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October, 2015
Victor Armony, a sociology professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal, will speak about Jewish immigration to South America and, in particular, to Argentina, his country of birth and home of the sixth largest Jewish community in the world. His late father, Paul Armony, was the founding president of that country’s Jewish Genealogical Association, and Victor has been researching his family roots since he was a teenager. He will talk about the fascinating history of the arrival and settlement of tens of thousands of Eastern European Jews in Buenos Aires at the end of the 19th and the first ...
November, 2015
Speaker: Glenn Kurtz Author Glenn Kurtz will speak about this award winning book, Three Minutes in Poland. Traveling in Europe in August 1938, one year before the outbreak of World War II, David Kurtz, the author’s grandfather, captured three minutes of ordinary life in a small, predominantly Jewish town in Poland on 16mm Kodachrome color film. More than seventy years later, through the brutal twists of history, these few minutes of home movie footage would become a memorial to an entire community—an entire culture—annihilated in the Holocaust. Three Minutes in Poland traces Glenn Kurtz’s four-year journey to identify the people in ...
December, 2015
Join us for our annual brunch and get together with old and new friendsKosher dairy buffetSpeaker: Laura SilverJoin world's leading knish expert Laura Silver, author of Knish: In Search of the Jewish Soul Food  (Brandeis University Press), in a celebration of ancestry, gastronomy and humble roots. Laura will dish on the disappearance of her beloved Brighton Beach knish shop (Mrs. Stahl's) and on her seven-year, three-continent quest for traces of the humble hunk of stuffed dough and the uncanny discovery of her own roots... in, you guessed it, the Polish town of Knyszyn.Laura Silver is the award-winning author of Knish: In Search of ...