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Dorot Back Issues

Program Reports: How to Access New York State Court Records; Emigrating to New York; Czech Research by Mail and Camera. Book Review: Between East and West: Across the Borderlands of Europe.
Program Report: A Report on Travel and Research in Ukraine. Features: New Sources of Polish Records; Two Unusual Sources in Israel; Why Use a Computer to do Genealogical Research, Part II.
Program Reports: What's New in New York City Research; Locating Missing and Absent People; Holocaust Research. Features: A Letter from the Mayor; A Genealogical Tour to Poland and Ukraine; JGS Audio Tapes; Why Use a Computer to do Genealogical Research, Part I; New Naturalization Procedure in Effect.
Program Reports: Computers in Genealogy; Shtetl Geography: The Changing Face of Central and Eastern Europe. Features: The Shanghai Jewish Ghetto, 1940-1947; The Case of the Pre-Teenage Grooms. Book Reviews: Bridges to an American City: A Guide to Chicago's Landsmanshaften, 1870-1990; Address Book for Germanic Genealogy.
Program Reports: Landsmanshaften and Family Circles; Travels in Ukraine; Planning a Research Trip to Israel. Features: New York Repository News; Genealogical Research on a German Jewish Physician, Part 3; Jewish Historical Research and Murphy's Law. Book Reviews: Voices in Your Blood: Discovering Identity Through Family History; The Face of Survival: Jewish Life in Eastern Europe Past and Present.
Program Reports: Russian-American Genealogical Archival Service (RAGAS). Book Reviews: Using Roots III, A Step by Step Guide; German-English Genealogical Dictionary; Guide to Genealogy Software; State Census Records; American Passenger Arrival Records.
Program Reports: Selective Service, Military Personnel and Federal Civilian Employee Records; Seminar on Jewish Genealogy, Toronto, June 1993. Feature: New Jersey State Archives. Book Reviews: Poles and Russians in the 1870 Census of New York City; Korzenie Polskie–Polish Roots.
Program Reports: Slovakian Jewish Research; Genealogical Research in Canada. Features: New York Repository News; The Holocaust as a Genealogical Source; Jews Who Built City Hall.
Program Reports: Researching Polish Records; A Trip to Belarus; Hamburg Passenger Lists. Features: Ask the Experts; German Sources: 1938 Census, Gedenkbuch. Book Reviews: The Jewish People in America; Jewish Family Names and Their Origins.
Program Reports: Tracing Brooklyn Ancestors; Ellis Island Immigration Museum Visit. Features: Ask the Experts; Research on a German Jewish Physician: part 2; Visit to Kamenets-Podolski; Jewish Jungle Roots–Surinam.