(Click on highlighted cemetery names for maps of the cemetery)

Mt. Hebron (Flushing, Queens):
From Times Square station take No. 7 train to Flushing (all the way to the end of the line) and then take bus B-58 to the front of the cemetery where the office is located (at College Point Blvd). Cross the highway (there is a light) to get to the office. As an alternate, in Flushing take the Q-44 bus up Main St. to the back entrance to the cemetery (not near the office but may be closer to the plot you plan to visit). If you do not know the location of the grave, do not use this entrance. You will then have to walk a good mile to get to the office. It would be better if you call first and get plot and grave location so that you can possibly avoid having to schlep to the office.

Mt. Zion (Maspeth, Queens):
From Times Square station take R train to Queens Plaza. Exit steps at Queens Plaza South and Jackson Ave. Continue straight ahead to corner of Queens Plaza South and 28th Street (do not cross street). Turn left on 28th Street to Q-67 bus stop (approximately halfway in the middle of the block). Take Q-67 bus to 54th and Maurice Ave. Make sure that the driver knows to let you off at Mt. Zion, not the Christian cemeteries that the bus will pass before it. Upon exiting the bus, cross Maurice Ave., turn right on 54th Ave. and walk 2 minutes to cemetery entrance. The bus stop for the return bus is on the opposite side of Maurice Ave. from the drop-off point, but there is no sign. Be sure to ask the driver where it is located when you get off the bus to the cemetery. As an alternate, there is another Q-67 bus stop one block to the right on Maurice Ave. in front of the gas station.

Mt. Lebanon (Glendale, Queens):
From Times Square take R train to Woodhaven Boulevard. Exit turnstile, turn right, and go up the steps. Cross 59 Ave. and then cross Queens Blvd. at the crosswalk in front of JC Penney. Continue straight, cross Hoffman Dr., and turn right to Q-29 bus stop (which is past the Q-38 bus stop). Take Q-29 bus to last stop. To reach the cemetery entrance turn right on Myrtle Ave., walk 3 blocks to the corner of 79th St., and cross Myrtle Ave. at the traffic light. The return bus is on the opposite side of 81st St., which is one block to the left of the drop-off point.

Washington Cemetery (Brooklyn):
From 42nd St. and 6th Ave. take F train to Bay Parkway in Brooklyn (about an hour ride) and you'll be right at the Cemetery. This is the easiest cemetery of all to get to because it's right on the subway line and involves no transfer to buses.

Montefiore Cemetery also known as Old Montefiore (St. Albans, Queens):
From 42nd St. and 6th Ave. take F train all the way to the end of the line at 179th St. Jamaica. From there take Q-77 bus.

Beth David Cemetery and Maimonides-Elmont Cemetery (Elmont, Long Island):
From 42nd St. and 6th Ave. take F train all the way to the end of the line at 179th St. Jamaica. Take N-6 (Hempstead) bus and get off at Elmont Road. These two cemeteries are right next to each other and are a 10-15 minute walk up Elmont Road.

Beth Moses, Wellwood, and New Montefiore Cemeteries (Pinelawn, Long Island):
This is best done on Sunday morning only, the earlier the better. From Times Square Station, take No. 1, 2, or 3 train one stop to Penn Station. From there take the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) to Pinelawn station (make sure that you sit in last two cars of train only). From there a yellow school bus makes regular circles between the station and these cemeteries. The last bus from the cemetery back to the station is at 2:00 PM. These buses run only on Sundays -- for any other day you will have to take a taxi to and from the Pinelawn station and they are not there to meet the trains so you'll have to call for one. [Note: LIRR off-peak fare to Pinelawn effective March 1, 2008, $8.25 one-way; peak fare, $11.25 one-way. Sunday departure from Penn Station 8:16 AM, 9:16 AM, 10:16 AM, 11:16 AM, etc. Call 718-217-LIRR].

On weekdays, the choice is to take a taxi from the Pinelawn Station or to walk. For taxi service call Long Island Yellow Cab at 516-249-1212. All the cemeteries are south of the station. From the station house, walk a few yards to Wellwood Avenue and turn left (south). Distances are as follows:

Pinelawn Station to Beth Moses main gate: 0.5 mile
Beth Moses gate to office: 0.2 mile
Pinelawn Station to Wellwood main gate (at traffic light, across from St. Charles Cemetery): 0.6 mile
Wellwood gate to office: 0.2 mile
Pinelawn Station to New Montefiore gate: 1.3 miles
New Montefiore gate to office: 0.2 mile
Pinelawn Station to Mount Ararat's Wellwood Road gate: 1.6 miles
Mount Ararat gate to office: 0.5 mile

Most of the walk between the station and Beth Moses, the closest of the cemeteries, is along a wide expanse of grass. The walk from Wellwood Cemetery to New Montefiore is mostly on sidewalk, along a commercial strip with monument dealers, flower shops, a gas station (with a small food mart), and a pizzeria. The stretch between New Montefiore and Mount Ararat includes some narrow and overgrown roadsides and crosses a highway entrance and exit; caution is recommended.

Mt. Carmel, New Mt. Carmel, Mt. Neboh, Machpelah, Beth El (Queens), Hungarian Union Field, Union Field (Union Field located in Ridgewood, Queens; all others located in Glendale, Queens):
From 42nd St. and 6th Ave. take F train southbound to Delancey St. Get off and walk within station to Essex St. transfer point. During weekdays between 6:35-9:46 AM only, take the M train in the direction of Middle Village to Fresh Pond Road. At all other times, take the J train in direction of Jamaica Center to Myrtle Avenue and then transfer to the M train in the direction of Middle Village and get off three stops later at Fresh Pond Road. Exit Fresh Pond Road Station, cross the street and take B-13 bus in front of Jiffy Cleaners going up Cypress Hill. Get off at the bottom of Cypress Hill for New Mt. Carmel, Machpelah, Beth El, and Mt. Neboh Cemeteries and at the top of Cypress Hill for Mt. Carmel, Hungarian Union Field and Union Field Cemeteries. For Union Field Cemetery, turn right on Cypress Avenue and walk about 5 minutes. Note: There is no office located at New Mt. Carmel (it's at Mt. Carmel), Machpelah or Beth El. Call before you go.

Knollwood Park and Mt. Judah (Section 1 and Section 2) Cemeteries (Ridgewood, Queens):
From the Times Square Station, take No. 1, 2, or 3 train to 14th Street where you transfer to the L train (it's a long walk inside the 14th St. Station). Take the L in the direction of Queens to Myrtle Avenue. From there you will need to take a taxi because these two cemeteries are no longer accessible by bus. As an alternate, follow the same instructions as to Union Field Cemetery and then continue walking along Cypress Avenue approximately 20 minutes to Mt. Judah Cemetery and approximately 25 minutes to Knollwood Park Cemetery. For safety reasons this is not recommended because there is no sidewalk between Union Field and Mt. Judah Cemeteries.

Mt. Hope, Maimonides-Brooklyn & Salem Fields Cemeteries (Jamaica Ave, Brooklyn):
From 42nd St. and 6th Ave. take F train southbound to Delancey St. Get off and walk within station to Essex St. transfer point. Transfer to J train in direction of Jamaica Center getting off at Cypress Hills. For Salem Fields only, then take Jamaica Bus 56 along Jamaica Avenue (or you can walk). Call these cemeteries first before you go. Salem Fields is a private cemetery and Mt. Hope is kept locked.

Acacia, Mokom Sholom and Bayside Cemeteries (Ozone Park, Queens):
Walk to 42nd St. and 8th Avenue and take the A train in direction of Ozone Park and get off at 88th St. for Acacia and Bayside Cemeteries and at 80th St. for Mokom Sholom Cemeteries. Walk to 84th St. and Liberty Avenue for Acacia Cemetery. For Bayside Cemetery, at 84th St. turn left at Pitkin Avenue for office. The Bayside office is not likely to be open so call in advance and leave a message on the answering machine. For Mokom Sholom, at 80th St. walk around to Pitkin Avenue. All three of these cemeteries should be contacted in advance. Mokom Sholom in particular is kept locked and they prefer to have a staff person with you to open and close it for you. There is no office on site. Acacia has an office but it may not be open. Call at least a day in advance to make arrangements for all three of these cemeteries.

Baron Hirsch, United Hebrew, Mt. Richmond, Ocean View, and Silver Lake Cemeteries (Staten Island):
From Times Square take the No. 1 train to South Ferry or N or R train to Whitehall St. Walk to ferry terminal and take half hour ferry ride to Staten Island. The ferry runs every half hour on weekdays and once an hour on Sundays.

On Staten Island side, for Baron Hirsch Cemetery, take S-44 bus to Richmond Ave. and Ludwig Lane (about a half an hour ride). For United Hebrew, Mt. Richmond and Ocean View cemeteries take S-74 bus. United Hebrew is on Arthur Kill Road, about an hour long bus ride from terminal. Mt. Richmond and Ocean View Cemeteries are a different bus stop along the same route -- call those cemeteries first for specifics. For Silver Lake Cemetery take S-61 or S-62 bus along Victory Boulevard. Silver Lake does not have an office on the premises and Mt. Richmond's office is sometimes closed. So make sure you call Hebrew Free Burial Association first for either of these cemeteries. For Baron Hirsch, United Hebrew and Silver Lake, be sure to bring ivy block lotion.

In general, it would be a good idea to call a cemetery for the location of a grave before visiting.

Disclaimer: The Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc. and its volunteers are not responsible for any accident, injury, illness, or loss occurring in a cemetery, or in transit to or from a cemetery.

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