Burial Ledgers in the Workmen's Circle Collection (RG 575)

YIVO's Workmen's Circle Collection includes eight ledgers providing information on burials in WC plots located in ten New York metropolitan area cemeteries. Entries include name of the deceased, date of death, member/or relationship to member, and WC Branch number. More information on these Branches can be found within the Workmen's Circle Collection as well as YIVO's Landsmanshaftn Collection and the Bund Collection (RG 1400). See also the American Jewish Historical Society's Workmen's Circle Collection at the Center for Jewish History. Researchers should be aware that five of the ten cemeteries housing WC plots have online interment databases and a hyperlink to these websites is provided in the table below.

Box Number Cemetery Pages Date Span
Box 1, Vol. 1 Beth Israel 1-20 11/27/1930-08/22/1984
  New Montefiore 27-40 07/03/1934-02/11/1959
  New Montefiore 155-199 02/12/1959-11/30/1965
  Mt. Zion 41-44 12/05/1927-05/27/1949
  Mt. Moriah 46-116 08/26/1936-10/09/1979
  Wellwood 200-256 11/13/1959-10/14/1970
Box 1, Vol. 2 Mt. Carmel 1-37 03/01/1947-08/29/1985
  Mt. Hebron 50-125 04/16/1958-09/19/1985
Box 2, Vol. 1 Mt. Hebron 1-250 04/19/1937-03/15/1958
Box 3, Vol. 1 Mt. Lebanon 1-306 10/22/1922-08/13/1957
Box 4, Vol. 1 Beth El (Westwood, NJ) 1-161 10/07/1957-08/21/1985
Box 4, Vol. 2 Mt. Lebanon 2-94 01/01/1957-01/04/1987
Box 5, Vol. 1 New Montefiore no page #’s 12/30/1973-09/11/1985
  Beth Moses no page #’s 09/23/1973-08/22/1985
  Wellwood no page #’s 10/14/1973-08/28/1985
Box 5, Vol. 2 Mt. Zion 1-69 02/07/1908-04/03/1958
  Mt. Zion 301 03/04/1959-01/23/1975
  Mt. Carmel 69-200 01/18/1909-02/28/1947
  Mt. Hebron 200-299 01/05/1920-04/18/1937

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