei Munkacs and Vicinity  
W-72 118A 1930 Congregation Chevra Sheves Achim of the Bronx Society of the Congregation of Brothers
W-68 118 1927 Congregation Nachlath Jacob, Inc. Inheritance of Jacob
W-19 119 1920 Chevra Shomrei Shabath B'nai Israel Society of Sabath Observers, Sons of Israel
  120 1916 D Chevrah Shomrim La-Boker  
  121 D Chevra Sefard  
W-67 122 1916 Chevra Anshei Sfard D'Bronx Society of Men of the Sephardic Ritual of the Bronx
W-62 125 1916 Congregation of Galician Zionists  
W-25 127 1920 Concourse Center of Israel  
W-198 128 1934 Congregation and Talmud Torah Shomrei Emunah Observers of the Faith
W-55 129 1927 Beth Joseph Nusach Sfard House of Joseph, Sephardic Ritual
  131 D Derech Emunah  
W-19 132 1889 Chebra Anshe Ponidal Hamispohel Nusach Hoary Beth Haknesseth Anshei Panedel Nusach Ari (Synagogue of the Men of Panedel, Followers of the "Ari" Ritual)
W-60 126 1931 Community Center Beth David House of David
W-80 132 1929 Congregation Divri Israel Words of Israel
W-65 133 1894 Congregation Ein Jacob Anshe Liskower  
W-102 136 1924 Emanuel Synagogue of the Bronx Inc.  
W-98 138 1929 Congregation Aitz Chaim Nusach Sfard Tree of Life
  139 D Ezrath Jacob  
W-214 142 1916 Chevra Mishnayoth of First Ladies Day Nursery of the Bronx Society for the Study of Biblical Commentaries
W-199 143 1905 First Van Nest Hebrew Congregation Bnai Jacob  
W-4 144 1909 Congregation Bnai Israel - Fordham Talmud Torah Sons of Israel - Fordham Hebrew School
  146 D Free Synagogue  
W-11 148 1934 Gan Eden Temple Garden of Eden
W-65 150 1922 Congregation Gedulath Mordechai Greatness of Mordechai
W-209 151 1922 Congregation Gemilath Chasidim of the Bronx Loan Society
W-204 153 1927 Gun Hill Jewish Center  
W-216 154 1923 Hebrew Center of East Bronx  
W-35 155 1924 Hebrew Institute of University Heights, Inc.  
W-46 156 1929 Chevra Mischnais of Hebrew Home for Chronic Invalids Society of Biblical Commentaries
W-225 158 1917 Congregation Tifereth Israel Glory of Israel
W-81 159 1932 Congregation Hoan Hamoan Forest Avenue Talmud Torah
W-8 160 1897 Home of Daughters of Jacob  
W-201 161 1929 Congregation Hope of Israel  
  162 1925 House of Jacob  
W-21 163A 1919 Congregation Hungarian Chebra Bechurim Chevrah Bachurim Anshei Hungary Inc. (Congregation Hungarian Society of Young Men)
W-81 164 1925 Hunts Point Chevrah Bikur Cholim Inc. Sick Benefit Society
  165 1916 D Hunts Point Talmud Torah  
W-228 166 1938 Hunts Point Tomchei Talmud Torah Supporters of the Hebrew School
W-85 167 1927 Independent Rabbi Sholim Roshkever Congregation Rabbi Sholim Congregation
W-15 169 1917 Congregation Tifereth Israel  
  171 D Jewish Center  
  170 D Jeshurun of the Bronx  
W-183 172 1927 The Jewish Center of Highbridge  
W-18 173 1924 Jewish Center of Unionport of the Bronx, Inc. Jewish Center of Unionport
W-180 174 1922 The Jewish Center of University Heights  
W-104 175 1929 Jewish Center of Violet Park  
W-106 176 1928 The Jewish Center of Wakefield and Edenwald Inc. Jewish Center of Wakefield and Edenwald
W-90 177 1924 The Jewish Center of Williamsbridge, Inc. Jewish Center of Williamsbridge
W-210 177A 1920 Jewish Ladies Day Nursery of the Bronx Mens Auxiliary of the Jewish Ladies Day Nursery of the Bronx
W-52 178 1904 Congregation Judah Halevi  
W-57 179A 1926 Congregation Tehilath Israel Praise of Israel
W-24 180 1904 Congregation Kehilath Israel Community of Israel
W-46 181 1926 Congregation Kehilath Moshe Community of Moses
W-190 182 1932 Congregation Kneses Israel Congregation of Israel
W-76 184 1925 Congregation Kneses Israel Nusach Sfard Congregation of Israel
  186 1913 Khal Adath Yeshurun D'Bronx Congregation of Israel of the Bronx
W-21 188 1930 K'hal Jaraim Congregation Community of Jeraim
  189 D Kahal Kol Israel Seph  
W-191 190A 1936 Kingsbridge Ceter of Israel  
  190B 1935-36 Kneseth Israel of Riverdale Talmud Torah Congregation of Israel of Riverdale, Hebrew School
W-74 192 1887 Krakower Simon Schreiber Congregation  
W-75 193 1913 Congregation Linas Hazedek of Harlem and Bronx Inc. Visiting of the Sick
W-225 194A 1938 Machzikei Talmud Torah Ezras Chaim Supporters of the Hebrew School Help of Life
W-54 194 1924 Machzikei Hodas Supporters of the Faith
W-59 195A 1920-26 Machzikey Talmud Torah D'Chevrah Mishnayoth, Inc. Supporters of Students of the Bible
W-103 195 1919 Machzikei Talmud Torah Torath Moses Supporters of the Hebrw School of the Law of Moses
W-176 196 1938 Congregation Machzikei Torah Inc. Supporters of the Law
  197 D Beth Haknesses of Washington Heights  
W-174 198 1928 Congregation Mesilath Yeshurun and Talmud Torah Path of Israel and Hebrew School
W-92 201 1929 Congregation Mircaz Harav Inc. Center of the Rabbi
  202 D Mishkan Zion  
W-19 203 1905 Montefiore Hebrew Congregation  
W-200 204 1928 Morris Park Hebrew Center  
W-19 205 1926 Mosholu Jewish Center  
W-177 206 1924 Mount Eden Center  
W-185 206A 1938 Congregation Temple Mt. Eden  
W-189 209 1929 The Nathan Straus Jewish Center  
W-7 211 1914 Netzach Israel Jewish Center, Inc. Preserve Israel
  213 D New Synagogue of Bronx Gardens  
  215 D North Bronx Jewish Center  
W-73 216 1906 Congregation Nusach Ari of the Bronx, Inc. Congregation of the "Ari" Ritual
W-179 217A 1920 Congregation Nusach Sfard of the Bronx Sephardic Ritual
W-45 218 1926 Ohave Torah Lovers of the Torah
W-22 219 1930 Ohel Moshe Tent of Moshe
W-99 220 1927 Congregation Oihel Moishe Machne-Don Chseda Skwere Tent of Moses, Camp of the Pious Men from Skwere
W-74 221 1927 Congregation Ohel Moshe Bnei Jehosef Anshei Kaszony House of Moses, Children of Joseph, Men of Kaszony
  223 D Orach Chaim  
W-82 224 1930 Congregation Ostrer Kiniver Chasidim Emeth L'Jacob Chesed L'Abraham Sfard Congregation of Pious Men from Ostrer, Kiniver, Truth to Jacob, Grace to Abraham Sfard
  225 D Pelham Bay Jewish Center  
W-97 226 1930 Pelham Parkway Jewish Center Inc.  
  228 D Piasker Congregation  
  229 D Rabbi Congregation  
  230 D Rabbi B. N. Barishansky Cultural Center  
W-53 231 1932 Congregation of Rabbi Teichner  
W-194 232 1917 Sabbath Observers Inc. of the Bronx Sabbath Observers
W-77 234 1928 Sephardic Congregation of the Bronx c/o Congregation and Talmud Torah Sons of Israel
  235 D Sephardic Synagogue  
  236 D Shaarei Rabinum  
W-222 237 1926 Congregation Sharei Shulom Nusach H'Arie Inc. Gates of Peace, Ritual of Ari
W-47 238 1917 Shaarei Tfilah Gates of Prayer
W-205 239 1927 Beth Hakneseth Shaarei Torah of East Bronx Gates of the Law
W-69 240 1935 Congregation Shaarei Torah Tefila, Inc. Gates of Law and Prayer
  241 D Shaarei Zion  
W-63 242 1920 Shaarei Zion Bronx Jewish Center Gates of Zion
W-218 243 1916 Congregation Shearith Israel Congregation Mishkinoth Israel (Dwelling Place of Israel)
W-79 244 1909 Congregation Sheerith Israel Remnant of Israel
W-17 244A 1934 Jewish Community Center of Hunts Point  
W-37 244B 1916-1933 Hunts Point Jewish Center  
W-78 245 1934 Congregation Shield of David  
W-94 246 1908 Shomre Shabas Observers of the Sabbath
W-84 247 1899 Congregation Shulchan Aruch Anshi Kutno Table of Learning, People of Kutno
W-9 248 1911 Sinai Congregation of the Bronx  
W-58 249 1925 Bnai Eliezer Moshe Machzikey Talmud Torah East Concourse Hebrew Center
W-44 249 1926 Congregation Sons of Eliezer Moshe and Machzikey Talmud Torah Inc.  
W-121 250 1913 Congregation Sons of Israel of the Bronx Inc. Sons of Israel
  251 D Sons of Joshua  
  252A D Swardisher Congregation of Bnai Israel  
  253 D Tachkemoni Congregation  
W-172 254 1926 Talmud Torah Anshei Emeth Hebrew School, Men of Truth
  255 D Talmud Torah Beth Abraham  
W-78 255 1901 Congregation Beth Abraham Talmud Torah Beth Abraham
W-175 256 1934 Congregation and Talmud Torah Beth Hillel House of Hillel
W-49 257 1916 Bronx Talmud Torah of Israel, Inc. Bronx Talmud Torah of Israel
W-77 258 1915 Talmud Torah Judah Halevi Judah Halevi Hebrew School
  259 D Talmud Torah Judah V'Israel  
W-79 260 1923 Congregation Talmud Torah Kneseth Israel Bnei Samuel Smoliar Inc. Congregation of Samuel Smoliar Hebrew School
W-20 262 1913 Temple Beth Elohim Temple House of G-d
  263 1917 D Temple Israel of the Bronx  
W-7 264 1912 Bnai Israel  
W-89 266 1924 The Throggs Neck Jewish Center Inc. Throggs Neck Jewish Center
W-61 267 1926 Congregation Tiphereth Beth Jacob Glory of the House of Jacob
W-71 268 1923 Congregation Tifereth Israel - New York Talmud Torah Tifereth Israel (Hebrew School Glory of Israel)
W-195 269 1930 Congregation Tifereth Israel Glory of Israel
W-37 270A 1918 Congregation Help Glory of Israel, Inc. Temple Tifereth Israel (Temple Glory of Israel)
W-182 271 1929 Congregation Tifereth Israel Anshei Sfard Glory of Israel, Sephardic People
  272 D Tifereth etc.  
  273 D Tifereth Jacob  
  274 D Tifereth Shimmel  
  275 1912 D Tikvath Zion  
  270 D Tifereth Israel  
W-184 276 1929 Tomchei Shabos Nusach Ari Supporters of the Sabbath, Ari Ritual
W-11 278 c. 1925 Yeshivath Torath Chaim Congregation Torath Chaim (The Law of Life)
W-212 279 1907 Bronx Tremont Hebrew School  
W-87 280 1909 Tremont Temple Congregation Gates of Mercy Gates of Mercy
W-67 281 1930 United Jewish Community of Bronx, N.Y. Inc. Khal Adath Israel (United Jewish Community)
W-65 282A D Wilmuth Hazedek Chevra Congregation  
W-207 283 1935 Williamsbridge Day Nursery Congregation Gan Yaludim
W-60 283B 1927 Young Israel of the Concourse  
W-86 283C 1926 Young Israel Synagogue of Tremont Inc.  
W-90 284 1928 Congregation Zehout Arabim Inc. and Talmud Torah Congregation Zehout Arabim
  285 D Zemach Zedek Nusach Noari of the Bronx  
W-100 286 1904 Congregation of Descendants of Jacob of the Bronx Zera Jacob
W-26 286A 1920 Zeirei Agudath Israel of the Bronx Branch #9  
W-66 287 1911 Congregation Migdal Zion Talmud Torah of the Bronx Zion Hebrew Institute
W-93 290 1928 Yismach Moshe Joy of Moses
W-196 291 1924 Young Mens and Young Womens Hebrew Association of the Bronx  
W-206 293 1927 Young Israel of Claremont Parkway  
  283A 1919 Yeshiva Rabbi Israel Salanter of the Bronx  
W-10 265 1935 Temple Zion  
W-64 123 1924 Chevah Tehilim Shomrei Sabbath Nusach Sfard  
W-14 115 1928 Chevrah Machzikei Horav  
  248B 1884-1913 Temple Hand in Hand of Bronx  
W-8 160 1897 Home of Daughters of Jacob  
W-6 365 1896 Ahavath Achim Anshe Radomyse Nusach Sfard  
W-65 139 1898 (?) Ein Jacob Congregation Anshe Liskower of the City of New York  
W-121 96 1897 Bnei Zion Center of Bronx Camps #2  

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Queens Synagogues

M.N. #21321, Roll #322
Form # Card # Year Org. Name of Organization Alternate Names and English Translation Location in Borough
W-34 1 1927 Congregation Beth-Jacob of Astoria, L.I. Inc. Beth-Jacob of Astoria (House of Jacob of Astoria) Astoria
W-31 2 1917 The First Hebrew School of Astoria Inc. (Congregation Beth-El of Astoria) Beth El of Astoria (House of G-d) Astoria
W-30 3 1922/23 Jewish Center of Corona Jewish Community Center of Corona Corona
W-27 4 1913 The Corona Hebrew School Machzikei Talmud Torah Anshei Emeth of Corona (Supporters of the Hebrew School, Men of Truth) Corona
W-32 5 1938 Congregation Ahavath Achim of Corona Ahavath Achim of Corona (Brotherly Love of Corona) Corona
W-29 6 1906 Independent Chevrah Tifereth Israel Congregation Congregation Glory of Israel Corona
W-26 7 1903-1937 Congregation Anshe Keser Corona Heights Anshe Keser Corona
W-49 8 1931 Beth Midrash Harav Rabbinical House of Learning Far Rockaway
W-48 9 1924 Knesseth Israel Congregation of Israel Far Rockaway
W-46 10 1899 Temple Gates of Prayer   Flushing
W-47 11 1917 Free Synagogue of Flushing   Flushing
W-44 12 1932 Temple Israel Congregation of Flushing Flushing Jewish Center Flushing
W-49 13 1932 Jewish Center of Forest Hills West   Forest Hills
W-47 14 1928 Forest Hills Jewish Center   Forest Hills
W-48 15 1928 Tifereth Israel of Jackson Heights Glory of Israel of Jackson Heights Jackson Heights
W-45 16 1920 Jewish Center of Jackson Heights   Jackson Heights
W-158 17 1909 First Congregation Linas Hazedek and Benevolent Association of Jamaica Visiting the Sick Jamaica
W-156 18 1905 First Independent Hebrew Congregation of Jamaica Ahavath Israel (Love of Israel) Jamaica
W-155 19 1923 Jamaica Jewish Center   Jamaica
W-61 20 1924 Young Israel of Jamaica   Jamaica
W-160 21 1909 Bnai Israel of Jamaica Sons of Israel of Jamaica Jamaica
W-161 22 1918 Temple Israel of Jamaica   Jamaica
W-46 23 1935 Temple Isaiah of Kew Gardens   Kew Gardens
W-44 24 1929 Kew Gardens Jewish Center   Kew Gardens
W-159 25 1928 Laurelton Jewish Center, Inc.   Laurelton
W-45 26 1925 Maspeth Jewish Center   Maspeth
  26A 1921-1925 Maspeth Talmud Torah (merged with Ohavei Shalom Anshe Maspeth to form Maspeth Jewish Center) Maspeth Hebrew School Maspeth
  26B 1904-1925 Ohavei Shalom Anshe Maspeth (merged with Maspeth Talmud Torah to form Maspeth Jewish Center) Lovers of Peace, Men of Maspeth Maspeth
W-43 27 1909 Congregation Sons of Israel   Middle Village
W-47 28 1934 Young Israel of Middle Village   Middle Village
W-44 29 1920 Chevra Ahavath Achim (Congregation Ahavath Achim) Ahabath Achim (Brotherly Love) Middle Village
W-46 30 1923 Board of Education of Hebrew Institute Congregation Sons of Israel Hebrew Institute Middle Village
W-66 31 1932 Jewish Community of Ozone Park   Ozone Park
W-63 32 1920 Temple Sons of Jacob, Inc.   Ozone Park
W-67 33 1920 Jewish Center of Richmond Hill   Richmond Hill
W-41 34 1909 Congregation Beth Israel of Richmond Hill Beth Israel Community Center Richmond Hill
W-40 35 1912 Congregation Agudas Israel of Ridgewood Agudath Israel of Ridgewood Ridgewood
W-51 36 1925 Sunnyside Jewish Center   Sunnyside
W-62 37 1925 Bnai Israel of Woodhaven Sons of Israel of Woodhaven Woodhaven
W-163 38 1925 Queens Jewish Center   Queens Village
W-36 39 1902 Mishkan Israel Tabernacle of Israel Astoria
W-_5 40 1925 Astoria Center of Israel   Astoria
W-50 41 1914 Congregation Shaarei Tefilah Gates of Prayer Rockaway Beach
W-52 42 1925 Woodside Jewish Center   Woodside
W-50 43 1904 Congregation Bnai Israel Sons of Israel Long Island City
W-33 44 1913 Northside Hebrew Congregation   Corona
W-51 45 1921 Temple Beth-El of Rockaway Park   Rockaway Park
W-162 46 1933 Beth Israel Center of St. Albans L.I. House of Israel Center of St. Albans St. Albans
W-52 47 1921 Ohab Zedek Lover of Righteousness Rockaway Park
W-53 48 1918 Shaare Zedek   Edgemere
W-54 49 1924 Bayside Jewish Center   Bayside
W-165 50 1927 Hillside Hollis Jewish Center   Jamaica
W-55 51 1919 Jewish Community Center of Arverne Congregation Derech Emunah (Path of Faith) Arverne
W-56 52 1900 Temple Israel of Rockaway Beach   Rockaway Beach
W-57 52 1922 Congregation Knesses Israel Gathering of Israel Arverne

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Richmond (Staten Island) Synagogues

M.N. #21321, Roll #322
Form # Card # Year Org. Name of Organization Alternate Names and English Translation Location in Borough
W-38 1 1897 Congregational Benevolent Society Bnai Jeshurun Bnai Jeshurin Congregation of Staten Island (Bnai Yeshurun Congregation of Staten Island) (Sons of Israel) Tompkinsville
W-40 2 1898 Congregation Agudath Achim Anshei Chesed Union of Brethren, Men of Grace New Brighton
W-41 3 1916 Temple Tifereth Israel Glory of Israel Stapleton
W-36 4 1904 Congregation Temple Emanu-El God Is With Us Port Richmond
W-39 5 1918 Congregation Ahavis Israel Ahavath Israel (Love of Israel) Tottenville

Prepared/Edited By Ada Green

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