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Warsaw Genealogical Research

Speaker: Hadassah Lipsius
Lecture Date: 01-21-2018

Sleuthing in Yiddish: The Yiddish Forward as a Source

Speaker: Samuel Norich
Lecture Date: 11-19-2017

Beyond the Manifest: Applying Genealogical Proof Standards

Speaker: Emily Garber
Lecture Date: 10-29-2017


The Jews of Harlem: Rise, Decline & Revival

Speaker: Jeffrey S. Gurock
Lecture Date: 09-17-2017

Jews and the Rise of U.S. Immigration Restrictions in the 1920s

Speaker: Libby Garland
Lecture Date: 05-21-2017

History, Adoption & Regulation of Jewish Surnames in the Russian Empire

Speaker: Jeffrey Paull
Lecture Date: 04-30-2017

What's new in resources for researching Central and Eastern Europe

Speaker: Hadassah Lipsius, Rhoda Miller, Chuck Weinstein
Lecture Date: 03-26-2017

Getting started: Finding and interpreting census and vital records

Speaker: Randi Koenig
Lecture Date: 03-26-2017

Discovering immigration and naturalization records

Speaker: Avrum Geller
Lecture Date: 03-26-2017

Jewish Families Yesterday, Today - And Tomorrow?

Speaker: Jonathan Boyarin
Lecture Date: 02-12-2017

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