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April, 2020
Speaker: Renee Steinig In the course of decades of genealogical research for family, friends, clients, and, occasionally, complete strangers, Renee Steinig has uncovered many a "skeleton in the closet" -- cases of mental illness, illegitimate birth, infidelity, abandonment, and even murder, all hushed up for decades. A Viennese refugee whose baby was born in a New York State psychiatric hospital; a suburban businessman who led two lives; a Romanian immigrant hanged -- or so his family thought -- for "stealing horses;" a Jewish GI's love affair in Belgium during World War II; a young woman who married, had a baby, then ...
May, 2020
Speaker: Marysia Galbraith Co-Sponsor: Genealogy Institute Cultural anthropologist Marysia Galbraith conducted research on Polish national identity for 20 years before she realized she would never really understand her personal connections to Poland until she confronted a family secret: her mother’s family was not just Polish, but also Jewish. Since 2011, she has found family photographs, collected memories from relatives, searched archives, and traveled to the towns and cities of her ancestors. Not only has she traced her ancestors back into the 18th century, she has also, more importantly, found living relatives—in the US, Israel, Switzerland, and Canada. Her personal story reveals the ...
June, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Andrew Zalewski Co-sponsored by Gesher Galicia The workshop will be of special interest to family history researchers with ancestral roots in Galicia. With Jewish records currently spread across Polish, Ukrainian, and Austrian archives, we will consider a range of documents—useful for both beginners and those with advanced experience in family history research—including vital records, population surveys, maps, and other surprising sources less often used by genealogists. Research projects of Gesher Galicia, which yielded more than 600,000 records in the All Galicia Database, will be described and illustrated by examples of records. Join the session to discover how to tap to ...
Speaker: Dr. Andrew Zalewski  Co-sponsored by Gesher Galicia Galicia under Habsburg rule (1772–1918) was home to the largest Jewish community in the multiethnic empire. Austrian censuses, postcards and maps, together with newspaper clippings and pamphlets, bring to life Jewish presence in cities, such as Lwów and Kraków, and other, smaller towns. Market squares, streets, and schools—situated close to synagogues and churches—provided shared spaces for Jews, Poles, and Ukrainians. Those attending will also “enter” 19th-century homes to meet Jewish inhabitants—all illustrated by Gesher Galicia’s archival collections. Reconstructing the life in former Galicia, a province of Austria-Hungary and today divided between Poland and Ukraine, ...