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Dorot Back Issues

Features: The Museum of Family History: An Overview; Preserving Memories; From a 1924 Photograph to a Meeting in Amsterdam; The Hottest Online Sources for Researching Your Families in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, and the UK, Part 3. Program Report: Video Memoirs: Preserving Your Family History.
Features: The Hottest Online Sources for Researching Your Families in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, and the UK, Part 2; Family History and the Holocaust: A Day of Learning. The 2nd Annual Lucille Gudis Memorial Fund Lecture Series; Holocaust-related Addresses; Bibliography for Research on Jews in the Lodz Ghetto. Program Reports: Remembrance of Synagogues Past: The Lost Jewish Civilization of the South Bronx.
Features: The Hottest Online Sources for Researching Your Families in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, and the UK, Part 1; A Family Journey Back to Vienna. Program Reports: The Voice of the People: Using the Landsmanshaft Press as a Research Source; Nechama’s List: Update on Jewish Microfilmed Materials at the Family History Library; 27th Annual IAJGS Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Salt Lake City—Sneak Preview. Book Reviews: A Village Named Dowgalishok: The Massacre at Radun and Eishishok; The Grandees of New Jersey: Naar, Baiz, Peixotto, Pretto and Seixas Families.
Features: Did Cousin Rabinowitz Die in the Holocaust?: New and Old Sources of Information. Program Reports: Cuba’s Jewish Community: The Golden Years, 1906-1958; The Curious Case of Morris Jaffe: A Glimpse into Immigrant Life in New York at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.
Features: New York City Synagogue Database, circa 1939; How the Conference [26th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, New York City] Succeeded. Program Reports: My Future Is in America: Yiddish Immigrant Autobiographies; The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million.
Features: Where to Find New York City Vital Records and/or Indexes; Bennett Greenspan’s Recommended Reading List [scholarly articles about DNA published online]. Program Reports: The Internet beyond JewishGen and Steve Morse’s Website; Stuck in Your Research? Ask the Experts. Book Reviews: My Future Is in America: Autobiographies of Eastern European Jewish Immigrants; History of the Jewish Community of Schneidemühl: 1641 to the Holocaust.
Features: The Development of a Research Project from Conception to Completion [Remembrance of Synagogues Past: The Lost Civilization of the Jewish South Bronx, a book published online]; The Missing New York Passenger List Index; Genealogical Research Can Require Time, Tenacity, and Travel: Researching a German Jewish Ancestor; Online Directories to Manuscript and Archival Collections. Program Reports: The Saga of Jewish Agricultural Colonies in the United States; Sneak Preview: The Center for Jewish History’s Dynamic New Website and Online Catalog; New York Genealogy on the Web.
Features: Lucille Gudis, 1933-2005 z”l; Gesher Galicia Regional Meeting; Finding a Sergeant [follow-up to In Search of a Sergeant, 26:1-2]; A Conversation with Rabbi Avraham Laber [Jewishdata.com]; Letters from the Dead [letters written by Jews held in the Lodz ghetto that are housed in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum]. Program Reports: JGS Membership Brunch; My Grandfather’s House: The Journey Home.
Features: Bibliography of Selected Jewish-American Manuscript and General Collections in the New-York Historical Society Library; The IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee; Family History Archive [LDS’s online digitization book project]; What’s New in Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, 2005. Program Reports: Genealogy: The Last Frontier in the Historiography of the Holocaust; Castle Garden Records: 19th Century New York City Immigration History. 
Features: Reports from the 2005 IAJGS Conference. Program Reports: HIAS: Reconnecting with the Past; What Became of Them? The Fate of the St. Louis Passengers; The Treasures of the United States History, Local History and Genealogy Division and the Dorot Jewish Division of the New York Public Library; Tracing Your Immigrant Ancestors: Using Resources from the National Archives.