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January, 2016
Speaker: Jonathan Boyarin, PhD WEATHER NOTICE: This program has been cancelled because of the blizzard. We hope to reschedule Jonathan Boyarin's program for a future date. What do we mean when we talk about Jewish families? From the stories of Abraham, Sarah and their children, through the Middle Ages and on to modern Jewish communities, the family has been considered key to transmitting Jewish identity. But what we call "the Jewish family" has varied greatly through the times and places where Jews have found themselves. This talk will look at some big questions: How did Jewish family patterns compare to those of ...
February, 2016
Speaker: Genie Milgrom Genie Milgrom was born in Havana, Cuba, into a Roman Catholic family of Spanish Ancestry. She was always interested in her family genealogy, but when she learned of the possibility of having Converso Jewish roots, her search for the truth about her family’s past took on a deeper significance. In an unparalleled work of genealogy, she was able to fully document her unbroken maternal lineage going back as far as 1480 to Pre-Inquisition Spain and Portugal. She has travelled extensively into Fermoselle, the village of her ancestors in the Zamora region of Spain, while doing field research on ...
March, 2016
Speaker: Amanda Seigel, Dorot Jewish Division, New York Public Library  Co-Sponsored by JewishGen at the Museum of Jewish Heritage   The Dorot Jewish Division is one of the world's great Judaica collections, freely accessible in The New York Public Library (NYPL). We serve researchers from around the block and around the world, and genealogy is one of the most popular research topics.Together with our colleagues in the Milstein Division of Local History, U.S. History and Genealogy, and throughout NYPL, we have a wealth of resources available for your genealogical research. This talk will provide an overview of the Dorot Jewish Division, ...
April, 2016
Speaker: David Marshall, PhD Award-winning author David Marshall will speak about his book, "Forgetting Fathers: Untold Stories from an Orphaned Past," which has been described by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. as an “un-forgettable detective story born in a deeply felt, personal quest to solve the mystery of his grandfather’s name.” Marshall weaves together the stories of his grandfather and great-grandfather with his own quest to solve the mystery of his family’s past. Beginning as a search for his lost family name, he seeks to understand the origins of his grandfather, who spent part of his childhood in the Hebrew Orphan Asylum ...
May, 2016
 Join Leo Baeck Institute archivists as they show selected collections of interest to family historians from the archival collections. 
Speaker: Karen Franklin Karen Franklin and Leo Baeck Institute (LBI) staff share case studies using a variety of resources from the LBI collections and beyond. Strategies may be helpful to family historians at all levels of experience and with varying geographic interests.Karen Spiegel Franklin is director of Family Research at the Leo Baeck Institute in New York City, and currently serves as Chair of the Memorial Museums Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). Karen is a former member of Executive Council of the Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc., and a past chair of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, ...
June, 2016
 Executive Council Member and Webmaster Steve Stein will give a tour of the new website, including databases, resources, archives, and membership functions. 
Speaker: Phyllis Kramer Somewhere you found a town name. It may or may not be recognizable. What information should you look for and what is the best way to get it?  Phyllis Kramer will start by reviewing Eastern European historical geography and then cover researching a town using JewishGen’s town pages, maps and gazetteers, continuing to use Routes to Roots, Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, Google and other key web sites. Phyllis will address what kinds of information might exist and where it might be found. She will cover how to find others researching the same town or area. And finally, what information ...
September, 2016
Speaker: Yaniv Erlich, PhD Co-Sponsored by JewishGen.org at the Museum of Jewish Heritage DNA.Land is a new not-for-profit online platform developed by scientists at the New York Genome Center and Columbia University, which offers cutting-edge tools to analyze genomic information for non-experts. Anyone who has tested at 23andMe, Family Tree DNA or AncestryDNA, for example, can freely upload their existing genomic information or request to be tested. The tools include automatic algorithms that fill in the missing pieces in the genome using sophisticated mathematical modeling, reveal deep ancestries using comprehensive panels, and generate a relative finder report. In addition, users can decide ...
October, 2016
Speaker: Rhoda Miller Publication of Jewish Community of Long Island, the story of Long Island’s Jewish heritage, has brought earlier histories of Long Island's Jewry into a new perspective through a photographic journey. Jewish life on Long Island reflects the transition from an agricultural region to the suburban dream. The research reflects the roles of peddlers, local businesses, synagogues, social organization, individuals and families.  Social history is an important part of genealogical research and much of this book was researched and written from a genealogical perspective. The written text takes the reader through the historical changes on Long Island through use ...