Beyond the Manifest: Applying Genealogical Proof Standards

  • Speaker: Emily Garber
  • Lecture Date: 10-29-2017



Co-Sponsored by at the Museum of Jewish Heritage / Lucille Gudis Memorial Lecture

When several communities in Eastern Europe have similar names and their names have been changed over the years, it may be difficult to unambiguously identify one's family’s shtetl of origin. Considering the investment in time and energy in researching one's family shtetl, it is imperative that one get it right. Yet we do not often apply rigor in identifying our family’s communities of origin. The genealogical proof standard requires rigor in our research methodology. With its application and a well-designed research plan, we assure that our findings are robust and our conclusions not easily challenged. Applied methodology with suggested genealogical sources and techniques will be explored. Resources will include landsmanshaft burial data, online archival material, and the Shoah Names database. The goal is to provide tools and methods for confirming the location of one’s family shtetl in Eastern Europe.

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