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Finding Granddad's War

Speaker: Jeff Badger
Lecture Date: 09-21-2014

Lower East Side Conservancy

Speaker: Michael Pertain
Lecture Date: 04-27-2014

Bialystoker Synagogue

Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Rom
Lecture Date: 04-27-2014

A Box of Photos Tells No Tales

Speaker: Peter Savigny
Lecture Date: 11-17-2013

Beyond the Tree

Speaker: Tammy Hepps
Lecture Date: 10-23-2013

JGS 36th Anniversary Celebration

Speaker: Neil Rosenstein
Lecture Date: 10-20-2013

Art and Identity

Speaker: David M. Kleiman
Lecture Date: 09-15-2013

Against the Odds

Speaker: Karen Franklin
Lecture Date: 06-02-2013

From DNA to Genetic Genealogy: Everything You Wanted to Know

Speaker: Steve Morse
Lecture Date: 04-28-2013

Legacy: A Genetic History of The Jewish People

Speaker: Harry Orster
Lecture Date: 02-17-2013

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