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Brooklyn - 47 organizations

New York - 247 organizations



[Congregation] Ahavath Scholom Beth Aron
[Congregation] Ahawath Achim
[Congregation] Ahawath Chesed
[Congregation] Anshe Liebovicz
[Congregation] Asifas Israel
[Temple] Beth-El
[Congregation] Beth Elohim
[Temple] Beth Elohim
[Congregation] Beth Hamidrash Hagodol
[Congregation] Beth Israel
[Congregation] Beth Jacob
Beth Talmud Tora (School of Biblical Instruction)
[Congregation] Bickar Cholim
[Congregation] Bnai Jacob
[Congregation] B'nai Jeshurun
[Congregation] Bnai Sholaum
[Chebrah] Bnei Shloma
B'nos Esther Society
B'nos Zion Society
Brooklyn Hebrew Dispensary
[Congregation] Emanuel
[Congregation] Etz Chaim Anshe Lubin
Gemilath Chasodim Association
[Congregation] Gemilath Chesed
Hebrew American League of Brooklyn
Hebrew Benevolent Association
Hebrew Benevolent Society, E. D.
Hebrew Educational Society of Brooklyn
Hebrew Free School Association No. 1
Hebrew League
Hebrew Orphan Asylum Society of the City of Brooklyn
Hebrew Reformed Benevolent Society
Hebrew School
[Temple] Israel of Brooklyn
Kaiserin Elisabeth Kranken Unterstützungs Verein
Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society
Ladies' Hebrew Benevolent Society of Greenpoint
Ladies' Hebrew Benevolent Society of 26th Ward
Lawrence Club
[Congregation] Mikro Kodesh Anshey Klodower
[Congregation] Mount Sinai
[Congregation] Ohave Sholom
Roumanian Hebrew Aid Society
[Congregation] Shayris de Israel
[Congregation] Sons of Israel
United Brethren Benefit Society
Unity Club

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New York

[Congregation] A. A. A. Bohoslow and Korsun
[Congregation] Achim Zetomir U-Wolin
Achnosath Orchim Association
[Kahal] Adas Jeshurun
[Kehal] Adash Jeshurun Anshi Jasse
[Congregation] Adath Israel
[Congregation] Adath Israel of West Harlem
[Congregation] Adath Jeschurun
[Congregation] Adereth El
[Congregation] Agudas Achim Mesuda Lovin
[Congregation] Agudas Chaweirim
[Congregation] Agudath Jesharim
[Congregation] Aguddath Hakehelloth
Aguilar Free Library Society
[Congregation] Ahabat Israel Anshe Sfard
[Congregation] Ahavas Achim Anshi Usda
[Congregation] Ahawas Achim Anshe Hungarian
[Congregation] Ahawas Achim Anshi Minske
[Congregation] Ahawas Gerim
I. O. Ahawas Israel
[Congregation] Ahawath Achim Anshe Oschmine
Ahawath Achim Anshe Rizda
[Congregation] Ahawath B'nach
[Congregation] Ahawath Chesed Shaar Hashomayim
[Congregation] Ahawath Sholom Anshei Winetza
Aid of Jewish Prisoners (see Society for the Aid of Jewish Prisoners)
Amelia Relief Society (see under Federation of Sisterhoods, District XIII)
American Benevolent Minsker Association
The American Congregation the Pride of Jerusalem
I. O. American Israelites
[Congregation] Anikts
[Congregation] Anshe Ames
[Congregation] Anshe Bikur Cholim
[Congregation] Anshe Bradzilowr
[Chebra] Anshe Chesed
[Congregation] Anshe Czenstochauer Chasam Sopher
[Congregation] Anshe Psheworusker
[Congregation] Anshe Schmargon Bni Abraham
[Chevra Kedusha] Anshe Sekunim
[Congregation] Anshe Sholum Kaidnower
Anshe Wolkavisk
[Congregation] Atereth Israel
[Congregation] Ateris Zwie
Austrier Benefit Association
Austro-Hungarian Free Burial Association
Awas Thora
Baron de Hirsch Trade School
Baron Hirsch Cemetery
Benai Berith Club
[Temple] Beth El
[Congregation] Beth Hacknessess Polen
[Congregation] Beth Hamedrash Hagodal
[Congregation] Beth Hamedreth Tesfarten
[Congregation] Beth Hamidrash Shaarei Torah
[Congregation] Beth Israel
[Congregation] Beth Israel Bikur Cholim
[Congregation] Beth Israel Emanuel
Beth Israel Hospital Association
[Congregation] Beth Jacob
[Congregation] Beth Teffila
Bialystoker Unterstutzungsverein
[Congregation] Biker Cholom Bnei Israel Anshe Bernow
[Congregation] Bnai David
[Congregation] B'nai Emes Mariampoler
[Congregation] B'nai Israel
[Congregation] B'nai Israel Kalvonia (see Sons of Israel)
[Congregation] B'nai Jacob
[Congregation] B'nai Jeshurun (Madison Avenue Synagogue)
[Congregation] Bnai Peiser
[Congregation] Bnee Scholom
[Congregation] Bnei Israel Salanter Ansei Samut
[Chewra] Bnei Jacob Dawid
[Congregation] Bnei Rappaport
[Congregation] Bne Izchok Anshe Lechowitz
Bni Iere Anshi Loupch
Brightside Day Nursery and Kindergarten
The Brotherly Love Benevolent Association
Caroline Aid Society (see under Federation of Sisterhoods, District VII)
Ceres Sewing Circle (see under Federation of Sisterhoods, District IV)
[Congregation] Chaari Zedek
[Congregation] Chaari Zedek of Harlem
Clara de Hirsch Home for Working Girls
Columbia Club
Conference of Religious Schools of Council (of Jewish Women)
Criterion Club
[Congregation] Darech Amuno
Daughters of Jacob
Deborah Benevolent Sewing Society (see under Federation of Sisterhoods, District XIV)
Dolena Benefit Association
[Congregation] Dorshe Tow Anshi Pinsk
Down Town Hebrew Ladies' Benevolent Society
East Side Day Nursery
The Educational Alliance
Educational League Committee
[Temple] Emanu El
[Congregation] Emuno Israel
[Congregation] Erste Galizianer Dukler Mugain Abraham
Federation of Sisterhoods
District I. United Sisters of the Congregation Chaari Zedek
District II. Rodef Sholem Sisterhood of Personal Service
District III. Yorkville Ladies' Hebrew Aid Society
District IV. Ceres Sewing Circle
District V. Beth Israel Sisterhood of Personal Service
District VI. Ahawath Chesded Shaar Hashomayim Sisterhood of Personal Service
District VII. Caroline Aid Society (formerly Shaarai Hashomayim Sisterhood of Personal Service)
District VIII. Shearith Israel Sisterhood of Personal Service
District IX. Beth El Sisterhood of Personal Service
District X. B'nai Jeshurun Sisterhood of Personal Service
District XI. Emanu-El Sisterhood of Personal Service
District XII. Ladies' Benevolent Society, Gates of Hope
District XIII. Amelia Relief Society
District XIV. Deborah Benevolent Sewing Society
District XV. Temple Israel Sisterhood of Harlem
District XVI. Shaaray Tefila Sisterhood of Personal Service
Fidelio Club
[Congregation] First Galitzier Machzika Amaz
First Hungarian Congregation Brith Scholem
First Hungarian Congregation Ohab Zedek
[Congregation] First Lutowisker Machsiky Hadas
First Roumanian American Congregation
Free Loan Association (see Hebrew Gemilath Chassodim)
Freundschaft Club
[Congregation] Gates of Hope
Gmilath Chesed Bderech Kovid
[Congregation] Hand in Hand
[Congregation] Haran Dovid Anshe Lubitz
Harlem Ladies' Maternal Aid Society
Hebrew Benevolent and Orphan Asylum Society
Hebrew Benevolent Fuel Association
Hebrew Charities' Building of New York
Hebrew Day School
Hebrew Gemilath Chassodim (Free Loan Association)
Hebrew Infant Asylum of the City of New York
Hebrew Lying-In Relief Society
Hebrew Mutual Benefit Society
Hebrew Relief Society of the City of New York
Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society of New York
Hebrew Sheltering House and Home for Aged
Hebrew Singing Society Halevy
Hebrew Technical Institute
Hebrew Technical School for Girls
Hebrew Union Veterans' Association
The Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews of New York
Home Nursery Club
Independent Klezker Brotherly Benevolent
[Temple] Israel of Harlem
[Kehilath] Jeshurun
Jewish Endeavor
Jewish Immigrants Protective Association of New York
Jewish Religious School Union
Jewish Working Girls' Vacation Society
The Judeans
Junior Veteran Association
Kametz Podolar Benefit Association
[Congregation] Keneseth Israel
[Congregation] Kol Israel Anshe Poland
Ladies Auxiliary Society of Beth Israel Hospital
Ladies' Auxiliary Society of Montefiore Home
Ladies' Auxiliary Society of the Home for Aged and Infirm of District No. 1, I. O. B. B.
Ladies Auxiliary Society of Mt. Sinai Hospital
Ladies' Benevolent Society
Ladies' Benevolent Society (see under Federation of Sisterhoods, District XII)
Ladies' Bikur Cholim Society and Industrial School for Girls
Ladies' Fuel and Aid Society
Ladies' Sewing Society of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum
Lebanon Hospital
The Levy Aid Society
[Congregation] Love of Israel
Machpelah Cemetery Association
[Congregation] Machzika Torah Anshe Sineer
[Congregation] Machzike Torah Anshe Willno
[Congregation] Machzikin Tfilo Anshe Schucin
Machzyki Talmud Torah School
Maimonides Free Library
Markowit Benefit Association
[Congregation] Matte Levy
[Congregation] Meleila Sholem
[Congregation] Mishkan Israel Ansche Suvalk
Montefiore Hebrew Free School
Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids
Mount Neboh Cemetery Association
The Mount Sinai Hospital of the City of New York
Mount Sinai Training School for Nurses
[Congregation] Mount Zion
[Congregation] Machlath Zevi
[Congregation] Nefuzoth Jehuda
New York Board of Jewish Ministers
[Congregation] Niskoer Jeshuath Jacob
North American Relief Society
[Congregation] Oesterreich-Ungarn Ansche Sfard
[Congregation] Ohabei Scholom
[Congregation] Ohav Shulem Anshe Bukaczowa
[Congregation] Orach Chaim
Orthodox Hebrew Society
Passover Relief Association
People's Synagogue
Plungianer Unterstützungsverein
[Congregation] Poel Zedek
Progress Club
The Purim Association
Relief Organization for Jewish Refugees
Religious Schools (see Conference of Religious Schools)
[Temple] Rodef Sholom
[Chevra] Rodof Sholom Bnai Mishnitz
Russian-American Hebrew Association
[Congregation] Russianer Association
Sabbath Observance Association
Sanitarium for Hebrew Children of the City of New York
Seligman Solomon Society
[Congregation] Shara Thora
[Congregation] Shaaray Tefilla
[Congregation] Shaare Brocho
[Congregation] Shearith B'nai Israel
[K.K.] Shearith Israel
[Chevro] Shevett Achim Anshe Sholim
[Temple] Sinai
Société Israélite Française de Secours Mutuels de New York
Society for Improving the Sanitary Condition of Poor Hebrews
Society for the Aid of Jewish Prisoners
[Congregation] Sons of Israel (B'nai Israel Kalvonia)
[Congregation] Sfard Anshe Polland
Stanesto Benefit Association
Talmud Academy
[Chebra Kadisha[ Talmud Thora
[Congregation] Talmud Thorah
[Chevra] Talmud Torah
[Congregation] Tarnower Chebra Biker Cholem Wlinas Ha Zodek
[Congregation] Tiferes Israel
[Congregation] Tifereth Israel Morupin
[Congregation] Tifferes Achim Anshei Dinaburg
[Congregation] Tiffereth Israel
[Congregation] Tiphereth Jerushalaym
The Union of Jewish Congregations of the City of New York
The United Hebrew Charities of the City of New York
United Wilner Benefit Association
Warsawer Sick Support Bni Jacob
West End Club
Yanover Krashnik Benefit Association
Yorkville Ladies' Hebrew Aid Society (see under Federation of Sisterhoods, District III)
Young Folks' League of the Hebrew Infant Asylum
Young Ladies Charitable Society
Young Men's Benevolent Association
Young Men's Hebrew Association
[Congregation] Zemach Zadik
[Congregation] Zichron Ephraim
[Congregation] Zichron Torath Moshe
Zion Dispensary

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